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Sony Alpha A5000 16-50mm $1 @ DCW for Swapping for Your Old DSLR Sat 9th Aug @ 9am


For those who want to handover their old DSLR for the new Sony A5000, this might be a good opportunity.
Available to first 30 customers only… Please see Ts&Cs below

Terms & Conditions:

This promotional offer will run from 9am on Saturday 9 August until 5pm on Saturday 9 August or while stocks last (depending on whichever is reached first). Once allocation is exhausted there will be no alternative offered nor compensation made to customers who did not receive the promotion.
Promotion will end at any one store location once all promotional stock has been sold at that location (no transfers are available).
To avail of the offer the customer must surrender their old DSLR body (any brand accepted) and pay $1 as part of the transaction.
Only DSLR bodies will be accepted. All other camera types including film SLRs will not be accepted as part of the promotion.
Customer must attend the store in person during the allocated time and surrender their old DSLR.
All purchases must be taken from the store by the customer once transaction is complete.
Offer is available in-store only at DCW Northcote, DCW Canterbury and DCW Annerley.
Only 30 units of the promotional stock will be available at each store location.
This offer cannot be used with any other offers or discounts.
Only one camera per trade-in and per person can be purchased.
Digital Camera Warehouse reserves the right to end this promotion at any time and for any reason.
This purchase does not qualify for any Sony Cashback offer currently offered by Sony Australia.
Offer comes with standard Sony Australia manufacturer’s warranty.
This offer is not available to Digital Camera Warehouse staff, family and friends and Sony Australia staff, family and friends.
Normal Digital Camera Warehouse terms and conditions of purchase apply.
Digital Camera Warehouse’s standard returns policy applies (link to page).
Digital Camera Warehouse accepts no liability for loss of memory cards, memory card data, batteries or any other accessories with surrendered cameras.
No layby available. No rainchecks.
The use or disposal of the surrendered DSLR cameras is at the discretion of Digital Camera Warehouse management.
Digital Camera Warehouse will decide outcomes of any conflicts in relation to this promotion.
Digital Camera Warehouse reserves the right to update or change these terms and conditions up to and during the promotional period.

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  • how much and where can I get a Nikon D3000?

  • This seems like a ridiculously good deal, and 30 stock per location is generous.

    Don't have a body I'd want to surrender and don't want to get stuck with one bought for the promotion though.

    • I think there will be a queue of 30 people the night before.

  • is this the smallest full frame model?

    good deal if i surrender my old pentax k-x with kit lens?

    • I think you can even keep the lens, may as well drop it on Ebay or give to a newbie.

    • APS-C sensor.

  • +1

    DCW sell it for $598. http://www.digitalcamerawarehouse.com.au/category1453_1.htm
    Currently Sony has a $100 cashback, so $498

    • +6

      buy it from sony,
      get the cashback,
      trade it in for $1,
      return it to sony,
      profit $100,
      live, breathe, sleep ozbargain.

      • +1

        Um, the A5000 is not a DSLR. It's mirrorless.

      • T&C's say it is not eligible for cashback.

      • As the rule states any DSLR will do, why would we run to cash converter for something like this: https://webshop.cashconverters.com.au/item/1970889/nikon-d80.... at 179 bucks, this camera should qualify the exchange/deal. Now cost is 179+1=180. profit is 418. live long ozbargain.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the body has to be still fully functional?

  • mmm I have an ancient minolta dlsr gathering dust..

  • +3

    Hmmm 3 old Canon DSLR's in the closet. Do i need to search for a cheap tent now.

  • I am guessing the line will be LLLLOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG.

    And anyone know if they take other mirror-less bodies, or just DSLRs?

    • +2

      From the terms: Only DSLR bodies will be accepted.
      Anyways, great bargain, too bad even defective bodies sell on ebay for a lot of money, not worth the gamble for me then, not in the mood to queue up all night in front of the shop.

    • -3

      Guess what else is long

  • It's time for all Pentax Q users from the last Ted's sale to the next level.

    • My thoughts exactly, not that Q would be bad but if I could swap it for a dollar for this…priceless…well, a dollar.

