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Acer Iconia Screen Protector Pack $0.50 @ JB Hi-Fi


2 Screen protector pack for Acer Iconia tablet

1 X Anti Glare Screen Protector
1 X Anti Reflect Screen Protector

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    haha great timing, I just flashed 4.4.4 onto my A500 (after letting it sit there for the past year).
    which JB was this at?

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      Haha, mine has been collecting dust for ages too. Run OK with 4.4.4 ?

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        Same, mine is sitting in a cupboard somewhere. Will need to dig it out me thinks.

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        Yeah runs as good as i could hope for on OmniLight (basically Omni without all the unnecessary built in apps).
        Not "lightning fast" as others have said, but I wasn't expecting anything amazing, plus it's stable. Unlike the last 4.x ROM i tried out.

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      Funnily enough, I just pulled mine out today with the intention of flashing Omni onto it. Poor guy hadn't seen the light of day since some time last year…

  • Anyone got idea of a decent place to get power adaptor for A500? I left mine somewhere in NZ during last holiday..

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    If you're still kicking with an A200, picked up an official leather cover from EB for $5 a few months ago.

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    This has been that price for a while now , I grabed a few , still a great deal

    Edit: should also mention this is nationwide

  • I got a couple of these a year or two ago for about 20c each. They are deff good quality, feels much smoother and clearer than the cheap ebay ones. I cut mine up so it fits my Note 8 :p and camera LCD screen.

  • Mine won't boot. Tried to flash it but no go… Anyone got any ideas? Already tried them Android forums.

  • So this suits A500/A501 Iconia's?

  • Went to JB and was told Screen Protectors were sold out. Lucky me found the last original Protective case for $1 (original price tag $59).

    BTW, my A500 stuck with HC3.2 at the moment. Does anyone have the official ICS ROM? Acer has taken the file down the website, xda links are all dead.