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Coles - Buy a $50 Dick Smith Gift Card and Get an Extra $5


Hi Guys today i have seen this in Coles not sure it has been listed here before or not.

When you purchase DickSmith Gift Card of $50 from Coles you get extra $5. Its good if you want to purchase Macbooks or Iphones.
Plus if you combine it with Already 5% discounted Coles Giftcards you actually end up having $110 credit for $95.


$95=$100 coles gift card (5% off ) i know there are places where you can get them.
buy 2*$50 Dick Smith Gift cards from Coles before 21/10/2014.
you end up having $110 worth of Gift Cards.
Plus if you use then with already Dick Smiths %off promotional items end up saving a lot.

Edit - Photo of promotional banner added.

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    You can buy Dick Smith gift cards at Coles?.

    By the way Dick Smith was selling $10 Dick Smith gift cards for $5 today. That was a good deal.

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    didn't think you could buy a gift card with a gift card?

    • You can't as far as i know.

      • I just bought coles myer gift card with coles giftcard

        • Well maybe because they're both Coles group gift card. Can you buy a third party gift card (such as Dick Smith gift card) using a Coles gift card though?.

        • @hollykryten: how would this be enforced by Coles? I dont think the checkout guy looked at my payment method. Even if he did, giftcard is as good as cash. Also bought bunnings gift card at coles previously

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      I bought other stores gift cards with coles gift cards several times

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      Just to be safe, you could always buy chocolate or chips

  • Edit - ^^ What he said ^^

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    can the gift cards be used online? also will they be accepted at david jones?

  • Yes you can buy Gift Cards with Gift Cards some time as long as the check out operator allow you to do that did some times personally.

    And Yes Coles is selling Dick Smith Gift Cards.

    • Hi, can you please provide info about where i can buy coles cards with 5% discount?


      • Use ING Paywave to buy the Coles gift cards at Coles in-store (you are going to be there anyway).

  • "Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase gift cards" See Exclusions http://www.giftcards.com.au/Gift-Card-Terms-of-Use.aspx#Incl...

    • Hey zappa, the first exclusion on that list is "all online purchases", but I've used these cards online before; some of the merchants have a specific option/ box to "pay by gift-card" on their website…
      So could they be out-dated?

    • I'll withdraw my comment (can't delete or change vote) as it seems to work. I'd be interested to take it one step further and know if you can buy vodafone prepaid vouchers using a dick smith gift card?

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        Cant see why not? Gift card is as good as cash

        • For instance Coles have this clause under excusions "Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase gift cards, Recharge Vouchers or Mobile Plans."

          I couldn't find much in the dick smith T&C's though.

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    Yes, you can. Just purchase $50x10 ($550) Dicksmith Giftcard with Coles & Myer Giftcard.

  • I did purchase Recharge from Coles & Mayer Gift Cards many times. It All depends who is serving you.

  • Is this nationwide? where's the ad?

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    Not sure but did see this Promotional display in many coles in Sydney/NSW. When you go to coles go to their Gift card section and you can see the Diplay will have Promotional thing on top.

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    I really need to get in on this, buy plenty of Dick cards then buy Optus recharges for extra 10% :)

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    Do you mind sharing where we can buy $100 coles gift card with 5% discount ??

  • Where are the already discounted coles cards?

  • Just been to the West Pennants Hills Coles but could not find this special.
    I will try Carlingford a bit later.

  • Coles in Melbourne Central does not have this deal..and even they do not know about it.

  • Anyone found coles 5 % off in Brisbane?

  • I rang around 5 stores on the northern beaches (sydney NSW) and none have them in stock, and know nothing about the promo.
    sucks :(

  • ING 5% cashback
    ME 5% cashback

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    Can anyone take picture of the banner which clearly shows the ending date.. coles next to my home does not have this offer. so I can show them it and get the offer.

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    NO signage in my local store in Vic. Run it through the checkout and the extra value was added. (Works for $100 cards - $110 value) as well.

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    Spare my ignorance, if I have a ING debit card, why should I go through Coles gift card? I can go straight to buy Dick Smith gift card and get 5% discount and extra $5 promotion.

  • UPDATE: Theres still heaps at Coles @ Norwest (Baulkham Hills).

    The Discount is applied after so it will not reflect during the payment process.

  • Sold out in many stores

  • (Brisbane) Have still seen plenty of $100 gift cards which have a $110 value on them. Ends tomorrow 21st.

  • Who actually bought a single $100 DS Giftcard and got $110 on them?
    On the sign in Coles, it only mentions about $5 bonus for a $50 DS giftcard.

  • Can you use ING PayWave for $100? Or is the max $99.99?

    • I got call from ING today. I bought a bulk for workmates and had to get individual receipt for each card and ING thought I intended to abuse the rebate policy. Not very happy

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    Can confirm that $100 gift cards have $110 value on them, as per wbeer's receipt.
    You can pay 5c in cash and the other $99.95 with PayWave for ING's 5% off.

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