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Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 5, 6 or 6 Plus $9.99 ea from Aldi


■Protect the screen of your iPhone against impact and scratches with this tempered glass screen protector
■Made from 0.3mm toughened glass, this ultra-thin film will not affect the touch screen's sensitivity
■Highly transparent for true colour representation
■Easy to apply and remove

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    I'd rather a screen protector that hasn't been tampered with.

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      Stupid autocorrect thx

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    "Tampered Glass" lol.

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    Protect you glass with another sheet of glass…..

    • +7

      I'd rather smash this sheet of glass than the real one underneath…

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    It may be easier to get at Aldi but I bought mine for $5.99 off eBay.

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      How about posting the link to the one you bought on eBay so that other can take advantage of it. They could also determine :
      1) Is it still available?
      2) Does it appear to be exactly the same product?
      3) Is it including postage costs?
      4) Is it supplied locally?

      I don't think you should have negged when you provided such little detail.

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        1) Yes
        2) Same, if not better
        3) Postage Free
        4) Yes (Sydney)

        Here is the LINK

        Also the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 version is $4.95. I bought the 5.5 inch version. The screen also comes with the following:

        • Alcohol wipe to screen
        • micro fibre cloth for cleaning
        • sticky pad (like sticky tape) to remove and micro hairs/dust
        • hard case to protect glass in transport
        • instructions

        Seriously I think its the best protector I've ever bought. When i sat the glass on it sealed itself to the iPhone glass, not a single pocket of air. The glass feels as smooth to touch as the iPhone screen.

        The reason i didnt provide details in the previous post is because any search on eBay will bring up various items

    • the unbranded one is not the one I would buy, you probably will get different product in different time even thought buy from same ebay seller. I actually tried two unbranded, it's totally different with the Benks I bought. they are more plastic feel exactly like the one in your link, can bend 90 degree!

      • +1

        It's tempered glass. Arrived in two days. It's incredible. You can neg if you want, but like I said above, it's the best protector I've ever used. Just because you got a plastic one doesn't allow you to dis this eBay seller.

        • Is it difficult to put it on because it is hard?

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          tempered glass are flatter than plastic

          and for this reason, once you clean the screen with alcohol wipe and align the thing

          you just let go
          and swipe your finger vertically and it magically seals itself with no bubbles

          its mesmerising

        • +1


          I haven't installed one, but if I was going to I'd recommend trying the hinge method - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMPqDwVZzzM

          Works well with plastic protectors, and I imagine is just as reliable with glass ones. Essentially you just put the protector in place before removing the adhesive cover, and then use some form of tape to create a hinge on one side, remove the adhesives cover and the protector will swing right into place, at which point you remove the tape. Works a treat.

        • @superforever: seriously it was the easiest protector I have ever put on and maybe it's because the screen was so clean. I put it on in a library with no drafts and movement. Cleaned the screen and lined it up from top end. Then removed plastic protector and laid it down lining up the speaker grill and the home button and it's perfect, pure symmetry

        • @clarky:
          OK I am just wondering with the traditional one you put one end first and carefully scroll over but with glass you have to put and fit it correctly in one go.

        • Lol…plastic one… hard sell need to have a limit, don't expect every onr is dumb

        • @superforever: yes, with this one it's very firm, I basically lined it up and lowered it and the seal happened automatically, didn't even really need to smooth it over but I did just the same

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    Do we still need protector?


    • +1

      Yes, yes we do.

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      If you have spent close to $1000 for an iphone, you definitely do just for double protection. For myself, I can live with scratches or dent everywhere except the screen because the screen is what makes the phone special.

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      Sand will still mess up glass.

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      have you find any glass is crack/shatter resistant? if no then yes

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    2 for $9.95 mine got delivered today. Took around 4 days.

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    If you can wait 2-3 weeks

    iPhone 5 - USD $1.79 delivered

    iPhone 6 - USD$2.39 delivered

    iPhone 6 Plus - USD $2.46 delivered

  • I find the cheap ebay glass not on par with say the glass you can find in optus stores. So far gpel makes the best tempered glass in the market that i have seen, but youre out of pocket like 30 bux.. Im a frequent phone dropper and the glass hasnt cracked yet.. Knock on wood lol

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