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MSY: Twin Socket Surge Protector $1, Samsung M3 2TB Portable Hard Drive $124 + others


Available at MSY online and instore on Wednesday 30 July and Thursday 31 July:

Click Twin Sockets Surge Protector
Limit 10 per customer

Samsung M3 2TB Portable Hard Drive - USB3.0
$124 (Was $149)

LG 27" Class Full HD LED Monitor
$245 (Was $265)

Samsung 19.5" LED Monitor
$105 (Was $135)

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    the hard drive is a good price… is it any good though ? I've only ever used WD passport drives.

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      Inside should be a samsung spinpoint M9T, which is the same inside the Seagate Backup Plus 2TB.
      5400 RPM hard drive, so not as good at random seeks as the 7200 RPM drives but sustained reads are pretty much top notch for a 2.5" HDD.
      Also, can be put into a Sony PS4 (after firmware 1.70 update)
      http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-4-Support... with-New-Samsung-Spinpoint-M9T/td-p/42842075
      - originally it wasn't, but then after the firmware update people have reported success.

      • +1

        Just a word of warning for those intending on getting the drive out.

        I just purchased one of these drives and cracked it open. I can confirm that there is a Samsung drive inside but unfortunately the usb plug is on the drive motherboard and it doesn't have a sata to usb board. So you won't be able to use this in a PS4.

        Looks like the Seagate Backup Plus is the only option at this point.

        • Doh! Turns out it's not just the Samsung M3, but the Samsung P3 as well. I was going to get one for my new computer but thanks for the heads up! http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-4-Support...
          Thinking of buying the Transcend 2TB drive from amazon (as the 1TB has a seagate with a USB-SATA adaptor) and having a look inside but after that finding out this, I'm not game enough to try lol. Seagate Backup Plus it is then!

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    still waiting for a good 512G SSD deal from MSY

    • +3

      OK good to know

  • +1

    Surge Protectors any good? I'm planning to grab 10 for the house.

    • +4

      You mean plugging them into each other in a big stack right?

      Quantity over quality!

    • +3

      I've bought a couple of the surge protectors last time this sale was on, after our living room power point continually had surges and subsequently blowing out our TVs.

      Went to TGG for a new television and the chap tried to shove a $39 surge protector our way. Confidently saying 'no', I decided to give the MSY surge protectors a shot.

      Been perfect ever since.

      • Can I plug in a power board (4 plug) in to the surge protector and connect all my appliances in the power board rather than using individual socket of the surge protector?

        • Yes you can do this, and by doing this you would be protecting the entire powerboard. If you were to purchase protectors for each of your powerboard outlets, it would net the same result but would also be more cumbersome in terms of physical size (the surge protector may potentially cover up other adjacent outlets on the powerboard) and cost.

      • +8

        Just out of curiosity, how many TVs were blown in total?

    • +7

      really these small protectors dont consume enough space to contain all the parts needed for a decent surge protector.
      These SHOULD be called a 'Slow Lightning arrest'.

      They'll use MOV's (or another type of pseudo fuse) to 'blow' when a big spike hits. They're usually not QUITE fast enough, and wont do ANYTHING to a normal, usually un-damaging surge (which are common)

      The best use for these are to surge proof a surge proof power board.
      I use a single socket protector and plug a DSE power board into that.

      Why am I being the naysayer? Because nothing sucks more than a fried device thinking it should be 'fine' due to a cheap passive surge protector. Not so.

      • +2

        problem is people refuse to spent more before get burned.

  • Any idea of the stock level of the Surge Protectors at Cannington?

  • +2

    Added 3 surge protectors to cart, says free shipping. But in shipping tab, only shows free pick up in store. What the fudge! Petrol price kinda kills the deal ;)

    Anybody else noticing this?

  • $12.28 to ship locally. $1 surge protector not for me.

    • Choose pickup free pickup option if a MSY not far from you live.

