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Free Greenpeace 2010 Calendar


Upon completing a short survey, we will send you a free limited edition Greenpeace wall calendar, with stunning full-page photographs and practical monthly eco tips.

"Due to an overwhelming response, we have run out of calendars. We apologize for the inconvenience."
Mod - noted title as "Sold Out"

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    The last step of the form is giving an error:
    "Unfortunately, we encountered a technical problem while processing your entries. Please try again"

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    "Thank you for taking the time to complete our online supporter survey. Your 2010 Greenpeace Calendar will be mailed to you within the next four weeks."

    Works fine for me.

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    works for me

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    Working for me, they look like nice calenders.

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    Awesome love a free calendar not lke 2ue fm or whatever carp station it was who didnt even send them out

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    that was easy. freebie for under 1 minute of my time. Thanks!

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    great freebie after a short survey..liked it, thanks!

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    Thank you OP.. +1

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    A nice freebie. Ordered one for daughter - she'll love it! Thanks.

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    Thanks, it works for me

  • Word

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    How hypocritical of them to be chopping down trees to produce a paper calendar…

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      Ha! Thought the same thing.

      Then I filled out the application anyway…

      Anyone else notice the question about "How you can help Greenpeace" was mandatory?

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      I thought the exact same thing (though you would assume the paper is recycled)

      Not that i am a fan of Greenpeace, especially when their founder has left and said that todays Greenpeace is going too far/no longer what it was intended to be or do.

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    I like the question which asks "Would you consider supporting Greenpeace in any of the following ways? (select all which apply): "

    With no option for "No" and you must select one choice.

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      Yes, I think it means we'll also receive application forms for the relevant activity in the mail.

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    One Calendar so they can spam me? no thanks

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      Use a fake email address or unsubscribe when they start emailing you things you dont want.

  • nice find, thanks op

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    I just couldn't bring myself to click on the submit button.
    Somehow it felt wrong to get something free from volunteers. hmm

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      I understand your sentiments GoofyDude and respect your moral standpoint, but I'm assuming that Greenpeace are keen to have the calendar spread far and wide so as to help promote their cause.
      To take that idea a little further,,, there's little to be gained from preaching to the converted, so circulating the calendar among the less committed (read, apathetic) could well be a better bang-for-their-buck…
      And no, I'm not seeking to retrospectively rationalise having applied for a freebie. I put my daughter's name down for one because I know she'll get a real kick out of having a Greenpeace calendar on her bedroom wall. She's at that idealistic age when all truths seem self apparent and absolute - and I'm in no hurry to pollute her personal morality with the practical necessities and compromises of adulthood.

      • -1

        Long reply is looooooooooong.

      • Thanks captain Picard and Anthony.
        What you guys said made a lot of sense. Maybe I'll get one and display where everyone can see.

    • As with TeaEarlGreyHot, i respect what you think

      However i will say that in 2007 Greenpeace Australia had an income of $19,908,000 and a funds surplus of $1,332,000. Being a charitable organisation that would be tax free money too.

      I dont think they are short of the money..

      However by giving you the calendar you might talk about Greenpeace with friends and those friends might donate money.
      Or if you hang it in your workplace fellow workers will see it and become aware of Greenpeace.

      If the calendars are also for sale it will help to encourage people to buy more if they like the free one they receive.

      So grab one and hang it in your workplace somewhere, you will probably end up helping Greenpeace.

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    Free Greenpeace

    Greenpeace is being held captive?

    • +1

      There are other words succeeding "Free Greenpeace", there is no comma or other pause so the title is fine.

      • +2

        2010 is the braille symbol for "don't read anything after this".

        • Learn something new every day.

          Though that might cause some problems next year..

        • Somehow, I think the humour was lost tantryl. ;)

      • Case in point:

        Free Tibet 2010 Calendar

        Also: Joke.

        • Same as Tibet.. it's actually NOT FREE… ;-)

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    Kind of corny but I made my own calendar the other day and it's pretty cool. Picked 12 random family photo and yeah, pretty pleased with the results.

  • -1

    I want to stick a photo from Tokyo of me eating whale steak on top of the whale month in the calendar. haha

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    Just be mindful this whole process is to facilitate the gathering of your contact details to be used by Greenpeace and 'affiliated' third parties.

    Be sure to read and understand their privacy policy. You'll need to manually opt-out and usually in writing, though it can mean you'll still receive some third party material still which you'll have to opt-out via them directly.

    • -1

      If they do start spamming me, I'm going to go out and hunt down a whale !!!

      • +1

        For 'research' I'm sure .. ;)

        … Hi I'm from Japan and I'm researching the affects of large metal spikes as they are shot into whales. I need to do this a number of times a year to see if the affect is not death … you know … just in case we get a giant mutant whale that takes on Tokyo!

  • +1

    wow i just did the 100th vote! lol

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  • thank for the post

  • Due to an overwhelming response, we have run out of calendars. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    So it is over

    • +2

      The power of the bargain hunter!!

  • Cut down more trees!

    • lol, greenpeace would have hurt a lot of trees running this offer! shame!

  • +1

    Recevied both my calenders today (yes i signed up twice to the same address lol)

    awsome I reackon!!

    also, this is noted:

    'printed on 100% recyled TCF paper using vegetable based inks'

    Good on ya greenpeace!!

    • Nowt here yet.

    • using vegetable based inks

      Chances are it is soy based ink (though I can only guess)
      Soy beans are heavily grown in (what was once) the Amazon rainforest.

      Only a few years ago greenpeace was campaigning against the cutting down of the Amazon to grow soy.

  • Haven't got mine either!! I signed up on 18/09.
    Did you get yours within 4 weeks after signing up, massari?

  • haven't got mine neither

  • Still haven't received it… Won't donate to Greenpeace ever again !!! I hope their boat sinks !!!

    • Looks like your hopes came true with the sinking of their boat in the southern ocean!!!!!

      • Karma :)

  • still waiting for my calendar, soon it will be 2011 !!!

  • So I totally forgot about this, until I got what was basically a sales pitch call from Greenpeace at work just now. No calendar either

  • Got mine ages ago.. you'll get it after the sales pitch phone call, give it a week or so.

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