Click & Collect orders: Invoice date is the online ordering date or the date you collect the order from store?

I want to know this because I hope to claim the TRS. I understand they only refund GST if the invoice date is within 60 days prior to the flight.

I bought some stuff on Dick Smith. Please someone who has knowledge of this?

Thank you

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  • It would be the date the payment is made/received.

    If you paid already then it'd most likely be the date you ordered online.

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    Invoice date.

  • I suggest you put DSE or Dick Smith Electronics. The invoice date for Click and Collect order varies depending on the company. I don't know the answer for Dick Smith. With Woolworths the invoice date is the date the goods are collected.

  • Your receipt will be finalised the day the item is picked up from the store- and this will be the date on the receipt from the store. Not when your payment is processed.

    The item is supposed to be picked up within 48 hours of you receiving confirmation, if longer they may call you or cancel your order (in rare cases…), but just give them a call and tell them you will pick it up within "x" days.

    • you're receipt is the tax invoice. hence the invoice date.

  • Thank you very much guys for all your inputs, special thanks to DSE employee (I guess) wbeer for clarifying this.

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