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Seagate Black 2TB Backup Plus Slim USB 3.0 Portable HDD $99.99 + Shipping $6.49 USD from Amazon


Similar to last deal, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/152771
Only Black version is $99 this time, grab one if you missed last time.
This is currently the cheapest way to obtain a 2T HDD for PS4.

Metal design delivers the thinnest 2TB portable drive - Up to 42% thinner
Easily back up your computer and content from mobile devices with free Mobile Backup App
Apple Time Machine compatible.
Transfers files quickly with USB 3.0 connectivity
Use between PC and Mac computers without reformatting

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • AU $114.50 delivered using 28 Degrees credit card.

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      I paid this price from DSE Ebay 20% off electronic deal lol Aussie stock 1 month ago. Ened up buying two! .. at the time no one cared for them much as you could get a Toshiba 2tb for $99

      • Yea, thats after they have got the laptops and now people want more storage.

  • +3

    The sale price for this from Amazon. Not bad. Especially when retailers want $150 over here.

  • nice. purchased the silver one from the previous deal. black was more expensive before i think.

    • I posted that deal and received my silver one yesterday
      the silver one was actually more expensive lol
      it was initially $119 (black being $109) and minutes later it became cheaper than the black

    • Same! $109.99 + shipping. Came to around $123 AUD. Can vouch that this is indeed a very slim and portable drive.

  • Anywhere local that comes close to this. Need one the weekend.

    • Officeworks $169
      The Good Guys $168

      Go to OW and price match TGG(you get extra 5% off) and you're looking at $159.60

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      Binglee has them for $149

      • +1

        no Binglee store in VIC :(

    • If you only need portable and not slim then

      seems a good deal.

    • A rep posted today / yesterday for $125. You will have to search, they were selling a few items in the post.

      • Was $125 but sold out. They normally sell for $139 at places like Officeworks and The Good Guys,

        Was even ceaper from The Good Guys ebay site during the recent 20% off ebay sale.

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    Anyone know what happen if the product received is faulty ? Also, do we get any international warranty with the purchase?

    • +1

      When you have been around long enough you will find most HDD manufacturers have some failures, but Seagate, at least in the 3.5 inch, don't seem to be doing well lately.

      I still remember when every WD drive we sold of a particular design failed within 14 months.

      I have had a WD portable fail on me.

    • +3

      This has Samsung drive

  • +2

    Were 125.00 at TGG during the recent %off eBay deals.

    With the insane failure rates of hard drives nowadays, I would only buy at a big local chain so I can take it back WHEN it fails and get a new, or at least let them deal with warranty.

  • +1

    any one know how international warranty works with seagate or wd hdd's when buying off amazon ??

  • +4

    All colours are now $99. Black, blue, red and silver.

    Edit, actually Black is $99.00 and the rest are $99.99

    Update the post? Black is $0.99 cheaper!

    • I never even noticed the option to click and order a different colour.. damn, could've helped since all my drives are black now.. getting confusing lol.

  • +2

    Thank you OP and thank you nismo. Just got myself a Blue one for $99.99 USD with my 28 degrees and am using Mastercards currency conversion of 1.06 US to AU compared to Amazons 1.10.

  • Thanks OP. Great deal. I have seen the HDD and its the slimmest of all competition. Ordered Silver for my MBPr :)

  • http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Expansion-Portable-External-ST... any different with this one ? cheaper few bucks

    • Not slim. Specs say 0.6" vs. 0.5". BTW, can anyone tell us whether/how/which of these drives is viable for extracting and putting in a laptop? Bit lazy to search/check myself on a Sunday morning (yawn :-)

  • Thanks guys, this is a perfect portable for my PS4.

    I also bought this at the same time:


    For all my media hooking it up to my smart TV.

    $US249 + $US21.08 delivery.

  • Can anyone tell me if this is the type where it is a "backup syncing type" or just drag and drop type of portable hard drive?

    Thanks :)

  • Not sure if this is worth it to anyone but HN bondi junction has 2tb USB 3.0 seagate expansion drives for $99.

    • +1

      That would be the 3.5" desktop version requiring external power. The one here is the portable 2.5" USB powered.

      • Yep, just checked - right you are!

  • What is the difference between black, silver, red, etc??

    • The weight

    • +1

      Red goes faster of course!

      Is this really a serious question?

      • I am guessing its only the case cover color then, and not the type/speed of drive - which for example Western Digital use.

        • +2

          Same drive just different colours!

  • Is this a 7mm hard drive?

    • No, this contains a 9.5mm Samsung Spinpointâ„¢ M9T drive. Same as the other Amazon deal.

  • what am i doing wrong? i go to checkout and i get this pricing. Sold by Adorama Camera (does this matter?)
    Items: USD 99.00
    Shipping & handling: USD 74.95

    • +1

      There's 3 shipping options.

      Amazon Standard is the one you want.

      You've probably got Priority preselected, which is the quickest & dearest.

      • I see. I only get "Expedited shipping 2-5 days". I don't see any other shipping options.

        • +1

          Desktop or Mobile/Tablet ?

          • Add to cart
          • Proceed to checkout
          • Sign in
          • Desktop version should already be displaying your shipping options at this point
          • Mobile site may need to click on your shipping address to prompt the options.

          If you have multiple addresses like I do, click on Change for desktop version or click on the shipping address for Mobile Site and you will then see options.

          It's impossible to NOT change your shipping options, so just keep trying!

        • @nismo:
          Desktop. It works now. Yesterday, i didn't get the 'sold and delivered by Amazon'. It was getting sold/delivered by Adorama Camera. Today, it's by Amazon and I get the options to select shipping. Also, all colours are now the same price.

          How do I ensure 28 degrees processes the currency exchange instead of Amazon? Do I select the currency USD when I add my credit card, or just 'switch currency' at the Place order step?

          many thanks.

        • +1


          Don't quote me on this because I'm not 100% certain, (as I don't have a 28c card, bad I know) - but anyway, I think just ensuring you pay in USD should do the trick - since Amazon would not be converting anything.

          I think switching to USD disables the Amazon Currency Converter.

          Regarding your first issue, you may have added the wrong instance of the drive into your cart - same product different seller, resulting in different delivery options.

          The item linked in this post (and the other colours too) are all "Ships from and sold by Amazon.com." - Adorama Camera is in the Other Sellers section.

        • +1

          @nismo: Will search around for more instances of 'how to', but I think from what I've read, you might be right with the currency converter.
          I really can't explain what happened with the 'instance of the drive'. I simply clicked the link from ozbargain, selected the colour and went to checkout. I wonder if Amazon ran out that colour and picked it up from Adoroma.. not sure how it works as I haven't bought too often from amazon. But it works now, so I'll move on.

          Thanks for all your replies. You've been really helpful.

        • @sirspiff:

          No problem :-)

  • Does anyone know if these go to sleep on inactivity?
    If so, can you turn that feature off?

  • ordered on 25/7, untill now, i have still not received it yet

    • has it been shipped yet?

      • shipped on 26/7 X( AND NO TRACKING NO. PROVIDED

        Delivery estimate: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 by 8:00pm

        • hey can you jump on the site and see if u can get it or a similar item delivered to Australia.

          Seems Amazon.com is blocking Aus now

        • @Baghern:
          Working fine for me. Are you sure you either haven't
          A. Put something else in your cart that doesn't ship here or
          B. Selected another seller that won't ship to Australia?

  • just saw on another comment, that we need to change the seller to Amazon, by selecting "xx new" then selecting Amazon

    I guess in the past all the items I bought already had Amazon as the default seller

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