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eBay - 20% off Top Retailers and Big Brands (Nov 30-Dec 2)


eBay, 20% off Top Retailers and Big Brands.
Starts 30th Nov 10AM to the 2nd Dec.

Current selected stores involved:

T&C: Selected big brands & retailers only. Max discount $200. Item cost only, excludes postage. Only 3 transactions per person during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).


  • Cash Rewards 2% cashback
  • Achieve the maximum discount per transaction by having a total of at least $1000.
  • Payments must be done through PayPal.
  • PayPal transactions will show the full amount after the purchase. However, if you login to your PayPal account, find the transaction(s), and click details, you will see a 20% contribution from eBay plus your actual charge to your funding source which makes up the difference. The total needs be 100% because the seller gets 100%. eBay just pays the 20% and you pay the rest. It should look something like this (Image courtesy of ezarc - Obtained from the first eBay 15% off offer).

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  • Keeping my eye on the De'Longhi Lattissima Pro Nespresso Coffee Machine EN750MB

    Currently $729 (RRP $899 I believe).

  • +1

    Good Guys have taken down the sony Z1 and Z2 phones off their eBay store. Both were there last week.

  • +1

    For anyone interested in Masters, they've nearly doubled their range since this was posted. Hopefully more will be added.

    • Yes I noticed its growing, and added to this the prices reflect their website so it will be a true 20% off. Although Masters has the many 10% off deals.
      I'm thinking of going for the Troy bilt grass trimmer and multi attachments.

  • Does it include jbhifi ebay?

  • +2

    So DSE has the Sony WX350 listed on their website for $339.15.

    But on eBay it is $399. I'm pretty sure msrp is $349.

    Nice one Dick!

    • Pebble $89 on their website. Now on ebay is $129. There is no point buying it on ebay… it's cheaper on their website.

    • The Good Guys didn't jack up the price and got the sale from me. $299 - 20% = $239.20.

      DSE ended up lowering the price to $379. $379 - 20% = $303.20 which is better than before, but of course it is still more expensive than the current price on their own website of $299.25.

      I think DSE are gaming this deal to drive traffic/sales from eBay to their own site.

  • +7

    The Good Guys



    Dick Smith

    please place in description for easier clicking, thanks

  • Finally found a portrait lens worth buying from Good Guys with the 20% off. The nifty fifty Canon EF f/1.8 II for $103.20 pickup is good value imo.

    • +1

      Bought mine delivered from DWI for $92 just a year ago :/

  • Good guys better not increase the price of moto 360

    • $319 + $5 post today 25/11/14

    • Moto 360 no longer on ebay page….

    • Thanks

  • Masters link not working

  • Edit - i'm an idiot
    This offer commences at 10.00 (AEST) on 30 November 2014 and ends at 23.59 (AEST) on 2 December 2014

  • Olympus PEN EPL5 w/ twin lens kit currently AU $806.95

  • TGG put the price of the 4TB Seagate Expansion up from $188 ($150 after 20%) to $199 ($159 after 20%).

    • :-(

  • I'm hoping for a 13"MBPr or Ultrabook deal, cant wait to be disappointed :)

    • -1

      Im looking but cant find anything.

      My son needs to buy a Macbook Air or Pro for highschool. Not sure which way to go???

  • Samsung S4 (black or white) and S5 (black or white) which had "20d left" an hour ago, have now disappeared from their ebay outlet page. Don't understand why as they get 100% of sale as seller, ebay subsidises the 20% (or maybe there's some back door deal on rebates eg 10+10 or similar).

    • Did someone buy it? The number of days left doesn't matter, the quantity does.

      • Which means "someone" must've bought all four phones in the past hour (black S4, shimmering white S4, black S5, shimmering white S5). They were listed at $478 for S4, $778 for S5.

        EDIT: Yep, everything's gone now.

    • if its the good guys they have pulled everything due to a "technical problem"

  • Anything worth buying?

  • +1

    Moto 360 from TGG good to buy?

  • Pretty annoying that the OMD E-M10 went from $699 special back to $799. I'll still buy at $799 - 20%, $699 would have been better though

  • So there's no code you have to enter with this one?

    • The code hasn't been released yet

  • +3

    Dick Smith has already started bumping up the prices. Samsung Galaxy Alpha was $599 earlier today. Now increased to $699… what else should we expect?

  • There are 18 other stores involved in this promo. Not really neg worthy unless you have seen price increases in the majority of stores. ..

  • +1

    Code according to DealsDirect is : CBIGXMAS

  • +1

    Omg DSE Just raised their big games to $90 and the Samsung g s5 to $949!!

    • +9

      That's called a Dick stretching. lol

    • Also for the cameras, the prices increased.
      They will clime its price error like before.

    • +1

      TGG has the same galaxy S5 for $778 ($622 with the 20% off) + $5 postage

  • +2

    TGGs stil seems really goodguys unlike Mr. Dicky!

    • For now lets see in the next few hrs :)

      • +1

        yeah. well u r the one who posts deals 24/7! right? night owl?..ha ha… keep it up bro. thanks for finding awesome deals for us. :)

        • Thanks man:)

  • EDIT: just realised hitting buy doesn't commit the sale until payment is received :(

    Are we able to buy now and then enter the code and pay tomorrow when the code is active?

