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Australian Approved - 4-Port USB Charging Station - $19.99 FREE Delivery @ BulkSales eBay


This is a special deal for people who love fast charging but charge safely at the same time. Most wall chargers on eBay are not certified and it is recommended not to save money on buying bad quality chargers.

Although these wall chargers cost a fortune to make, we will mark it as cheap as possible because this is OZBARGAIN!

Catch of the day sell the same model for $19.95 + 7.55 Delivery fees.

Just for today, we will sell it at $19.99, FREE delivery.

Believe me, there is not much margin we can cut when comparing price to a large group buying website.

Please support

Moreover, we finally sell tv mount: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/251699130209
This is exactly like this one but better:

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  • +5

    Does this have any annoying LED type lights to show its charging (ie: its for near the bed)? The orico one I have has a bright blue light to show that its plugged in … can nearly light up the room with it!

    • +23

      Tell me about it… when I turn my one on planes start coming in to land!

    • +7

      Not a single LED light on this device. =)

      • +3

        Sold! Thanks rep.

      • BOOM. sold!
        thanks OP!!

    • +1

      I love those stupid lights. No idea why. Probably because I see them as some status indicator

      • +2

        Blue LEDs are not good for sleeping with!

        • +7

          Women (or men, depending) are better

    • +2

      Use blu tack to cover the light! :-)

    • I put blutack on all of these LEDs. But sometimes they are placed in a way that you cant blutack it.

    • use a black sharpie and colour the led in.

  • +1

    Op - while you're here, could you do any specials on the micro USB cables you used to run monthly?

    • Thanks for your support in our cables. We are currently running low in stock. Unfortunately the next deal will be available in 2 months.

  • Where are these shipped from?

    • +3

      Melbourne, Knoxfield. Australia. Pickup Available.

  • +4

    does 'Australian Approved' mean compliant with an Australian standard, or just approved by someone who is Australian?

    • +4

      Compliant with an Australian standard with RCM / CCC / FCC / CE / Rohs / TUV safety certifications.

  • +1

    Build in Smart Chip recognize to most mobile devices on port 1 support latest iPad up to 2.4A charging. So only port 1 support 2.4A? other three 1A I assume? If I charge an Ipad + three other devices, does it provide the same charging speed as opposed to charging one device only?

    • Good point here! I suppose the "fast" port is fast only if you don't charge anything else at the same time(the description in the packaging mentions "when indipendent charging" and it says max 12.5 watt. :(

    • +2

      Yes. Read the back of the box. (Although the Rep should have posted this information, and the ebay listing should have it written out too..)

      So that's 1.5A for the fast charge socket if you are using another at 1A.

  • I wonder if the smart chip would get it to charge Samsung TabPro. Anyone knows?

    • Yes it will support Samsung TabPro

  • Does this have an aussie plug?

    • Yes, too hard to click through?

      I was actually considering asking if a is plug version was available (for travel purposes)

    • Yes it is an aussie plug

  • Would this be suitable to power a Raspberry Pi? Any idea how many?

    • +2

      It should be able to power three, depending on connected peripherals/USB power draw on the rPi itself.

      It will power two with some USB draw.

  • +1

    I have one I bought from eBay that has interchangeable adapters. It works perfectly when I travel overseas by changing the adapter to match the country I am travelling to.

    OP, do you have a charging station with interchangeable connectors, and Australian approved?

    • +2

      I would get one if it comes with the connectors. Pretty handy if I travel around.

    • +2

      Also interested for an Oz approved with interchangeable connectors

      • +1

        Would like to know too.

  • +6

    2.5A total.
    turns out to be around 0.6A if u charge 4 devices at the same time.

    might as well stick with the stock charger

  • Is this the same as the one from COTD?

    Which one is better?


  • I have been looking at this for a while (the COTD version) to use while traveling but Aldi has this on sale today. https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/wednesday-5-november...

    Might drive past and get one to give it a try.

    • +3

      I tried to buy from Aldi this morning for my travel in couple of weeks time, but I can't find them in store, so I asked the staff there, he said at the moment no Aldi will have them, apparently they were being recalled this morning by Aldi HQ.

      • +1

        Yep did the same thing, they said it was recalled.

        • +1

          hmm i wonder why

      • Thanks, saved me a trip this evening!

  • Not really useful when only 2.5A output. and I remember only SAA is the certification for 240v device, but there is no SAA number? are you sure it's au certified?

    • The three existing compliance marks (C-Tick, A-Tick and RCM) are being consolidated into a single compliance markā€”the RCM. There is a three-year transition period ending on 29 February 2016.

      • +4

        This item is within "declared articles", C-tick or RCM is not suitable for it.
        That means NOT approved.

