[NSW/ACT/QLD] Fuel Watch

This is the fuel watch thread for NSW/ACT/QLD. Please feel free to post the latest best fuel prices here.

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i've been paying attention to the cheap petrol prices in Sydney lateley and correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) in Sydney!

Combine this with the gift cards from the previous 5% off deal (if anyone hadn't used them all yet) and us ozbargainers are cheering!

Non-everyday rewards e10 price: 125.9c
Everyday rewards e10 price: 121.9c

Non-everyday rewards 95 price: 138.9c
Everyday rewards 95 price: 134.9c

Edit 9/5/19: This thread is now for NSW, ACT & QLD (previously was NSW only).


    • Metro near me was
      E10 91.7
      95 111.7
      98 123.7
      Diesel 119.7

      Also, is "save 4c by spending $2 in store" every Metro? That's available at mine so those prices can go even lower.

  • Merged from [NSW] Special Diesel $1.147/L @ 7-Eleven, Georges Hall, 2198
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    On the fence whether this is a special or should be considered in the price fluctuations. But those who use diesel use a lot so compared to the $1.40 that is usually around, this is a free lunch.

    • Standard pricing at the moment.

  • -1

    how many fuel threads we need here LOL

  • Merged from $1.05 E10 / $1.07 Unleaded 91 / $1.27 Premium 98 @ Appin Petroleum
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    Just drove to Appin today (20km out from Wollongong, NSW). Their local petrol station has this advertised price as of today. Thought it would be worth posting. :)

    Get an extra 4c off a litre with a $30 spend at the local IGA next door (bottom of receipt)

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      90c in Fairfield Area NSW (check you Fuel Check app)

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    Merged from [NSW] Diesel $1.049 Per Litre @ 7-Eleven Werrington South
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    Greetings everyone, haven't seen Diesel this cheap for quite a while available nationwide, seems to be a pretty good price currently :)

    Location: Werrington South - Werrington- NSW - 2747

    Thanks to ProjectZeroThree for the price pickup.

    As always, enjoy :)

    • Same price at Metro Petroleum in St Marys and also at Metro Petroleum Yagoona (premium diesel), and 104.5 at Apex Petroleum Villawood (regular diesel) according to the NSW Fuel Check app.

    • Thats awesome price.. shame we cant go anywhere :( lol

    • Every time I've changed my daily driver to a fuel efficient runabout, fuel prices drop below $1 a litre. And when I buy a V6, fuel prices go up to $1.50 a litre.

      Maybe it's time for me to look into a V8

    • +1

      Excellent price! I've been driving a diesel car for 5 years and never seen it this cheap!

  • Merged from [QLD] Supreme+ 98 Fuel 122.7c Per Litre @ 7-Eleven, Silkstone (QLD)
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    Cheap fuel, let's all go for a drive to fill up.
    For those with a P03 helicopter, see you all there, don't risk driving around like a pleb in this Wuhan Coronavirus is on the ground.


    Party Co-ordinates:

    Credits: Freighter & Master131, our OzBargain coding gods.
    Please make sure you thank them for their hard work!

    For those that would like to receive email notifications directly for the 7-Eleven Fuel price movement (you can set it to trigger at different prices), ProjectZeroThree's creator Master131 has created a step by step guide (very easy)
    This has been available since 18th of July, 2018.

    • Apparently has 91 for 104.7 too

      • It also has E10 @ 129.9cpl.

        It is 6c cheaper than all other 7/11 stations nationwide..

  • Merged from [QLD] U91 Fuel $104.7 per Litre @ 7-11 Silkstone QLD
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    Wow! Thats a cheap price for fuel! Gathered by the Eleven Me App.
    Silkstone 7-11.

    • Whats Silkstone?

      Edit: Ah it's over 40km from Brisbane city :-(

      • +2

        can always get there via helicopter or your private jet!

  • Merged from [QLD] Unleaded 98 $1.04/L Unleaded 94 $0.987/L Diesel $1.067/L @ Costco Ipswich (Membership Required)
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    I have never seen 98 for so cheap. Of course maintain social distancing and please dont lick the fuel pumps.

    • 120 in my area, why?!

    • Balls

    • Who licks fuel pumps?

