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Telstra 3GB Data Sim: $12, Google Play $20 Credit: $14, Genuine Galaxy S4 Flip Cover: $5 Shipped @ Phonebot


Similar to previous deal:

To promote our newly opened Phonebot St Kilda Vic store, were giving Google play $20 vouchers 30% off. They are emailed to you so please make sure you provide the right email address. Apply the coupon code "$6off" in 'view cart' to get the discount. Also please note the vouchers will be emailed to you within 1-5 days so please be patient.
If anyone hasnt received the vouchers from our last deal, please pm me and ill sort it out asap. We had problems with opencart but all is sorted now.


Genuine Samsung Galaxy s4 covers $5 shipped


Telstra 3Gb standard size data sim cards $12 shipped (you will have to get it chopped to fit your ipads). Please note these are sim cards only (dispatched without packaging) and activation instructions are provided in the link description. Sims expire oct 2015


& lastly if youre living around the st kilda area and have a broken phone, tablet or a computer. give us a ring for a quote.


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  • My code is in 27xx range and was told to wait my turn in queue. Still waiting, and hopefully I don't have to wait a second time if the code is wrong and needs replacement. Still surprised that google will sell same code multiple times.

  • Hi, I've not received an order confirmation email either, nor my Google Play vouchers via email. I ordered Google Play vouchers as well as Telstra SIMs. According to the order status in My Account on your website, my order has been completed?

  • Hope to get my Google Play credit soon. Interested to know for those that usually carrier bill, do you still get the option to do this when you have your account loaded up with Google Play credit?

  • order about 3 days.. sales rep told me that they will give me the codes by thursday.. its friday now.. nothing and no response.. whats happening??

  • I sure hope these guys work weekends

  • +1

    I'm guessing they don't but I think they will solve the issue as quickly as they can. The wrath of Ozbargainers isn't something to take lightly!

  • +2

    5 days and still no code.

    • +1

      6 days.

      • 7 days.

  • Just for the record, I ordered 10 google play $20 cards on the 2/12. Received them next day on the 3/12, order number was in the 2300's. Gave some away and some saved for myself. Saw comments in this thread and thought I had better check with gifts i gave, all worked for those I gave to. I just used my last code earlier today. All worked first time.

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    Still waiting for my Google Playstore Credits, ordered on 2/12.

    • Still waiting on mine too …

  • I just checked my account and the codes were there. They weren't emailed to me. So if you created an account have a check there

    EDIT: actually they sent me an email too. I must have checked my account at the exact moment they issued the codes

  • Just got the code via email this afternoon and worked fine =). Thanks rep.

  • I haven't received my code yet order… Paypal order #2742

  • Update

    Received 7 x Google Credit Codes all worked!

    Clash of clans, lvl15 heroes here I come :)

    Thanks PhoneBot you guys came through!

  • :( received the 2 codes.

    But both code didn't work.

    (Order no. 2616)

  • 6 days and still no code. Order# 2196

  • Hi rep

    Order 2234, order 2 x $20 and still not received email / codes yet.


  • +1

    Anyone received their Telstra sims??

    • Yep, got mine today

  • Emailed them on Sunday and still no codes and no response to my email .. so I guess I'll post here like the others and hope they read this … Order #2203

    • Called them and they sent the codes through .. said they sent them back on the 2nd.. but I definitely didn't have a record of it.

  • Still waiting on the Samsung Galaxy Cases Order 2733 =(

  • Still waiting on sim 8 days later.

  • Ordered Google Play credit on 2nd December (Order 2241). Still waiting.

    • call them.

    • i dont understand whats the point of giving your email address when it doesnt work.
      we have emailed you the codes on 2nd dec mate

  • Still waiting for mine. Can anybody please confirm if the sims work in a phone please? Do you get the 3gb or will it charged at a higher rate? Thanks

    • yah they work on a phone
      rate is same

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    This has been a headache. People dont check their emails or emails end up in spam and then i have to bear with all the whinging. pffft

    • Welcome to the customer service industry. Probably best to put up with it or you'll lose the good will of the customers you do want to retain.

  • Hi Rep
    I never received an email regarding my order. I always check my spam folder too.
    Had forgotten about it to be honest and then i checked your website on Friday 12th and found the codes in there.
    Tried all of them but none of them worked. Sent an message on the contact form but havent heard anything yet.
    Order 2242.

  • +3

    hopefully everyone is fixed now?
    Please email with your queries if you have any

    BTW, google play credit are back in stock


    • Ordered twice, both times codes were sent quick and they worked :) But no more discount code? :(

      • yah $6 off coupon code still works

        • There is a step missing in the checkout process. I cannot see where to add the discount code any more? I see Step 1,2,5,6 - did you turn off the coupon option in checkout? I'm sure thats where we added the discount code in one of these steps?

          Edit: Had to View Cart rather than checkout. It is on the view cart page - thx!