    • ah yes what didnt think of it.. i have Q at home

      • -2

        yep, perhaps there will be 5 steps, all Pentax Q users to move to full frame with pretty much no cost.
        so after Sony what is the next?

        • +1

          Why do people commonly mistake A5000 as full frame?

        • +2

          Because they are the same people who think Pentax Q is a DSLR?

      • Only thing is that DCW is selling Q as well for $399 but it is not in the DSLR section. Would be a bummer if you sit there all night and they'd just say 'it is not a dslr'… of course one could verify it in advance.

    • +1

      Pentax Q is a mirrorless (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentax_Q_series) job so not a DSLR. Ah well.

      • +1

        Yeah, you're absolutely right, time to read the digital photography for dummies…again.

  • This is tempting… but I don't have an old DSLR…

  • Good deal. Damn - if only they'd take my mirror-less nex-3n :(

  • " Offer is available in-store only at DCW Northcote, DCW Canterbury and DCW Annerley."

  • Guess how many people will be waiting in the queue before 9am…

    • +25

      The 30 people getting a new camera, and 1 person that cant count.

      • I'd hang on if I was 31st in line…

        Given how many posts in this thread not knowing the difference between a DSLR and mirror-less.. there's bound to be a few that comes out empty handed.

  • Damn I've got an old d40 just sitting here

  • -1

    again WA gets left out. Would love to replace my dated nex-5 body and still be able to use my lenses + additional lenses the kit provides.

    • Nex isnt a DSLR

  • "Offer is available in-store only at DCW Northcote, DCW Canterbury and DCW Annerley."


  • +1

    I've got a fine working Canon D1000 purchased 3 years ago, is this a good trade up?

    • I have a exact same question for my 6 years old D300

    • I would say so, the A5000 is so tiny you will take it out more to snap some nice pics :)

    • I would say yes. If you want to mess around with lenses you can also adapt virtually anything to the Sony mount.

  • This camera is $318 + shipping at Grays for a refurb I think.

    • Can't find it on Grays. Please post a link. Perhaps it got OBed.

  • +1

    I'll surrender my 5d3 to them and get this little beauty;)

  • +1

    Where can I get a cheap Old DSLR?

    • Op-Shop?

  • Good luck on trying to get one, I wouldn't be surprised if people are lining up from 3am. for those who are willing, please post here what time you went to line up if you end up getting the deal.

  • So is a mirrorless DSLR not an DSLR according to earlier posts?

    • +5

      There is no such thing as a mirrorless DSLR. It is mirrorless or DSLR.

      The 'r' refers to the mirror so without a mirror you have a MILC (mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera).

    • No need to down vote, just wanted to clarify :-)

      • Not sure why you got downvoted for asking a question. :/

  • So how many of you in QLD aim to get this :) ?
    Just wanna know my chances!

    • I work a few minutes away… so take a guess ;-)

      • You working on a Saturday too, bro?
        Looks like I'll have to get there early!

  • Is Nikon V1 a DSLR?

    • no

    • NO, it isn't.

  • +1

    Hey for those of you planning to go I heard Broden and his sons are going to queue at all stores overnight.

    • Who is Broden?

      The term “Broden” originated from a PS3 deal, where user Broden boasted about obtaining 10 PS3s for $199 each and selling them for $380; a total profit of $1810. However, it was later exposed by user Jiakz, digging into Broden's history through various forums that Broden had only bought 1.

      • You forgot to mention that it was exposed that he only has seven not twelve sons.

        • And four not eighteen wives.

  • +11

    Got an email from DCW saying the deal is cancelled… don't waste your time lining up for it ok guys. wink wink

    • Thanks for the update :)

  • If I didn't already have invested myself into the Nikon 1 system, I'd camp there overnight (it's 5min from work).

    The question is, do I want to give up my trusty 350D?

  • +1

    It's time to do camping.

  • guys….not really a camera person.
    But wife is wanting a camera….tossing between Samsung nx3000 or Sony a5000. Which would be a newer and better for value of the two?

    • never go Samsung for shooting photos…

      • Agreed, they should keep to making TVs and microwaves.

