An ozbargainer and non-ozbargainer partner/other half/potential partner, friends and family. How do you do it?

Hi all

I am curious to know whether I am the only person who feels just a tiny bit embarrassed about the fact that I am an avid ozbargainer, and a huge tightass. Some people just don't get it, not even friends and family. Sometimes its even more frustrating when your partner/other half doesn't get it.

Question is, how do you disclose to others than you are an ozbargainer, i.e., a tightass? Particularly to a potential future partner, do you spill the beans and risk scaring them away? Also, how do you deal with a partner/other half who just doesn't get what you do, for e.g. refreshing your screen every 5 minutes during ebay's big sunday sales, or checking ozbargain impulsively every hour or so?

I've looked through everyone's comments and I think Dollarsandsense's comment struck a cord.

"The problems with being an avid oz bargainer:
-You go to make conversation with a friend and all you can think to talk about is this or that deal.
-You cringe to buy anything that isn't a bargain.
-All dinners out are booked based on discounts in the entertainment book, starting with the buy one get one frees

I feel like I am getting more tight every day. Lucky for me my other half is just as bad.

I would have to change this behaviour if I was chasing a free spirited spender.

I would rather not be an oz bargainer and just be happy with what I've got. The best part of my life was when all of my possessions were in a backpack.

Unfortunately I am hooked!"


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    Your a very self conscious person or your friends/people you are associate with a very odd.

    At what point does being a member of a community that does nothing more then look for the best value for money in a country that is often over charged become a bad thing?

    Every person I have told has looked at ozbargain and liked the concept of getting more for their money and avoiding the high Australian prices that we often get charged.

    If the people you associate with are the opposite or don't agree with this, then either they have too much money or don't understand the value of money.

    Looking for a good deal is not being a tightass, its being smart with your money.

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      I'm not quite sure whether its the former, or latter. None of my friends or family whom I've told about Ozbargain check the site. Instead, the perception of being smart with money is very much associated with being a cheapskate.

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        just wait for them to buy something, find it cheaper on ozbargain and laugh…

        my in laws got a bose headphone, 120
        they got it for 300 on ebay, cause at stores its 400

        just the day before david jones had a 50% off headphones (400- 200)
        I just laughed

        then I show them the size of my home loan from all the money I saved!

        • I missed the David Jones sales on the $400 Bose headphones, when was that? I only saw the sale for the cheaper Bose gear.

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        Just be yourself. We all love you for who you are, you will meet others out there whom will also.

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        If you are being tightarse in the expense of other people's joy (eg. Partner want to eat somewhere fancy but you are a tightarse and even though you can afford it you took her a cheap joint instead).. Then yes you can be unlikable

        But nothing wrong if you are looking after yourselves.

        • I second this while at the same time im a victim for this as I often am a tightarse in the expense of others joy :( please help me :'((((((((

      • Getting a bargain and being a cheapskate are 2 different things.

        A LOT of noobs on this site don't know the difference.

        e.g. *Buying new iPhone 6 for $500 = bargain.

        *Paying full price for a loaf of Helga's bread for $6.99 on a first date = cheapskate.


      • Say the people who will probably blow most of their money and wonder why you are doing so well later in life.

        The reason I say this is I have a belief that people on this site eventually make relatively savvy choices that lead them to plan for the future, it's an assumption based on the fact that people want to make smart purchasing decisions (not necessarily buying the cheapest) and often display a willingness for delayed gratification. These 2 things alone probably put them in good stead.

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    some people are chain smokers, some people are window shoppers…some are gamblers…….and then there is Ozbargain… :)

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      Jokes apart… i dont think you need to be ashamed of checking ozbargain every hour… if your partner really loves you then would accept you for what you are… if you save money then she gets to spend it…lol…

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    There's a difference between being frugal/fiscally prudent and a stingy fretful tightarse. One is mature and sensible the other is awkward and poverty conscious.

    Just discuss vaguely about saving and spending. Broach it with a recenty study or news item, like: 'I saw this thing the other day about how some people are savers and some are spenders but most are a mix, what are you?'

    You can generally guage if a date/stranger is frugal, stingy or in debt over their head by the way they look & what they own (fashion/car/home etc), their income/lifestyle/career and with a few questions about their behaviour and what they talk about most like passions. Many people just can't stop talking about holidays and experiences and put it all on the credit card, not caring about the debt and live only in the now.

