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Sony MDR-XB920 Headphones $44.95 Delivered OO.com.au


Back in stock but now has a delivery fee of $7.47 Australia-wide or $5.60 for Brisbane Metro. Only at this price for the next 30 minutes.

Price has come down quite a bit since the last deal

Key Features

  • Dynamic 50mm Driver Unit
  • Noise Isolating Seamless Earpads
  • Flexible Multi-folding Design
  • Detachable, Tangle-free Serrated Cords
  • Built-in Microphone and Inline Remote (Play/Pause Button)
  • Sensitivity: 106dB/mW
  • Power Handling Capacity: 3000mW
  • Impedance: 24 ohm(1kHz)
  • Frequency Response: 3Hz-28000Hz

Please note: Some items may come in a damaged box however, all stock is brand new and comes with a 12 month Sony Australia warranty.

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  • got one ! thanks op ! also got $10 off for first time buyer !! awesome !!!

    • Hi, how do I got $10 off for first time buyer?

      I just registered, did not see the discount.

      • Mine was automatically applied. Check what you paid on your order.

      • It popped up on the home page, I just clicked on it and entered my email… it automatically applies -$10 on orders over $50 :)

  • .. MUST RESIST omg…

  • +1

    Strong quality bass in this one

    but only about above average in the other departments.
    "the headphone provides passable transparency and separation between the mid and high tones. The bass, however, will occasionally drown the mid tones, causing vocals to fade into the background instead of standing out."

    • I wonder how would it go with the harman kardon that's on sale few weeks back on amazon…

  • +1

    Thanks OP,

    Snapped some up just now, $10 off for new customer and cash rewards return of $1.80.

    Final price $48.15 Delivered

    • did it until payment page but no $10 :/ any idea? cheers

      update: found the problem, dem cookies.

      Thanks OP

      • @ChRS What happened to resisting? That extra $10 just too good

        • +1

          wahahaha I dont know what just happened either dammit

  • Thanks op! just got a pair :)

  • Another set of cans for the collection! Great price!

  • awesome deal - almost dropped 120 on them yesterday! Bought 2!

  • +1

    Got one, just can't control my hand…. thanks OP!

  • Need something over the ears but very good price

  • +10

    Not sure if this is a targeted offer but you can enter VIP15! at check out and get $15 off orders over $59
    I received the email the other day worth a try I suppose!

    • Expired code.

    • +2

      Thanks ezza, VIP15! worked for me, $44.95!

      • have not worked for me though. Anyway good price all in all)
        cheers guys

        • +4

          You need to include the exclamation point so "VIP15!" not "VIP15"

      • +1

        Thank you so much! It worked!

        Tip: don't use the $10 coupon


        • +1

          can you stack them? no?

        • +1

          @Ch Rs:
          Sadly no. But $15 off is 25%!

        • -2

          @Ch Rs: Just do multiple orders :)

      • How do you get it to work? Is it for existing customers only? I get the error: "Sorry but that coupon expired on 21/09/2014 00:9I:00"

    • Thanks mate. I was bummed that i missed the Yamaha headphones from COTD, got this instead.

    • Worked for me too. Thanks. :)

    • VIP15!

    • Wow. I thought it was a good price at $59.95 but that makes it a great price. I've updated the deal now even though it's expired for future price reference.

    • Great to see a fair few people made use of the code ;@)

  • +1

    The selling point it seems is the 'extra bass' but can someone who owns it tell me what the 'quality' of the bass is like?

    Does it have nice sub bass impact and a nice weighted texture to the 'boom' sound? Or is it just loud and powerful?

    Anyway the price is so tempting OMG ….. nevermind just gonna buy it lol

    • Yeah that's the spirit mate - buy now ask questions later!

    • +13

      Hey there- I've owned many many pairs of headphones during my life, so let me give you my thoughts. I don't understand the technical aspects so well, so I'll use my layman's terms.

      If you've ever owned a pair of Sony cans before, I would say these are closest to the MDR-V700DJ's in terms of build, bass and sound quality.

      I like to test each pair of headphones I own with 3 songs for bass:
      1) Get Some Crunk in Your System by Trillville: these cans performed really well for bass. The vocals sounded a little tinny almost like a "spoken word" setting on any equaliser.
      2) How Low Can You Go by Ludacris: this song has various high and low bass sounds. On these headphones the bass was stable throughout and didn't distort at low or high volumes. My car has a Harmon Kardon sound system with 4 tweeters and 4 speakers with 2 subs and an amp and the low bass still distorts at times.
      3) Monster by Kanye West: Again sounded amazing, the problem is in the treble and the vocals.

      2.5/5 for treble. If you set an equaliser setting to have treble boosted, you can negate the lack of to get a very decent sound.
      5/5 for the bass
      3/5 for size/comfort. These are very heavy. (less so than the MDR-V700) but don't expect to be able to wear these all day.

      Edit: I paid $200 for these and have never been disappointed. For this price you can't go wrong!

      Hope this helps in some way!

      • when did you buy this for $200?

        • +2

          About a year ago at a duty free store at Narita airport.

          Should also have mentioned that the quality of the metal is average, the outside of the cups gets scratches easily.

          Still, love these headphones and 100% worth the price.

        • @Jaskie:

          Thanks for the quick honest review - fun Bass for the hugely discount price is all I hope for.

