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iPhone 6 Plus (Gold 16GB) & Free Shaver - $959 + Delivery @ Kogan


Kogan has a special deal with their iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus (16GB, Gold) + Free Shaver

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  • +1

    Shipping was $23 to Eastern Suburbs Melbourne…

    $1000 for a 16gb… Ouch

    Also ships in 1-2 weeks…

    • +15

      It's all good, it comes with a free shaver …

      • +2

        Free shaver vs Aus stock hmmm

  • +1

    big screen, faster processor but only 16gb capacity? don't know why they make this type. waste of power and resources.

    • +1

      16GB is the most popular size sold for the 5/5s. If you're not storing video, it's all you need.
      However, with the size of the 6+ screen, videos now become more attractive.

      • +3

        That may have been true for some people up until now but things have changed as the OS and apps grow.
        16GB model gives you just over 10GB of addressable storage after OS and stock apps, after some pretty standard apps you are down to 9GB.
        Install two large games, down to 7GB. Put on 6GB of music (1/4 of what i like to carry) then you only have 1GB free which certainly isnt the way to get the best performance out of flash storage.
        Then next year you wont be able to upgrade to iOS9 without deleting all your music…

        So perhaps it would be enough for my mothers first smartphone, but many certainly need more without putting a single video on it.

        • +1

          Mine had over 11GB of free space after installing iOS 8.0.2. Now with all my regular apps installed, and an embarrassing collection of drunken Friday night escapade photos, I've now got 8.5GB remaining for music (about 100 hours worth) which suits me fine (iOS updates are forced opportunity to refresh your carry-on music). iMessages now culls messages/attachments after a set period, which helps. My digital life lives in the cloud, not in my pocket. Though your mileage may vary.
          Sure I'd prefer more storage, but I always see Apple's tiered pricing as a way for the larger capacity models to subsidise the lower capacity models (less profit for them at the lower end).

  • +7

    perfect for slitting your own throat, when your brand new iphone 6 plus bends in your pocket

    • +1 had a giggle m8

  • +4

    Someone got paid to come up with that incentive.

    • +4

      Worst ever.

      • +5

        Go easy on our TAFE marketing graduates.

        • +11

          Udemy marketing graduates

        • +1


  • PLUS DELIVERY? oh hell no

  • Apple Store Sydney has 6+ 16GB in store, but not 64 and 128GB.

    • Plenty 128gb this morning

  • +1

    free shaver. yay!

  • +6

    Free shaver as a fix for the iPhone 6 plus hairgate problem??

  • Is the iPhone to be used as a mirror while shaving?

  • +3

    Great thanks OP I was waiting for The shaver bundle before I took the dive on the ip6

  • +1

    OP please update your description for the German manufacturers of Scharfen V-Glide Razors

    *Blades sourced from a leading German manufacturer
    *5 blades in each razor
    *Gothic Arch cutting pattern
    *Flexible rubber hinges
    *Aloe vera & vitamin E moisturising band
    *Rust-proof materials
    *Sealed in airtight packs to maintain peak condition
    *Ergonomically designed handle with metal backbone and rubber grip
    * After shave app on your iPhone 6 plus

    • Some nice detective work there!

  • Movember is around the corner, so no go for me.

  • -1

    should also come with some kind of free case which protects it from bending

  • Introducing the latest in Apple's accessories ""THE I Shaver"" also known as Apple Shave

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