Olympus E-M5 or E-M10 Bargain Help!

Looking at purchasing an EM5 or EM10 in the next day or two for a general use camera mainly for travelling though.

I am torn between both so am looking for a bargain on either, best price/value wins!! I unfortunately missed the $399 deal on the 5 and they wont be getting anymore

This is the deal i found on ozbargain which seems to be winning for me at the moment:


I do like the em10 also (built in flash etc) so any opinions to sway me either way will be much appreciated, Ive also added a poll for kicks.

Help me ozbargain!

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    E-m5 is more than capable. E-M10 gains improved image processing, an integrated flash, a nicer EVF and maybe some other small bits. E-M5 is weather sealed and has 5 axis stabilisation (vs 3 of the E-m10).

    Overall I'd say they're both about equal… e-m10 is probably a bit better if you're using OOC JPG and not RAW.

    With this special though the E-m5 is 200-250 cheaper than what I can find for the E-m10. Would you spend that much for slightly improved image qualitythat you'd probably only see while pixel peeping? I wouldn't!

    BUT if you can wait for a special on the e-m10 I'm sure some xmas ones will be just around the corner.


      thank you! I am no professional (like to think I am though so the em10 would probably suit me better) BUT I need this asap for a trip so unless we can find a bargain im gonna have to go the 5

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    Got the EM5 recently for a trip to Hong Kong, just returned.
    For me the 5 was an easy choice as I wanted the 3d function only available on the 5. The EM10 requires an additional 3D lens.
    However the biggest bonus turned out to be the weather sealing, as we had a bit of rain and drizzle and not having to worry about keeping the camera dry was a huge bonus (keeping the water drops of the Lens was a different story though). I don't use a flash and wi-fi is also not necessary for my needs.
    Overall Im very happy with the 5. I doubt you'll be able to pick the difference between the out-putted photos from both cameras, thats what the reviews say anyway.

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