  • What are the chances of receiving by Friday if I order now?

    • Unfortunately the chance is very low

      The postman has already left so your parcel will be posted tomorrow (Thursday)

      Although some people receive their parcel in just 1 working day but it can also take up to 7 business days. This is very up to auspost.

  • +4

    Hi rep, can you post your compliance certificate for everyone to see, you should have these since your the importer, its easy to print a compliance logo on any product, the public dont know any different. The certificates are what shows you comply or not, so can you post them here?

    Also you compliance tick is incorrect, you should remove these items from immediate sale, you should have a compliance number under the tick you printed on your boxes.

    • Thanks, was going to order until I saw this post. I'll wait until the rep replies before ordering

    • +1

      This Belkin charger doesn't have any compliance numbers near it's tick logos?

      But the headphones do have a number next to their tick.

      is it different for different ticks? or is belkin also dodgy?

      • This Belkin charger doesn't have any compliance numbers near it's tick logos?

        FFS - That is a bloody CAR CHARGER. It doesn't require (mandatory) electrical safety approvals or compliance.

        You could stick your tongue into the 12V socket of your car's dashboard and not be critically injured.

      • +3

        Thats a good and valid question, you only need to display the certification on the product itself, packaging doesn't really matter.

        The headphone actually don't matter too much as no test reports are required, as long as the supplier deems them "safe" they can certify these passive products themselves.

        Hope this clear things up.

    • Most certifications/ reports we have consists of supplier information thus it is not suitable for us to share directly to customers and other store representatives.

      This product is exactly what cotd sell but different brand. Quality is guaranteed.

      However, we understand most of you are only wonder the safety of the product. We will share enough information:
      standard: AS/NZS 60950.1:2011

      If you are looking to get this product for resell purpose (buying in bulk), you may contact us to get full reports.

      • -2

        Positive for rep's effort

        • double check these certificates

        • @tonsta:

          Are you suggesting the rep forged the TUV certificate posted?
          Is that the reason you are negging?
          They have posted a scanned cert which has the same approval number as listed by Catch of the Day for the same product.
          They have crossed out their address, which rather suggests they don't have the source doc to hand, which adds weight to them having a legitimate doc.
          Tikbro should probably be asking TUV why their certificate doesn't show up in the database, but it seems a stretch to think they are acting fraudulently.

      • +2

        Hi Rep, seems your certificates are not registered with TUV (the testing comapny).

        product code search http://www.certipedia.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&locale=en&q=...
        test certificate search http://www.certipedia.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&locale=en&q=...

        nothing is coming up? can you varify your are the holder of a valid safety certificate for Australia?

    • I have the Anker and I'd probably pick that over this unless you really need fast delivery. The Anker has more ports, supports 110-240v (not sure about the Tikbro), and delivers 40W vs 12.5W.

      Amazon will deliver the white one to Australia.

  • The 2.5A rating cannot even charge your ipad and iphone at same time. There is absolutly no use for just 0.6A on each port

    • Don't usb ports on a computer only provide 0.5A? Most phones charge fine plugged into a computer albeit slowly.

      • Correct, this charger will indeed charge 4 devices, though only at just over 20% faster than a standard USB port of a computer.
        Most computers (and various laptops) now have smart charge technology which boosts USB ports to 1.5amps, so keep that in mind.

  • This came down to $12 with coupon code from COTD for existing members. But still a good deal thanks

  • Thanks OP - this will come in handy :)

  • Don't be fooled by the "fast charging" statement, these are only rated at 1amp/port unless the bottom red port is used ALONE with no other ports in use, in that case it's 2.4amp.

    Total output is rated at 12.5w/2.5 amps. This results in ~625mAh per a port if all 4 are used.

    Decent charger if you're looking for a 2.4amp output for whatever reason, though $19.95 for a single 2.4 amp is very costly. A 2amp is <$5.

    Also decent if you're like for 2x 1amp outputs, though once again very costly for this.

    All other uses are inpractial; you'd be better off pocketing the $19.95 and plugging the 4 devices into a laptop, charging them only ~20% slower.

  • +1

    I have the COTD one and charges my Note 3 VERY fast and N7 at the same time. So I can vouch for Wavlink.

    Handy when you go away too.

    • Great to hear some first-hand experience, hopefully Tikbro is as good as the OP says it is. I know Tikbro cables and chargers are really good, never had a complaint.

  • Would I be able to get up to 2A input for a phone with just it plugged into a charger with 2A or more output using a 2 metre 28AWG/IP + 24AWG/2C Micro-USB cable, or will I need a different cable?

  • Just received mine in the mail today. Works just as described and I am very happy with the quality. Will be handy when I go on holidays next week!

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