    Relationships are more complicated than just money, but as it is so essential in our society it's no wonder it causes so much stress and divorces! ;-p

    It's good to have both of the partners frugal but having both of the two extremes wouldn't really work well, or even opposites. One can help balance the other if they're closer to the middle.

    As for the nervous critics that can't be bothered with managing their money lash out at us frugal/saving types, I remember a fellow OzBer shared a good response 'I like to save by not paying retail, so I put the savings into investment property' or something like that and they said it usually shuts people up.

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    Try OzBargainers Anonymous. :)

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    Dating rules 101: Dont look at ozbargain on the first date :P

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      Unless the other party happens to be an ozbargainer as well. JACKPOT

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        Best part would probably be how long it took to find that out!

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        "So… you're an OzBargainer? No? Haha.. no me neither. Never heard of the place."

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      I believe don't pull out a coupon you found on OzB on your first date might be another rule.

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        Pull out other things ;)

        ING with 5% off Paywave. (Pay in $100 iterations, if need be).

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        Or ….. use a voucher but leave a very generous tip. = wise with your money but have a generous spirit!

        • leaving a tip, in aust, is not wise with money. It actually suggests the opposite.

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    how do you disclose to others than you are an ozbargainer, i.e., a tightass?

    Insist on splitting the dinner bill on the first date (works especially well for guys)

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      Buy toilet rolls in MEGA bulk when its 1/2 priced :) Pretty sure they will get the idea quickly.

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    I'm more embarassed about the extent to which being an OzBargainer is inconsistent with my tightarse mentality. The miserly curmudgeon having his credibility undermined by his latest OzB-triggered impulse buy.

    Tightarse is a bit too broad a term to describe people consumed with getting a good deal on their purchases, independent of their overall level of frugality (can be a miser and an avid OzBargainer, but can also be an impulse-buying financial basketcase and an avid OzBargainer).

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    All right. It's time to add a dating forum on this website.

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      Haha. Agree. And Ozbargain Anonymous.

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        I'm sure that there can be a free e-book with a 12 step recovery plan.

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      'Selling 1x slightly used male human - 26yrs, brown hair, green eyes, 169cm, 64kgs, uni degree, own home and car with secure job, must pay for first date. Comes with 3 year warranty, but lifetime refills. Expected to last 80 years'. in Ads section.

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        I am curious about 'slightly used', and concerned that it only comes with '3 year warranty'!

        • "slightly used" in terms of age?

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          At least it's not "slightly damaged"

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        Googles 'discount coupon voucher code adamren'

        • retailmenot has coupon but only 5% success rate :-(

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    My girlfriend was a complete tightarse, but for some reason she wasn't anymore when she 'met' me. Weird right.

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      Perhaps she couldn't "compete" with you and gave up?

      Or, she realised it was easier to let you do it (bargain hunting) instead?

    • If you've given her your credit card, you're in for a bad time.

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    My wife loves that I'm on this site. Every now and then she says that maybe she should start using this site.. But then she says there's no point because I already browse daily.

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      We're reverse here.
      Husband just bought $500 worth of Johnnie walker today and I got annoyed at him for not checking for AMEX deals or cashback or even looking at any other websites other than Dan Murphys…

  • While initially they might see you as tight when you show them a deal that saves them significant amounts of money (and isn't crazy time consuming etc) 99% of people wouldn't turn it down, so after saving them money I say I heard about it from OzBargain. They may not become followers themselves but quite often the next time they want to buy something pricey they will come to me and say "hey you know that site you were telling me about…do you think they have any discounts on _______"

  • Well if you really are a tightarse, you can really say my bum does not look big in this, there's your conversation starter.

  • You don't tell people you're an OzBargainer, that's just something you don't do. Nothing you really can do if people treat you differently because you're a tightass apart from inform people. I've had people call me a cheapo when I use freebies or coupons. I mean why would you rather pay instead of using coupons? I usually try to brush it off like "eh at least Im not wasting money, think about it, you could save this money and spend it on another one or do something else". Hopefully they understand, if they don't, who cares.

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    Not an issue in my family! My mum, brother and husband are all on this site. Am pretty sure my sister checks it too. It's a virtual family reunion every time I log on.

    My mum and I have to check with each other before we buy stuff sometimes to make sure we aren't doubling up. I groan every time I see a Steam sale as I know my husband will be rubbing his hands with glee.