    Only asking as DSE currently have 6% off Pebble Steel.

  • Note 4 still on Good Guys would be a good price but I think it will be sold out. Have to laugh at DSE $949 for a Samsung GS5 hasn't been that price since release day.

  • Dick Smith jacked the price of the White PS4 from $548 to $623. Still $548 on their own site…

  • +1

    Good deal on the Canon 700D movie twin lens kit at the Good Guys ($999 - 20% - 2% cashrewards - $150 cashback). Price works out to be $629.22 for store pickup.

    • How do you get 2% cash rewards from the Goodguys.. They are not listed on the cashrewards eBay list.

      • because you get 2% off all purchases on eBay with cash rewards……..

        • Sorry haven't done this b4. Do I just click on shop now at the cash rewards website . It then takes me to the mobile eBay site. How do they even know what I bought etc?

        • @bazzazz: They use cookies to track your purchases. I'd stick with a PC instead of a mobile device when doing these purchases, in case it gets missed.

  • TGG removed most of Nespresso machines from their Ebay store :(

    • Yeah they will be busy tonight rearranging their website lol, hopefully not too much

  • +1

    Petcircle bumped up the price last night of some things I was looking at, by about 20-25%.

    Their loss. While the promo would have made it a good buy, the promo after the price rise makes it fairly average, so I won't be buying.

  • +1

    Netgear Nighthawk R8000 Wifi Router for $250 with 20% off at DSE is a good deal.

    • Deleted

    • is it DD-WRT compatible?

  • Some stuff from the Good guys that I had in my cart now say 'revised listing' However No changes in price.. I would say that maybe they adjusted the quantities that are available .. Fingers crossed !

    • Check the shipping, they just increased for BBQ's from $44 to $74. The usual… wiping some of the savings off. Pretty lame.

  • Hoping for a good deal on Canon 70D since TGG increased their price, if anyone spot anything let us know.

    • +4

      Digital Camera Warehouse has the 70d body for $900 after $150 cashback. Shipping is free till Dec 1.
      Georges has the 70d with 18-55mm IS STM and 55-250mm IS STM lenses for $1193 after $300 cashback. Delivery is $15.95.
      Digidirect has the 70d with 18-135mm IS STM lens for $1184 after $300 cashback. Delivery is $15.90.

  • +4

    strongly advise everyone to check the merchants actual online store before purchasing anything from their ebay store under the impression you are getting a bargain. Many items i am interested in have an inflated price of precisely 20% on ebay. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    • +1

      wonder if its legal?

  • Seems to be a decent buy for those looking for a cheap telescope

    • . nevermind - starts 10am (didn't read)

  • TGG just doubled the shipping prices on heavy items. It happened in front of my eyes…

    • What items?
      I have a few in my cart and delivery is $44 and hasn't changed all week.
      Pickup is available for free too.

    • I can pick up without any problem!

  • Guys, Do TGG store (on ebay) issue tax invoice ?

    • Yes

      • i've never bought from a big etailer on ebay before. do they actually issue an invoice showing the gst components delivered items?

        • Yes, and you can clim the tax back if you leaving the country

  • Can pick up in-store at Good Guys. Now we just all hope they don't inflate their prices!

    • Last time I ordered a TV from TGG on one of these deals, I called as asked to pick it up and got them to credit the postage ok.

      • There is now an option where you can choose free pickup.

        • how quick is the pickup, can i pay now and get it today ?

        • @Super8Tab: Depends on the store and how fast they process and prepare the order. For example: It states for my local.

          Est. ready for pickup: 1:45 pm today, Sun, Nov 30

          And it also reads

          Item availability, pickup time and distance to store are approximate only and may vary depending on your location

  • +1

    The Samsung flip phone was $39 last week on Good Guys website. Now it is $79. Of course they are offering 20% off.

  • +1

    Looking forward to grabbing a new TV from TGG.
    This years LG 55 LED LCD 3D Smart TV… $895!

  • If I walk in to any TGG shop today, will they price match and do a 20% off the ebay item?

    • +3

      dont think so

    • No, why would they? As mentioned previously, eBay is paying the 20%, not the retailers.

      • I wouldn't assume that.

    • Last time I tried to get a GG store to price match the price online with the Ebay discount.
      The salesman took my mobile phone number, told me he'd have to check with his boss and he'd give me a call.
      I am still waiting for that call…

  • Dick Smith PS4 console bumped to $586 and Last of US bundle to $999.

    Amazing deals dick!

  • So other words with these price jack up just before the 20% off, there is nothing to see here right?

  • +28

    to the ACCC I go.
    As per their website

    Businesses may also mislead consumers about prices if they:
    -promote a ‘sale’ or ‘special’ price which is not in fact a temporary sale price, thus creating an unwarranted
    sense of urgency to make an immediate purchase
    -represent that an advertised price is the total price that you will have to pay when it is not.

    I captured screen shots for the past week of the pricing listed and now have evidence showing that they increased the price. I ask those who know their items went up who have evidence like myself to make a compliant!

    • +1

      You cant trick us Ozbargainers Dicky!

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