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40% off Three Shelf Wood, Metal and Glass TV Stand - $179.99 Includes Delivery Australia Wide @ Custom HT


We are offering 40% off our Three Shelf Wood, Glass and Metal Tv Stand. Bringing the price down to $179.95 which includes free delivery throughout Australia.

This unit is rated to support TV's up to 40kg's and has three shelves to fit your Blu-ray Players, Amplifiers, Game Consoles etc.

This is on sale until 04/08 or while stocks last.

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  • Two shelves if you only put the TV on top, love how furniture places do their marketing

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      The top shelf could still be used to hold items and smaller components depending which model TV it is used with.

      • Fair point, I was just going to edit that my centre speaker is on top of my unit, but too late!

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          That's alright everyone use's these items differently. We have had some customers use this item just to hold all their components under the projector screen.

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    Bought something similar to this from DSE for $25 delivered a year ago. Not sure if this built quality is better than the one from DSE though. By judging the price diff should be at least 7 times better?

    • is a $1,000,000 Rolls Royce 33.33 times better than a $30,000 camry?

      • 33 camry's might last a lifetime, one rolls royce would not?

        7 dicksmith tv stands (see my comment below!) wouldn't last a lifetime, perhaps this one would?

    • Well you get what you pay for. If we could buy these unit for anywhere near $25 we would buy atleast 200 of them straight away.

      Also you are comparing a unit which is only 800mm wide (not sure what size TV you would like to put on that). Our model is 1200mm wide. Our unit also has a packing weight of 31kg's which delivery is included Australia wide via Toll.

      A similar unit would sell in most shops for atleast $400-$500.

      • Probably closer to $2-300 than 4-500.

        I still don't understand why this cant be sub $130ish. I had a quick look and the stands with the TV are cool, so that's why you sell this line on your site, but do you sell many?

        • We generally sell more of the models with the built in tv mount. We're currently over stocked on this model hence the sale.

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        The DSE one was around 20kg probably because the sides werent wood.

        • Being under 22kgs they most likely sent them via australia post eparcel, which would be a lot cheaper and also why they sometimes arrive with broken shelves. Couriers tend to take alot more care with their deliveries from our experience.

  • +3


    Aside from the fact these generally arrive broken (and DSE send out a replacement slightly less broken), why pay $179 instead of $25-50 when models similar to DSE's are on special?

  • Just chime in the quality of the make.I bought the one with tv mount which is very similar to this one on offer and I can vouch for the solid make of it.I have my Samsung 55inch tv mount on it and with all my av gears below it, the thing would not move at all. I was actually eyeing the similar but more fancy looking stand in the Goodguy store,but that costs twice what I paid for this one, and I did not regret a single bit. Hope it helps.

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    Putting the cable guide at the back would be a good starter. Looks like chit.

    • The cable management is at the back of the TV Stand.

      • My bad. The reflection fooled me, the design didn't but I'm sure someone will like it.

  • Hi Rep,

    Are the shelves adjustable? If not, what would be the clearance on the 2nd shelf from the top? I have a centre speaker on spikes that would need to fit in that shelf. Thanks.

    • Hi Golfer dad

      The shelves are fixed.

      The clearance on the 2nd shelf from the top is 225mm.
      The clearance on the bottom shelf is 205mm

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