          I listen to alot of hip hop and rnb so this will hopefully be good :P I also own MrSpeaker Mad Dogs, Shure SRH840, Beyer DT 880 Pro and Futuresonic Atrio M5 but was looking for a pair of portable closed headphones to alternate with my in-ears.

          So glad I purchased them before they sold out ehehe!

        • @Psychogene:

          Hey Boss, Long time man. Haven't heard from you since the DDO days.

          How you finding the Mad Dogs? was considering getting the Alpha Dog as an upgrade to my Q701, but it's alot of coin to drop on something i can't check out in person.


  • Cheers OP. Got one!

  • where do we enter the code?

    • +2

      At the checkout screen, make sure you use VIP15! should bring it down to $44.95 :)

  • +2

    too late mate I should have refreshed to get the VIP 15 mate.

    • same here

  • +1

    Cheers Op!

    I've been looking for a pair and wanted to wait for the audio technicas to go on sale but this will just fine :)

    Used the VIP15! Code too =)

  • I can normally resist headphone deals but not this time. Thanks for the extra VIP15! code

  • Got one $45 thanx OP

  • Looks to be sold out now :(

  • Gone? Seems "Red has exceeded the available quantity"

  • During checkout the following message pop out..

    Sony MDR-XB920R Extra Bass (XB) Headphones - Dynamic 50mm Driver Units, Seamless Earpads & Direct Vibe Structure for Noise Isolation, Multi-Folding Design, Built-In Mic & Inline Remote - Red has exceeded the available quantity.
    Sony MDR-XB920R Extra Bass (XB) Headphones - Dynamic 50mm Driver Units, Seamless Earpads & Direct Vibe Structure for Noise Isolation, Multi-Folding Design, Built-In Mic & Inline Remote - Red will not be purchased with the selected quantity.

    Nothing in my cart, what happen lol

  • That is like so cheap.. but I have bought like 12+ headphone/earphones in the past 12 months based on OZB deals… :/

    Wish I didn't buy so many. Some were crap. These ones actually look good, and 50mm drivers is very good.

  • fuark cant believe i missed this

  • +4

    Nice post Donga. Spewing I missed it :(

  • +4

    Literally was looking for this EXACT pair of headphones :'( I'm spewing like crazy.

    • Back in stock buddy. Be quick!

  • Any other deals people would recommend from oo using the VIP15! code?

  • -1

    The design philosophy behind these Sony cans and the MDR-V55Rs that OO also have on sale is very easy to sum up: Bass > Everything Else.

    Mids and Highs suffer significantly as a result.
    Every review you read for both will praise the "punchy bass" but specifically points that not much else is really being heard.

    They also both suffer from the same ergonomic issues; being that the cups don't fully enclose the ears but rather just press onto them, they are not comfortable for prolonged periods of time.

    What the MDR-V55R do have going for them is that they don't look like they were designed by colourblind 10 year olds.

    For this kind of money, entry-level Philips or Audio-Technica cans will sh*t all over them.

    • +1

      for 50 bucks? really?

      • -3

        I have a $20 pair of Philips SHP-2000s which I would take over most $50 sets of cans any day of the week.

        The sub-$100 price bracket is incredibly hit and miss, with the production costs between models being spent inconsistently. A lot of modern cans actually have more cost diverted to the construction and aesthetics than they do to the actual drivers in them.

        The SHP-2000s are butt ugly and impress no one but can be worn for an entire day without feeling them and sound better than stuff 5 to 6 times their price.

        • I don't know why you're getting down voted, you are absolutely spot on.
          This price bracket has always been an interesting one but I have noticed in recent times far more money is spent on aesthetics.

          Back in my high school days, we had far better choices <$100: Koss, Sennheiser etc. They may have been ugly but they sounded good!

          PerhapsI'm just being nostalgic but I'm 100% certain the Sennheiser HD497's I rocked during high school absolutely crap on anything around the same price these days.

    • Amar….Bose?

      • -2

        What you did, it's there, and I see it. (Disclosure: Never been a fan of Bose).

    • +1

      @amar For $45? can you link it bro i would get a set of those as well. Meh i think your just saying that coz you missed out hehe:P dont worry though ur 20 dollar philips should be good enough

  • +1

    God damn it, missed out, would of loved a pair.

  • +2

    Any Sony's with the same
    Flexible Multi-folding Design
    Detachable, Tangle-free Serrated Cords

    are an excellent design that has survived me for at least 8 months and I recommend them aside from any other reason.

  • these are the same as the mdr x10 (american version) without the case. (also no X logo on the side of the ears)

  • +5

    It's back in stock now, and the deal is still on for the next hour. Also can confirm that VIP15! still works too.
    Thanks again OP!

  • Just ordered mine too! Not much time left on the deal, get in there!

  • +1

    Just ordered a pair, sounded like they'd be alright for a gaming headset.

  • +1

    Woohoo! Got a pair. Happy Monday peoples! Thanks OP!

  • Sold out

  • +1

    Picked one up in the last few minutes, thanks OP! was looking for a decent pair of headphones.

  • +3

    man. missed it again =_=

  • +2

    GOT THEM! awesome headphones, thanx for the jelly beans lol

    • +1

      Shamelessly good value

  • These headphones are back in stock for $49.97 & delivery. Great buy ! :)

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