  • Merged from [NSW] E10 87.9c U91 95.9 U95 103.9c U98 113.9c @ Metro Petroleum Yagoona
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    cheapest petrol in NSW by far at the moment. just brimmed the tank on sweet sweet 95.

    • Imagine how cheap it would be if the Aussie $ hadn't also tanked.

    • Costco Casula does $1.10 for U98

    • Shows how much they fleece us…

    • There's cheaper E10 at North Ryde on Lane Cove Road (85.9c @ Metro)

  • [NSW] Apex Petroleum, Villawood

    • Unleaded + Ethanol - 86.4
    • Unleaded 91 - 88.4
    • Premium 95 - 113.4
    • Premium 98 - 116.4
    • Diesel - 104.5
    • Premium Diesel - 110.5
  • Speedway petroleum, Fairfield

    Unleaded + Ethanol - 83.5
    Unleaded 91 - 85.5
    Premium 95 - 113.4
    Premium 98 - 113.5
    Diesel - 103.9
    LPG - 85.9

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    Merged from [NSW] Unleaded 98 $1.169/L @ 7-Eleven St Mary's South
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    Seems a good price. Credit to projectzerothree as always. Enjoy :)

    • It's 116.9

      • Already edited!

        • Quick :)

    • +1

      Speedway & metro is 89c for e10 just up the road if anyone is interested.

      • True that, but they are selling u91 for 121.9c

    • +1

      But will it go lower??

      • U95 is costlier than U98 at the moment.

      • +2

        Costco Epping Vic:

        91 - 88.7
        98 - 106.7
        Diesel - 113.7

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          Yeah but no one can lock that price in. You also need membership

          • @ModiWar: Yes i'm replying to the above question if it will go lower.

          • @ModiWar: Well at that price, membership pays for itself in a few fills.

    • +4

      Locked Thanks Ops and all the contributors
      Also thanks to ElevenMe to notify me

      Glad that 7-11 make the change of no amount needed to lock the fuel
      So I can create new account if existing account has lock fuels that hasn’t expired, instead of having to head to a station to fill 2L

      • Can you use the same phone number linked to an existing account to create a new account? Also the last time I created a second account, it asked for my driving licence number.

        • I use the same mobile number and it let me go through

    • +1

      11-Seven reported national average 91 sub 90c.. wow

      Closest one with that price is at Budget West Ryde…. Definitely nothing close to that price in my area

    • -1

      7 eleven updated its version. Did anyone get the notification? I can't use the old one.

      • Please refer to old threads. The app was updated about 2-3 weeks ago.

    • +1

      Just download the NSW FUEL Check app. In a few clicks you can see the cheapest prices in the state or your local area.


      Eg. The cheapest e10 in the state is 83.5cents.

      U91 85.3 cents

      Sad reality is, most of us are using very little fuel.

      • If you're bored at home, could always just go for spin to a lookout or something and still practicing social distancing

      • Only works for NSW. They also have a decent mobile website.

    • -1

      Anyone has the link for the new 7-eleven apk. I have been searching a long time for it without any luck. Much appreciated guys

    • Thank you so much OP!
      Good price locked in!!

  • Is there anything higher/better than 98? Heard higher quality fuel is better for the environment…

  • Merged from Budget Fuels & Apex Petroleum (West Ryde) U91 - $0.899/L, E10 - $0.879/L, U98 - $1.099/L
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    Seems as though fuel is coming down in the southern states.

    Budget Fuels
    2-4 Chatham Road, West Ryde

    Apex Petroleum
    898-902 Victoria Rd, West Ryde

    Have at it.

    • If you're just going to pick a random servo in Sydney at least make it the cheapest one.
      83.5 E10 / 85.5 U91 at Speedway Fairfield

      This is just the fuel cycle?

      Btw fuelcheck is saying those prices are now
      U91 111.5 / U98 126.5 for your "cheap" servo in West Ryde lol

    • U91 is actually 111.9 and 111.5c/L respectively:

    • 98 showing as 126.5 for me at Apex West Ryde, seems like its only E10 thats below 90

    • southern states?! maybe you somehow missed it because of the bigger story, but there is a global price crash.
      Crude oil was $75 a year ago, $50 a few weeks ago, and $25 a barrel now. Pump prices will continue to go down.

