Southern Cross Travel Insurance

I've heard good things about SCTI… and after doing a bit of research will probably buy insurance off them (or else insure & go), anyone here had experience?
I'll be flying to Asia for 2 weeks in Dec.

Also wondering if anyone has a promotion code of any kind? I seem to have codes for most travel insurance companies except them!


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Southern Cross Travel Insurance
Southern Cross Travel Insurance


  • We are in Thailand currently for a nine month trip, and we are using them for our cover. SO far have not had to make a claim, but they were the best value with the best coverage when we were looking.

    I'm sure we will have to make a claim at some point however.

    Will let u know how it goes!

  • I find Citibank Travel Insurance the cheapest if you want full comprehensive cover if the people travelling are 50+.
    As when they quote you, they don't ask for your age.

    I'm guessing most people on here have complimentary cover of some sort through their credit card though.

  • After using SCTI for a few years I finally made a small claim this year; very painful process and eventually after a bit of pushing they paid the claim as a gesture of goodwill - I was not impressed.
    Have recently insured for next years travel with Insure & Go for a much cheaper premium than SCTI.

  • Used them once in 2013.

    Get ready for some repetitive question overload. Same as Derrick i also got paid the claim as a gesture of goodwill. They ask way too many questions and sometimes the same question over and over.

    In the end you will get paid but after alot of communication.

  • Thanks for the replies everyone.