    I gave my brother an OzBargain t-shirt (that I won in a comp) for his Christmas last year…and got a Kogan camera lens cup from my mum as well as a couple of other 'bargains' popping up amongst the present pile…lol…we had a great laugh about our OzBargain gift theme.

    Saving money is considered a desirable skill in our family, not a bad trait at all.

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      Must be really awkward when:

      1. You sign up for a freebie only to see: "Sorry, this sample has already been claimed for this address."
      2. 12 Cree torches arrive in the mail.
      3. Come home after buying 50 rolls of toilet paper…only to find 50 more rolls of toilet paper just bought.
      • Lol…none of us live together…we're all pretending to be grown ups with our own places now.

        But yeah, I will admit to using my mum's address for stuff, and her not being able to do it and getting a bit peeved that she didn't get told not to waste her time.

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    Well my experience being an 'ozbargainer' is different from you. Ever since I've found this website I think I have spent MORE money than I would have otherwise. A few dollars here and there saved on weekly Coles specials is all blown when the next SSD deal comes along LOL.

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    Ozbargain is love. Ozbargain is life.

    I spent WAY too long on that <_<

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      maybe not enough time =P

  • It life style.

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    Ozbargasm is a lot healthier than many other activities.

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    I love multiple bargasms.

    • Oh, so there is a word for that feeling when you make that final checkout payment click?

  • Only a fool would not use ING bank and if your associates use ING bank, they are on their way there.

    Just wait for a free-money give away by banks and bam! ozbargained.

    If the above does not work, congratulations you have found yourself in the company of some rich folk.

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    Real friends wouldn't judge you. They should accept you for who you are.

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    If my potential future partner is scared away due to the fact that I enjoy saving money then I definitely wouldn't want to be with them anyway, because that's really a part of who I am [i thought it would be a selling point because it'll make finances easiar ;)]. It helps because I was brought up in a frugal family, and even around my friends I am proud of my ability to save money on certain things (in order to spend money on more important things :P)

    but, being an ozb'er not in a hostile way (e.g. looking down on people who spend money on things more freely). As people have said it really is almost a way of life; people play sport, they game, they drink, we ozbargain.

  • for me where it started was when you look online for a better price for something (a lot of people do this - right?) but then you find OZBARGAIN And then that particular weakness in our personality comes to the fore!! And searching for a bargain becomes an obsession! THERE IS NO CURE! If she does not understand your need for knowing that you are getting the best for your money, then dump her, because you are incureable!!

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    You should not be embarrassed of who you are.

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    Ask them if they'd prefer to pay $100 for something or $50 for the same thing, I'm pretty sure they'll say $50, also just laugh at them when you have more money all the time than them.

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      I am not sure about laughing and "more money all the time than them." But at least you can laugh when you have more eneloops than them all the time..

      • Haha I mean in a good way of course

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    There are varying degrees to just about everything. Your enthusiasm to find a bargain could range from 'don't care' to 'casual scout' to 'absolute obsession'. Where you fit on this spectrum and how your partner's views in this endeavour align with yours is where this difference lies.

    So personally, being an OzBargainer surely isn't something to be ashamed of. I think if the time spent outweighs the relative gain then the hunt wasn't worth it. If you can justify the gains you made, surely your partner can appreciate that. If you're out on a date, and the vouchers you have become the focal point of the outing, I think that's too far.
    But that's just me.

    Both my partner and I enjoy finding a deal or voucher or feeling a 'win' from a saving and we find a balance that's right for us.


    • Buying too many scoupons might mean you are pressured to use them within a certain time and this can be restrictive. So we try to avoid this.

    • Hauling out the Entertainment Book can weigh you down physically, on the other hand it can pay for itself in just a couple of meals.

    • Checking every store for that new LED TV can save you $$$, but how long did you spend hunting?

    There's no right answer but if it affects your collective enjoyment, perhaps you're reaching the threshold.

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      Have you tried the digital version of the Entertainment book? Just pull out your phone and the restaurant checks it off. You don't feel so stingy as you do ripping pieces of paper out the giant coupon book of shame. Gives you a location based service from the gps on your phone so you can use the vouchers when you are out and looking for somewhere to eat. Rate it highly.

      • We actually haven't bought the book in a while. After this, I did use the digital version of the book just to locate restaurant suggestions though.

