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Adidas Online Sale Now on - 30-55% off Sale Items


I was just looking around and found that Adidas are having an online only sale. 30-55% Off

Not sure when it ends but it enjoy it while it lasts!

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  • How fast do you think Dante Exum's jersey will appear on this site?

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      Haha as soon as they call out his name tomorrow!

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        I'll definitely be buying his shirt as soon as he gets the pick!


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    I love the original superstar. They however never go on sale.

    • You can try Urban Outfitters for Superstar 2s. Not sure if they're the same as the 'Original' version.

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    Only the ugly shoes on special.

  • then subscribe to their Email and get 15% off

    15% off doesnt work with sale :(

  • Only things worth a penny are bags and socks.

    • No it's men as well.

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    Didn't find anything particularly interesting or worthy..

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    wow great deals thanks OP !!!

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    Bought new soccer boots, thanks!

    p.s. How could they possibly not accept mastercard (without paypal…)…

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      If you want to check out I saw them at rebel sport today.
      2 for $40
      or $25 for 1

    • Not certain. Was looking at the "small" one for $18 - seems like a bargain. Good reviews on the site.

  • Pricing on mens boost sneakers have been adjusted up. Was $89-$99 with savings of 55%.

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    Thanks OB. Good deal

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    Duramo 6 Shoes $36. Great price

  • Wow, that variety. Impressed.

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    Thanks OP

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    just in time, I was about to buy sporty pants..

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    I was at the Adidas outlet store in Melbourne the other day and it seemed the instore prices were cheaper then the specials online.

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    Very nice will grab some stuff tomorrow

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    Thanks OP! Nice first post.

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    nice! just copped some Tech Super 2.0 84-Lab Shoes, cheers OP!

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    Awesome just the stuff I needed, save $200! Cheers OP.

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  • Do these sales apply in store too?

    • Or maybe we can get Rebel to price match?

    • It's online only. I'm guessing this is clearance stock so not sure if Rebel would price match. But you can always ask them :)

  • Guessing you would only buy this $100+ shoes if you have a reason like you play soccer or are running a marathon?

    I'm talking about the supernova shoes. Also not sure about the sizing. Usually 9UK/10US.

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    Purchsed in store = no wait time!

    Ref to predator lz trx cleats

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    zomg dante exum to the jazz confirmed

    WHYYYY???? the jazz have ugly jerseys ):

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    Promo codes:

    15% off items that are not on special - ADI-MEMBER-B9VLX (saves you signing up).

    Free shipping - adi_hm8c_efw3

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      Signing up voucher (ADI-MEMBER-B9VLX) doesn't apply on CLEARANCE item so no further 15% off.

      Thanks for this free shipping voucher. Though I already ordered midnight by paying shipping fee $8.50 O_O

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      Thanks! I wanted to buy a bag but chickened out then I saw the free shipping code and instant buy!

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    P.S. Rebel wont price match as it is an on line store (I rang and asked).

    • They didn't have the same colours anyway.
      Plenty of stock in Pitt St Sydney store…

    • Can confirm this.

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    thanks OP, bought a corporate cap :)

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    Consider checking the price against wiggle just in case they have the item on sale as well:

    $140 http://www.adidas.com.au/adizero-adios-boost-shoes/G97976_59...


    $118 (free delivery) http://www.wiggle.com.au/adidas-adizero-adios-boost-shoes-ss...

  • Anyone else get the email this morning about order cancellations? Pretty disappointed if I don't get the duffel bag I ordered :(

    • Yup i just got one. Trying to find out what they oversold, but their call centre is offline at the moment. Probably the mass Ozbargain influx!

      • Me too.

        What a complete pain in the ass.

        If it wasn't bad enough that their site wasn't probably kept up to date, we're in the dark now over what item(s) are sold out.

        • Same here. Got in touch with them and one of the two pairs of shoes I ordered will be cancelled.

        • In in the same boat. They will cancel one of my ordered items. Crapidas!

    • Same, pretty pissed off! I hope the thing that gets cancelled for me is the cap I bought. I had 2 pair of shoes, 3 jackets, and 2 shorts also on the order :(

    • I got email for cancellation for the corporate cap..

  • Just got an email all the stuff i ordered has been shipped :)

  • They cancelled one of my pants :(

    got a coupon code in return, perhaps itll be useful for someone else,

    "Please accept this once off 20% off online shop voucher for any inconvenience caused. It will be valid from the 1st of July until 11:59pm on the 1st of August 2014.
    Exclusions: cannot be used on products already discounted"

    Online voucher code: adi-KB6B-P6QY-UPZZ-CAGP

  • I only ordered a duffel bag which has been cancelled. Thanks Adidas :)

  • Nothing worth the impulse for me. I'll wait it out for the next 40% off family and friends deal. Best prices then at the factory outlets.

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    thanks..saved 8.5 on shipping.. :)

  • I ordered two items, got my confirmation email from Adidas, and one from PayPal saying payment made. I then check into my account at Adidas to look at my 'order history' to see if there are any issues with my purchase, it says I have no 'orders'. So I have no idea if they are shipping, or are oblivious to my order. I have no tracking number either.

    I used the free postage code from above, it worked …or maybe it didnt.

    • Follow up, all items arrived today and a free tote bsg.

  • Finally got an 'order shipped' email :D Rebel sport is still selling my top at double the price!

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    Thanks OP, and thanks tunzafun001 for the free shipping voucher! Got two pairs of pants for $57 delivered. The same pants at Harbourtown were reduced to $50 each :)

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    They've updated the sale items. Added those in stock and removed those out of stock. I think I missed out on the duffel bag too. Might head to rebels of people are saying its on sale for $25

  • Got my order today :)

    • Me too, none of my items were cancelled. Seems like the extra reduced price as been reverted.

  • My whole order ($250)was cancelled and they didn't even tell me. I had to email them today to find this out. Ridiculous.

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