Free Meal Donation through Virginmobile & OzHarvest

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Charity post

I received an email from Virgin Mobile regarding this new initiative they are participating in. For every food pic you post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #mealforameal, they will deliver a real meal to someone in need.

From an article on their blog: "So we decided to partner with OzHarvest and for every food pic you #mealforameal, we will donate the cash to OzHarvest to deliver a meal to someone in need. Our goal is to hit 400,000 meals and we all hope you’ll get behind it."

Get behind it OzBargain all for a good cause


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    Took a pic of the lemon meringue pie I made and tweeted it. Hope it helps someone get a free meal :)


      It all counts so good job :) I went through my phone and found 7 photos of food from various restaurants and cafes I have dined at over the past 2 years so I just teweeted them individually

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