  • "Question is, how do you disclose to others than you are an ozbargainer, i.e., a tightass? "
    who says all ozbargainers are tight arses, I personally check this site out for bargains and stuff that I need, i dont buy whatever is posted just because its cheap, if a bargain comes along every now and than ill consider buying it only if i need it. that dosent make me a tightass..

    • Yes. Just because we're all on Ozbargain doesn't mean we all think the same.

      In addition, those who admit they are a 'tightass', will still have different degrees of 'tightness'.

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      I'd like to think I'm the same but…
      I just couldn't refuse all the $0.01 offers !

    • I'm aiming for champagne lifestyle on a beer (well, homebrew) budget.

  • Do what I did, get them on to ozbargain and they will change! :)

  • Girlfriend is very understanding given she has benefited from many things I've purchased through OzBargain posts e.g. Instax camera.

    • And those sanitary pads…?

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    My partner is like me so no issues there. I have some office mates who like to spend but they don't spend my money so I couldn't care less what they do. They know I'm a cheapskate and I'm not ashamed of it. Every now and again they'll complain about not having enough money for something. Last week someone talked about how she has 20 or so years left on her mortgage whereas I'm a few years younger than her and I'm done. Hey man, go on OzBargain a bit more and maybe shave a few years off that mortgage. Or add a few more years if you end up buying lots of cheap stuff you didn't need in the first place. This site is dangerous that way :p

    • Thing is, being an ozbargainer doesn't automatically make you a cheapskate.

      From what you've described, you're just being smart with your hard earned money. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, and nothing negative to be said about it either.

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    I love ozbargain. :) might be an anxiety releiver haven't decided yet. My work mates don't even say anything anymore when I go to the mail room every second day.

    Don't worry about it! I'm the resident bargain Hunter in my friendship group and everyone comes to me because they know I love it, and will get the best deal.

    Just have fun, life is cheap :)

    • "everyone comes to me because they know I love it, and will get the best deal."


    • I'm also the resident bargain hunter amongst my friends and family :)

  • my gf loved it when i used the tiger voucher to make a trip to tassie, no complaints then

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    I think there's two types of ozbargainers here.

    One is the savvy type who can save $100 off a TV easily or something and enjoy the fine things in life. Using vouchers and being smart with money.

    The other type are cheaparses (some of whom are probably cheaper than a hobo), they hoard everything thats free, even if its useless for them. They waste hours of time just to save $2, they do ridiculous things, sometimes at the expense of other people to save $2 too.

    The latter is a little sad imo.

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      Don't cry for me, I just saved $0.15 on bread!

      • I try to Ozbargain at minimum wage. so if an item is initially worth $10 then I'll only spend 5 minutes trying to save at least $2.

        5 minutes @ $2 = $24 per hour (ok, over minimum wage)

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    Not sure why you think it is a bad thing being a ozbargainer.
    My friends envy that I always buy the same stuff as them but at a heaps cheaper price.

    They always ask for my secrets, and I'm like "wouldn't you like to know?" haha.

    Everybody wants a bargain, only thing I could see which is a negative, is your other half gets pissed off because of their envious nature towards you always buying things for cheap vs them always buying it for expensive.

  • I've found about half of my friends have adopted ozbargain, the other half don't really care. Whenever there is a good deal, the find out from me anyway.

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    The problems with being an avid oz bargainer:
    You go to make conversation with a friend and all you can think to talk about is this or that deal.
    You cringe to buy anything that isn't a bargain.
    All dinners out are booked based on discounts in the entertainment book, starting with the buy one get one frees

    I feel like I am getting more tight every day. Lucky for me my other half is just as bad.

    I would have to change this behaviour if I was chasing a free spirited spender.

    I would rather not be an oz bargainer and just be happy with what I've got. The best part of my life was when all of my possessions were in a backpack.

    Unfortunately I am hooked!

    • I agree! I think you've summed up the problem much better that I did. I now have issues with paying for anything full price!

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    I think there's a difference between being an OzBargainer and a complete tightass. I'm an OzBargainer, I check this site every couple of hours, I love good deals, I like getting stuff for cheaper than what they usually go for. However, I also understand that bargain hunting is a game and sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. At the end of the day, I guess I see it as a reward that I can get things for cheaper given the effort I put in, not as something I'm entitled to, which is certainly what some people see it as.