  • +1

    There is a reason some surge protectors are more than $1 each.

    • This surge protector is about 4-5$ on eBay. So you can guess the brick and morter store price.

  • $10.95 to ship 2 surge protectors

  • +1

    Wow, seems cheap. Can anyone please assess/confirm whether the Click double adapter with surge protection is good for protecting sensitive computer equipment? I found an eBay listing photo of the rear of the packaging listing specs:

    Energy Absorption: 149.8 Joules
    Response Time: Less than 20 nanseconds
    Max Clamping Voltage: 775V @ 50A

    But a quick Internet/Wikipedia search/read did not clarify for me.

    • +3

      The absorption rating is how much energy it can absorb before it fails. 6-700 joules is what would be the starting point and suitable for computers/TVs you care about. More is better.
      150 Joules or so is not great but better than nothing!

      The trick is this:
      With some cheap surge protectors, once the internal protector component (usually MOV) dies, there is no indication that it is no longer protecting., Some even have the LED wired in such a way that it comes on and glows red.

      Read here if you want to know more:

      After reading a bit more it would appear that this offers so little protection as to be useless. I would say buy it as a double adapter only. Don't rest assured that it is of any use as a surge protector.
      This one maybe http://www.crest.com.au/ProductInfo.aspx?pc=MSP1&cc=SUR notice the joule rating is 12x higher at 1,836 joules. Might actually do something useful. This one is a waste of time.

  • Can I order online today but pick up on Saturday?

    • You can't pick up your order straight away - still need confirmation to pick up your order
      So i assume you probably could

  • No in-store pickup option via online purchase ? ( I try to purchase 5 surge protectors). I think I can only buy in store but not via online and pick up later.

    Choose your delivery method
    Choose a shipping option for this address: My address
    Auspost Promotion Rate(Metro Only)
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    Shipping charge with any special discounts*
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    $20.13 (tax incl.)
    Standard shipping charge

    $20.13 (tax incl.)
    Terms of service
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    • +1

      Mate did you read anything above?
      These are useless.
      Actually they are worse than useless because they will suck you in to thinking you have protected a device when they offer sweet F.A.
      Spend more buy something with decent specs or enjoy your future mysteriously non-performing equipment.
      BTW with many actives they can suffer repeated "little bites" from internal (within the house) surges. Aircon/washing machine/fridge compressor kicking in and out. These little bites accumulate. IE micro processors are not animals, they do not heal. They just become more and more compromised until they fail.
      Buy something better.

  • +1

    Over $24 delivery kinda kills the deal for surge protectors.

  • any comments on the value of either monitor?

    Need a cheap small monitor to monitor my camera system and a new PC monitor for gaming would be nice?

  • +1

    I spoke to Belkin sales rep who laughed at the idea of a Surge Protector costing anywhere near $5 to make. They really sell insurance. 1000's of people buy their over priced surge protectors, when one or few fail to protect as they are supposed too, they pay out on the damages.

    I posted this because people think really expensive surge protectors equal better protection.

    • Would you pay $5 for a surge protector or a scratchie?

      • Neither, I'd spend it on a Steam sales game.

  • I'm getting sick of MSY not updating their instore promotion display, I was there today and they still had the last promo up which I wasn't interested in but would have with this one.

    Maybe they will change the display on Friday, when it's over!

  • I have brought some Twin sockets from MSY South Hurstville , Thanks!

  • +3

    Just in case anybody is having big shipping cost at MSY, the same surge protectors are on sale at club retail for 0.925$ each (1.85 per 2 pack, cheaper than MSY!)

    Check out the shipping cost there - http://www.clubretail.com.au/double-power-adaptor-with-surge...

    • How much is the shipping for club retail?

      • Check yourself by clicking on the shipping tab of the linked page. :)

      • $6.95 Melbourne & Sydney (2000)

  • no option to collect in-store when ordering online

  • +1
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