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MYER Extra 75% off Already Reduced Price of Womens, Mens and Childrens Clothing


Hey guys, first post.
Came across this on the Myer website, extra 75% off the reduced price of Winter clothing.

Mens: http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/offers/clearance-167154-...
Womens: http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/offers/clearance-167154-...
Miss Shop: http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/offers/clearance-167154-...
Kids: http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/offers/clearance-167154-...

Some pretty good stuff left at the moment, not sure if this applies in store yet.

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    Nicely done with the links :)

  • Is it price as marked or further reduce when checkout?

    • +2

      Price as marked should say e.g. was $100 now $25

  • +9

    Classic. All the things I like are sold out.

    • I had some dresses in my cart that came up as sold out when I checked out, but not at the time I put it in the cart. We'll find out soon.

  • Yes, all those that I wants are sold out.

  • Typical, everything I like is sold out.

  • Over$100 for free delivery. I think I'll pass

    • +4

      The trick is to purchase another item to make it >$100 and then return it in-store. Maybe check their return policy see if that's possible.

      • +2

        Yep, on the confirmation email it says you can just go into the store and exchange for refund if you wish.

      • Didn't think of that. Clever

      • A bit counter productive having to pay for delivery and then having to go in store to return it. Why not just use click and collect to begin with? Or does myer not offer that…?

        • +1

          If all of your items are not available at the store you choose, they don't do click & collect.

        • +2

          Myer notionally offers click and collect, but I am personally yet to come across a single item that was available through that method. (I tested it out for about two dozen products earlier today.)

          The only practical way of avoiding shipping costs is to order $100+ and then return them in store, if you can be bothered.

  • +1

    Just spent $30 on the jeanswest sale. Don't tempt me OP.

  • Anyone know if this is in-store?

  • +1

    Thank you for taking $180 out of my pocket. What if the sizes are not right?

    • +5

      gain/lose weight? Sheeesh.

      • +1

        What about shoes. :(

        • +22

          add/minus socks? Sheeesh.

      • What about undies?

    • +1

      You can return them, even sale items - I called to check.
      Also what I did was buy x2 of each dress, as I'm in between sizes.

  • everything is sold out in mens. Ive looked through 2 pages and found 2 things instock

  • How much is shipping for sub $100 purchases? Is pickup possible?

    • +1

      tried click and collect in robina, qld. not available. then tried melbourne city, worked a charm. long drive for a pair of undies though ;)

    • I think shipping is $9.95. Not sure about pick-ups

    • it is $9.95 for postage under $100, if you can find a store close by that has your size then you can click and collect

  • +3

    I like to think I am 9 pairs of undies richer now, rather than $50 poorer.

    Thanks for posting this!

  • -3

    Useless as tits on a bull these Myer sales.
    Only good for those massive fatties or stick thin folk!

  • Not much good shit to begin with unless you like rocking Myer's 75% overpriced home brands.

    • There's some nice clothing from Charlie Brown & Howard Showers.

  • Everything is out of stock even it shows u can add to cart..

  • http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/offers/s15-extra-30-clea...

    Tipping intensifies

    Grabbed some cheap socks and graphic t's for knocking around in at least.

  • all gone……….everything i want is gone..sizes are gone as well

  • Nothing worth me buying (Mens), all sold out or crap

    even at a dollar, id be buying junk

  • Thanks OP. $123.50 poorer but 2 weeks worth of undies (14 pairs), 2 t shirts, a hoodie, 5 sweaters and a pair of pyjama pants richer.

  • any coupons going?

  • Thanks for posting, Even with the $10 shipping tax still a good haul. $50 for long sleeve shirt, a few graphic tees, some underwear, sad i missed out on socks!

    • Although, my confirmation order email hasn't come through, perhaps the site has been ozbargained.

  • Most of the clothing at Myer is so grossly overpriced (eg $40 for an ultra-thin t-shirt) that these reduced-reduced prices bring it somewhere near reasonable.

    Having just browsed the men's items available, I think THIS item sums up their offerings nicely:


  • +3

    Times are a changing.. This is apparently a men's top?!

  • AAAARG, 50% of the things saying "limited quantity" can't be added to cart… WHAT???!

  • This seems like a good buy if it's in your size

    Trent Nathan 'Burke Suit' Navy http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/burke-suit-jacket-157740... Was $279 now $69.75
    Still a good handful of sizes left.

    Trent Nathan 'Burke Pant' Navy http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/burke-suit-trouser-15782... Was $105 now $26.25 sadly only a couple of sizes left in this one though.

  • +1

    Spent $365 over 3 orders and would have spent more if stuff didn't keep selling out while I was browsing. Awesome deals but the credit card hurts!

  • Had to pay by paypal as the mastercard option kept crashing…

  • +2

    Spent $46, and wasn't charged for shipping… Hopefully I haven't done anything wrong whilst checking out

  • +1

    I logged back into my account and cannot find my order anymore.

    • Mine never turned up either (?) but I did get the confirmation email and paypal.

      • Now I can see the order.:)

  • Is it really out of stock? Cause sometimes it shows stock and can add to cart and paid, guess if payed and email confirmation means we 100% getting it shipped ! Or maybe myer ordered more stock.

  • +8

    Myer's online store has to be one of the worst I've used. The filters don't filter and the pages ignore your filters and revert to default each time. Drives me mad. And why do they bother showing items that are SOLD OUT!?

  • +1

    Go in and match online prices. Worked with me, even if out of stock online

  • $230 of my wallets savings gone, but half of the order will be returns since had to make it over $100

  • +1

    +1 from me as even though I was unable to purchase anything from the site, this prompted me to head in-store and nab a coat at >75% off.

  • +2

    So I ordered 26 items, most of it is 14 days worth of underwear… Now I have only just realised the items are being shipped from individual shops, not a warehouse. I got 4 shipping notifications yesterday, and 6 today, all with different tracking numbers, and several items that have not yet shipped!! The post office is going to hate me!!!!

    I have no idea how they can justify sending me a pair of underwear that I paid $2.50 for via Australia Post with free shipping. I actually feel kind of guilty!

    • Yeah I wonder that too, as a gold member I get free shipping on everything no min spend, so my order of 2 items for $32 has been dispatched from Doncaster and Brisbane, they would have to be losing money. I remember at Christmas last year this order I placed for decorations I had $2.00 items being shipped separately from all over the country!

    • I came back to this thread to see if it was just me. Two items shipped of about 10. One from melbourne, one from brisbane. I feel bad about the ineffeciency. I would have assumed the stores would either ship all their discontinued stock to a central location for their online distribution or sell it instore.

    • 20 items, 13 parcels..

  • I have some items back order untill October 23rd! Thought these are clearance items, suprised they still ordering them. I have $430 worth of items and they seperated 7 parcels from 40 items.

    • I had 6 items, 5 parcels and one of the first ones that was sent still hasn't arrived…

  • Why the fvck don't they have a search filter for "not sold out"? The men's items are 90%+ sold out.

  • They have updated the mens clearance, more stuff added but not as much as original.

  • How often is the clearance section updated?

  • Again…. thanks to OzB I paid over $100 on things that I do not quite need. I am not complaining… just saying.

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