    I really don't like people who are tightasses. Examples of people I would consider to be a tightass are people who are in bargain hunting not for the fun and challenge of it but because they simply want to get things for cheaper and that's all. They're the kind of people that would choose not to share a deal with others so that they can get more. They complain when they miss out and they have a go at retailers who advertise bargains with "insufficient stock", seriously, if they want to sell 50 items and you're too slow, how is that the retailer's fault. Some people don't get that.

    And then there are people who are just completely cheap with day-to-day stuff to the point where it's actually annoying. And I actually feel for people who are related to (or have to live with) these kinds of people. They cheap out on every dollar and cent. They throw tantrums when they lose out on the smallest thing. Not to pick on anyone, but an example of this would be that guy on OzBargain complaining that a Taxi driver short changed him 60 cents because he didn't have the right change on him. Seriously? I wouldn't want to live under a roof with someone like that. That's a tightass. The majority of OzBargainers aren't tightasses and would be completely understanding in that case.

  • I check on this site daily about twice a day. I cannot overwhelm thank you listing all the deals on here for us to benefits. My special love goes to bank bonus and promotions ING, MEBank, Suncorp, ANZ etc etc. My free money goes around.

    My family as Asian Chinese never know about the Ozbargain but appreciate sometimes when I give them cheap stuff. I don't know I have been surround by people not really care about how to manage money so never go well when talk about Ozbargain. I have Aussies friends just have no clue how to use money wisely and always waste money when you look at how they spend and manage them. You are trying to give them ideas but they just never learn how to.

    Personally, I don't know whether I have a problem myself as being a tightass or Ozbargain. I see sadness how daily people been ripoff greatly in Australia overpriced country. I also guess most people using this site predominantly male (maybe less porption female) or asian. For me using this site is a must do way to spend money on what they actually should worth. example when you go out for dinner they price is no way e.g $35 for a main meal

    So I too have problem associate with normal people on the way they use money. you can call me a tightass

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    Why would anyone be shy about saving or being careful with money?

    • +1

      Because it seems the people around OP's life don't understand the need to thrift.

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    I wouldn't consider myself a tightass even though I love Ozbargain. I just don't like paying more than I have to for what I want. I will always choose value (ie quality) over cheaper product for example.

  • When I met my wife she wasn't a tightass, and always disliked me being a tightass.. but, 6 years later, she's converted and worse than me..


  • i test the waters by telling them of a good deal i saw, whether it's food, financial services, gadgets etc. from their response i can tell if they are similarly frugal or not. i used to send around dominos coupon codes to a few people in my office who liked pizzas. i figured that since they couldn't be bothered to reply with a "thanks", they weren't interested and i stopped sending them. typically they would then ask me if i had a code some weeks later. and not even free food gets their interest.

    pretty much everyone in my office buys takeaway for lunch regularly, which is surprising since as a whole, our salaries are quite low. even our director who earns the most of us all is frequently raiding petty cash to buy coffees inbetween paydays. i think it's odd that an organisation like ours is meant to teach our clients life skills and money management, yet many of us have such terrible financial habits.

    i proudly wear the tightarse/cheapskate badge, even though i'd consider myself "frugal" ;) no surprise that i'm only friends with those that understand value for money, regardless of their income. and they're not necessarily those that are as frugal as i am either!

  • There's a difference between an Ozbargainer and a tight ass. They are not synonyms.

    I visit the site very regularly and avail myself of many deals but I'm not stingy at all.
    I just like to get good a good price for the things that I purchase - that way I can buy more things/nicer things.

  • Well whilst Ozbargain can save someone money by finding a good deal on something they were looking to purchase, it can create a much bigger problem, addiction to buying and just buying stuff because its a 'bargain'. There are many on here who are probably spending way more than what they think they are spending in the long run, also more than people who don't know about Ozbargain or who do not care about prices as much and buy items at 'full price'.

