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South Park: The Stick of Truth $30AUD - $20US w/Hola - $16US w/ 20% Code @ Gamers Gate


As part of their Midweek Specials, GamersGate have South Park: The Stick Of Truth at 50% off.
This equates to $30AUD. Using Hola, you can get it for $20US (USA VPN). If you received a 20% off coupon recently, this makes it $16USD

If you didn't get a 20% off coupon, it appears to be only somewhat unique, so you may be able to get it working.
For me it's this: NOV2014-7G3EL3L-QPG16RS- followed by the first seven letters of your username.

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  • Is this the AU version

    • Not sure, are they censored?

    • It is impossible to legally purchase Stick of Truth in this country without censorship (to my knowledge)
      It was the first steam game with the 'not giftable cross region' flag set (something like that)
      You can't buy the US version with the /CC=US trick thing.

      If your steam account is an Aussie one, I'm pretty sure you'll only be given the censored edition. If you want to play uncensored in this country you need the UK Xbox 360 version imported or the US / UK PS3 version imported.

      Personally I think pirating it is a fair go, just wish we could paypal the developer direct and apologise.
      NOTE: I could be wrong, but I'm pretty darn sure it was the first game we simply couldn't get uncut.

      • Why would you go to all that effort just to see a probe inserted into someone's butt, uncensored? Is that something you really want to see?

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          Still no answer received… I love how everyone complains about the censored version of this game, but when I raise this issue, nobody can explain to me why they desperately want to see a probe inserted in that place.

        • +2

          It's more the principle of the matter. It's ridiculous that certain aspects of games are censored for Australians, while other regions get everything. Were all adults here, we can make our own choices. It also simply gives you the feeling that you're missing out on something, you're not getting the full experience the creators intended. Could you imagine if they did the same with movies?

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    UPDATE: It appears by purchasing through VPN you do indeed receive the US Version however as such, the Steam key will not activate with an Aust. Steam account.


    • Have you tried activating it on your Aus Steam account with the VPN running? I've run into this issue before with the Saints Row IV Recificier DLC. It wouldn't activate on my Aussie account without the VPN running saying I was in the USA. So far I haven't had the ban hammer come down on me or anything - just as well since I PAID FOR THE DAMN THING.

      Also, for those worrying about the censorship there is a patch for the Australian and other censored copies:

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        It's not worth the risk haha

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    I bought Saints Row from gamersgate. Had no issues activating it on steam no VPN. It Was the National Treasure edition which is limited I North America.

    Anyone confirm if South Park is blocked from au steam.

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      Can confirm that this worked for me. Bought the game using Hola VPN for US$20 (20% off code didn't work) then activated on Steam using HotSpot Shield VPN. Uncensored/USA version of the game activated with no problems. Thanks BTRaynes!

      • You couldn't use Hola to activate it?

        • Oh because you need to use the steam client to add a game to your library. Got it.

      • Worked for me too!

        No, thank you kingofcheap!

      • Perfect! Bought and activated using your suggestions for $16 US. My paypal transaction didn't work buy my 28 degrees CC had no problems.

  • Not worth it for that price. It will most likely be at least 50% off during the Steam sale next month which would mean $54.95 x 50% off = $27.48. Probably even less than 50% if we're lucky.

    • $USD20 converts to $22.93 AUD - don't see how that price will be beaten anytime soon

      • Can't be beaten any time soon?? $18.68 on Steam today. Just as I predicted.