        • not microwaves. phones :P

  • Damn, no stores in WA :(
    And I've just upgraded my DSLR and have a spare body …

  • would a Sony DSC-V3 qualified for this ?

    • Quick google says that it's not a DSLR so nope.

      • Thank you for that.

  • -1

    Tossing up whether to camp out and replace my pentax k-x with this. The shorter flange focal distance makes me consider it

    • +1

      Depends how comfortable your camp mattress is. I've decided that $400 doesn't justify me sleeping in the cold on a shoddy blow up mattress.

      //Cue entrepreneurial ozbargainers selling heated sling chairs, delivered Friday night.

      • Nor does their T&C RE being able to cancel the promotion at any time without reason.

        Besides, I have a bad back and what savings I make from getting this for $1 will be negated by osteo fees.

  • Super deal but some wise soul told me that it has been cancelled ;)

  • So what is it? Cancelled? Dad wants me to go line up for him 6 in the morning! Need to know!

  • +3

    No "one per person" policy? Notice you're first in line, wait their looking innocent for 12 hours while people queue behind you, txt friend to bring you 30 camera bodies, claim all, run l̶i̶k̶e̶ your life depends on it, open up eBay store, sell cameras for massive profits, take all proceeds to casino, put it all on black, win, put it all on black again, win again, buy a yacht, put yacht on black, now you have two yachts (#baller), trade yachts for lottery tickets, win lottery, use winnings to open up competing camera store next to DCW, put DCW out of business. MRW.jpg

    • +5

      Did you forget your medication this morning Jenna? Don't forget to always follow the instructions!! Have a great day!

    • +1

      Only one camera per trade-in and per person can be purchased.

      Interesting ambitions though :)
      +1 point for creativity

  • -2

    my brother is 3rd in line, he got there 45mins ago!!

    • are you seriously/

      • -1

        yep , no word of a lie

        • If true this is quite…. dedicated. Ridiculously so. I've always wondered how toilet trips during a line wait went….

        • But it's the 7th, promo starts on 9th… Is he lining up for two days lol?

    • +1

      So he'll be standing in line for 72 hours for a $600 camera. Works out to be $8.30/hour. Not sure about the value of that.

      • Not to mention a tedious, unproductive, unhealthy 72 hours at that. Plus there's still a slight risk/gamble element to this; being asleep when they open, losing your place in line, having them not honour the deal for whatever tl;dr t&c, getting sick, being stabbed. Also, this person seemingly likes to live on the edge, so I'm sure they'd be happy with a $450 grey import of the same kit. Plus they'll probably spend more on survival/takeaway food/drink and phone data in that period than they would preparing food at home normally and ordering a camera online. On top of all of that, there's the value of what their current camera body may be worth on eBay. This isn't OzBargaining, this is downright stupid. Either that, or Car-la-la just made that post to scare all you casuals off like I just did.

    • Which Store?

    • "Apparently, our contact centre have been informed that apparently a bunch of happy campers are planning to camp out across our stores waaaaaaaay in advance of our loco $1 #Sony trade-in deal this Saturday, apparently. For OH&S reasons (and apparently respective local councils may frown upon this) we advise against camping out tooooooo early but we definitely look forward to meeting and greeting each and every one of you bright and early come Saturday morning. Apparently."

      From their FB.

  • Just been to Sony centre. Honestly not very impressed. Not worth trading in my Canon 500D for it imo.

  • Hmmm, should I trade my 450D?

  • Hope they have some kind of ticketing system or at least some kind of plan to stop the queue jumpers, there are always asshats.

  • what time are people planning on getting there (melbourne)?

  • First in line at Canterbury store. 14 hours to go.

    • Keep us updated Ozzy!

      I might join you, but I can't spend more than 4 hours cueing up, otherwise it just won't be worth my time and Nikon D40x.

    • Is it comfortable? I'm thinking about whether I need to bring a chair.

    • how many people in the queue?

  • That's the same camera I have to trade in. Its struggeling to focus now so its a perfect time to trade in. I work it out as $35 an hour sitting here till 9am to get my camera

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