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    The issue I have is people who want the deals but want the easy way too.
    Example, friends asked about our holiday in Vietnam. We got cheap airasia flights, but because of a long lay over in KL we stopped over there a few days rather than 10 hours at the airport. The ticket savings paid for 2 nights in a great hotel (Le meridien) and food and outings to petronas, the aquarium etc.
    And after that we were probably still $300 or $400 cheaper than Qantas/Vietnam Air direct flights and we had a luxury couple of days.
    But our friends viewed a stop over as a hassle and paid the extra $1600 for their family to fly direct.
    I'm fine with that decision (if a little mystified), but that they characterise the cheaper way as "sooo much hassle" after seeking my help to get cheap tickets was annoying.
    Or my sister who wanted a new macbook. Apple store was $1100, DSE on sale was $950ish, Kogan with ebay rebate was $800. She was hung up about if the power cord was different, what else might be? In the end I convinced her the hundreds saved was worth waiting a week for Kogan delivery, but I am sure I will cop an earful if it ever needs warranty service!
    And of course, my mum won't buy home brand at all. Not even sugar or salt. I have given up on her.

    • +1

      keggsy, sorry to be the one to break it to you mate…but you are adopted!!!

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    There's nothing wrong with saving money and looking for a deal when purchasing, but some people are just too over the top when it comes to being a tight arse, to the point that it starts being annoying.

    I'm all for saving money and using Entertainment Book vouchers, but I have a friend that will refuse to come out to dinner with us unless we can promise the use of a voucher or something. Also, he will then try and use a buy one get one free voucher and play it so he pays only for his drink and claims the free meal, instead of using the free meal to reduce the final bill cost and splitting it evenly.

    Behaviour like this can be annoying and even be downright rude.

  • +1

    Think about Ozbargain as more than just getting the bargain
    If I look back over time, I think differently in the way I go about sourcing / purchasing things, whether there is a deal on or not:

    • Use it as a reference point to get an idea how much items ought to cost.
    • Search member opinions on quality / alternatives to a product / service, eg IT gear, freight forwarding etc
    • General ways of finding a good price eg use static-ice, kayak, iwantthatflight etc
    • If you are going to buy something anyway, checking if there is a deal on it, or a coupon code
    • How to use some products effectively eg telstra prepaid deals + whirlpool wiki

    Lol, I learnt how to setup a HP N54L on ozbargain!

    Anyhow, you don't always need to disclose your source - be discreet. Most of my work colleagues don't know about ozbargain, despite me checking pages fairly actively throughout the day.

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    Like the previous commentators have mentioned, best thing for getting past your nerves is to test the waters. Gauge how people react to one of your statements or bargains.

    I've found that heaps of people are closeted bargain hunters.

    Practice this statement, "I never pay full retail". Its a great conversation starter since it gets people to think, describe their shopping experiences or debate you. Its rare they reply, "That's nice but I enjoy to be ripped off by faceless middlemen and paying extra when I don't need to".

    As for the embarrassment to share your passion of OzBargain with potential future partners, that's up to you. I say go for it. People will naturally talk excitedly about the things that they spend much time enjoying eg. evangelise religion, political allegiances, parroting dumb TV & radio shock jocks. You want your potential future partner to know you as much as you want to know them. The good, the bad, the ugly, weird and hair raising stuff.

    You might be an OzBargain tragic but you can frame it different. Eg. Macho approach: you're a caveman with primal hunting instincts and turn sales people into crying babies unable to withstand your driven, single minded, aggressive haggling :P

    • when people say I'm cheap because I look for the best price then I like to explain that in my current job I earn $XX per hour. if I can go online and find something in 20 minutes that saves me an amount double of my hourly wage then I've "earnt" 6 times my hourly wage. plus I'm doing something for myself rather than others.

      people then tend to understand that I'm doing something I like (getting a better price) and saving money and doing it for my own benefit.

      Possibly people who degrade/sneer at ozbargainers/smart shoppers are just put out by their own sense of inapptitude at finding a good price, it reveals their apathy towards being agents of their own lives and shows they are fools/non-thinking consumers within the capitalist system.

  • If people don't like who I am they can feel free to avoid the door hitting their rear end on the way out. You miss out on too much giving a rat's what people think. Who exactly has proven their idea of what's good right and yours wrong? Stop associating with shallow people.

  • I have found that being an Ozbargainer have improved my social life more then anything. Nothing like hanging out with a group of people at a shopping mall who are hungry, when there are a Hungry Jacks or Mcdonalds near by and we are all low on cash. The amount of coupons, discount cards and various tricks I have learnt on here pretty much made the cheap fastfood god to them.

    Other factors like being able to tell someone how and where to get anything they want cheaper is also a plus. It's pretty much just depends on the people you choose to be around and how you embrace it. You can either look like a tightarse who only care about money, or is someone who help everyone save money and give good spending advice.

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