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Sony A77 II $999, Sony SAL 70-200 F2.8 $1799, Sony SAL 300 2.8 $4299 + More @ Camera Pro


Save up to 46% on selected Sony A Mount lenses, and over $300 off Sony A77 II.
NB This is a strictly limited time, one off offer, and limited to existing stock and/or incoming shipment.

Sony A77 II $999: http://www.camerapro.com.au/sony-alpha-a77-mark-ii-digital-s...
Sony 500 F4: http://www.camerapro.com.au/sony-500mm-f-4-0-g-ssm-super-tel...
Sony 300 2.8: http://www.camerapro.com.au/sony-300mm-f-2-8-g-telephoto-pri...
Sony 70-200 F2.8: http://www.camerapro.com.au/sony-70-200mm-f-2-8-g-alpha-a-mo...
Sony 70-400: http://www.camerapro.com.au/sony-70-400mm-f-4-5-6-lens-austr...

Any items which mark not as in stock, will be due into store by 12th-15th December. We strongly recommend ordering against this shipment as no further extension can be made.

Truly a once off opportunity to secure a limited range of Sony A mount lenses, and the highly spec'd A77 II Camera for an unreal price.

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    hi. op. any good deal on sony a7 or a7ii or sony e/fe lens?

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    That camera looks very old fashioned… reminds me of a late 80s Canon that my dad used to have.

    • +2

      Canon hasn't changed much since the 80s it seems ;-)

    • there is a reason all DSLR's look the same - it's so there is enough room for the mirror housing

      • Yeah, but why does it have to be black? Black was in fashion in the late 80s and 90s.

        • If the colour of the camera is so important to you, go for Pentax - they have more than 120 colours to choose from in one model alone…

          But personally, I'm more worried about the colour and quality of the image the camera outputs ;-)
          (shiny and/or brightly coloured things are not great at minimising reflection, glare, etc)

  • Doesn't look like 46% off the lenses. Which ones are 46% off?

  • The A77II is a very good camera, I have one of these and it takes great pictures. As for the 70-200 and 70-400 they are good prices for Australian stock. I would buy this if I not already have both lenses.

  • OP when does the promotion ends on the A77? or how many units in stock? I wont be able to order one till Wednesday… ahhhgggg must resist….!

    • Hi andy2, we still have another small shipment coming on in the A77II, if you were to order you would be guaranteed stock from this shipment when it arrives, expected next 1-2 weeks.

  • +1

    Any deal on the Sony 70-200 F4 FE G OSS?

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