      • Further north, the lowest prices are around 20c/L higher than this

    • Wonder how long until U91 (no ethanol) spoils without use? Anyone found any research on that?

      • +1

        It effectively just degrades slowly over time. Generally anything older than 6 months isn't "great" but still usable. Diesel lasts a little bit longer, but can have bigger problems from sediment, etc.

      • +1

        In a sealed tank, no real problem.

        But a vented tank, such as left in an unused car for many months, you will lose some more volatile components.
        If the car tank is low, you just fill it with fresh fuel, no need to drain it.

  • what happen to http://projectzerothree.byethost7.com/prices.php?i=1
    It does not seem to work anymore? How do people check the cheapest petrol now?

  • Merged from Petrol at Costco Canberra for $1.07 Per Litre (Membership Required)
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    Delete the post if it is not worth posting but I haven’t seen the cost of fuel this cheap since a very long time :)

    • +2

      Cheap petrol and Canberra don't normally go together.

    • I’m not sure why people keep posting these usual price cycle deals…they always get moved to the existing Forum Topic


    • 91? 98?

      • Unleaded 91: 101.7
        Unleaded 98: 119.8
        Premium Diesel: 116.7

    • IN Melbourne some places 0.79

      • Wow and I was thinking 91c was good the other day in Perth.

    • Lol, get 98 for that

    • It was 1.01 when I was there at 11am

    • +1

      0.95 Costco Moorabin vic and 87c Epping

    • +1

      $1.017 at Canberra Costco today

  • Merged from [NSW] 87.9c Ethanol 94 (E10) Petrol at Apex Petreloeum, West Ryde
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    87.9c Ethanol 94 E10 Petrol at Apex Petreloeum West Ryde (898-902 Victoria Rd). Open 24 hours.

    Not a line at all tonight.

    I’m not sure how long this price will last, so good luck!

    • 83.9c Speedway South Granville

  • Merged from E10 @ 91.5 cents
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    Just saw the price of E10 in Metro, Address: 2 Rawson Rd, Guildford NSW 2161. Lowest i have seen in Sydney for a while.

  • Merged from [NSW] E10 Petrol 85.9¢/L @ Metro Petrol Bexley
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    Just filled up, cracking price on E10 found via FuelCheck app.

  • Merged from [NSW] E10 Fuel - $0.847/L @ Metro, Punchbowl
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    Cheap fuel if your car is compatible with ethanol.

    • Watch out for Trent.

      • trent seems to be taken over by Habibis

    • I wish they would stop ripping Brisbane drivers off - still over $1.30 here

    • Yesterday one was epic one. Never saw it go that low

  • [NSW]
    Price for E10 - $0.799/L @ Metro Yagoona
    and UDP95 - $1.09/L @Metro Belmore
    Premium 98- $1.10/L @ Metro Milperra

    • What about 91 ???

  • Merged from [NSW] Premium Unleaded Premium 98 - $1.10 @ Metro Milperra
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    Some cheap fuel and very good price for UDP 98.
    Similar price on few other metros as well
    Almost same price as Premium 95 - $1.09 @ Metro Belmore

    Full list available here

    • belongs in the forums…

      • and like magic, here we are…

  • Merged from Premium Diesel 99.9c P/L @ Metro Petroleum Tempe (Sydney) (E10 89.9, U91 107.9, U98 125.9)
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    Great Deal for Premium Diesel. Most Sydney prices are still around $1.20-1.40L

    Name: Metro Petroleum Tempe
    Address: 531 Princes Hwy, Tempe NSW 2044
    Hours: 24hrs

    • +2

      what’s the difference between premium and normal diesel?

      • -2

        Higher octane number, better lubricity, slightly better detergents, which keeps injectors clean. I find I get around 15% more kms out of a tank of premium over standard.

        Pika Pika

    • If u live nearby, West Ryde got 87.5c atm, check fuelwatch :)

    • Metro. No thanks. Ask people in the industry if they would buy fuel from a Metro.

      • And what would they say? (Serious question)

        • Not to buy their fuel unless you don't care about what goes into your engine. That e10 might just be e13 or e14.

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