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Moto G (2014) & Chromecast $268 at The Good Guys


Just got a catalogue from TGG for a sale starting tomorrow seems like a good deal. At the Chromecast's going rate of $39, the handset price is $229 for AU stock (cheaper than getting a grey import shipped).

Handset specs are here.

Says online also, so I'll update the URL with the webpage when it goes live tomorrow.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Can't believe they release this without 4g… especially since it came after the 1st gen 4g variant!

    • -1

      I don't even care about 4g at all ever

    • +5

      Yes, $268 is normal price, but this comes with a free Chromecast. I had a quick look on StaticIce and couldn't get a Moto G for less than $229 (price - $39 chromecast), even a grey import. Cheapest was eGlobal at $242 shipped.

        • +3

          Well not everybody has a Chromecast

  • Is this 2014 Moto G dual sim?

  • +2

    Price is pretty attractive considering it also comes with a Chromecast, which might be useless to me but at least i know it does cost around $30 bucks.

    Some features that i don't really like about the phone:
    * No 4G as others mentioned
    * Non removable battery
    * Only 1G RAM

    • +2

      At least they added a MicroSD slot. Many others are losing theirs…

  • Should I go with LG G3 BEAT instead of this, 4G on that one but single sim only …

  • How does it compare to SONY T2 Ultra with similar specs?

  • I just got a Moto G for $269 from Dick Smith on Friday. Do you think if I show them this, I can get them to give me the difference or give me a Chromecast free? Will they accept the return if I just return it in order to get this?

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      i would rather buy an banana

      • +1

        i would rather buy an carrot

        • +2

          i would rather buy an daikon.

        • +1

          @TurkishDelight: sounds like an honest mistake..

  • This is a great deal. I just bought one of these the other day from good guys for $263. Fantastic phone for the $. Big screen after an iPhone 4S was a treat. Having the almost stock Android on the phone is great. And it will be upgradable to Android L, too.

  • Does anyone know if this works online?
    The page for the MotoG doesnt mention the free Chromecast

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