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25m Hozelock Auto Reel - $59 Instore Only Masters Home Improvement


I've been loving these Masters Friday night deals

I'm pretty sure Hozelock is a good brand and these are normally over $200

Specs here:

2/1/15 11:30AM: User MountFranklin reported stock at Richlands QLD, see this picture. User ravenit reported 3 pallets of stock at the Adelaide store.

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Masters Home Improvement
Masters Home Improvement

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  • North Lakes QLD has about 11 left at the back of the store.

  • Sold out in Gregory Hills and Hoxton Park! :(

  • Looking at step 2 in the instructions, is it stating that (from the centre of the hose) it should not be installed more than 85cm from the ground?

    • Ye saw that. I may be wrong, but I think the only reason there's a height restriction is to lessen the 'workload' of the retractor spring. Obviously the higher the unit is, the 'heavier' the hose becomes to lift back in. It also mentions somewhere you should turn off & release the water pressure if it fails to retract (due to the additional weight of the water).

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      25m made in the UK too

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        Really? hmmm, i've been misinformed. interesting.

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          It says made in the UK on the unit if made in China I would be expected full compensations from Masters + ACCC commision + false advertising class action law suit + investigation into company misconduct in the UK. I'd go in with guns blazing.

        • @Davo93: Says "European design" on the font of the box. Have not checked where its made.

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          Just check on mine it does, bottom right hand corner of the front of the package. " Made in Great Britian" then under it says European Quality.

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          Not sure why anyone should care, the Brits make some god awful stuff too.

        • @Tuba:

          True. Look at that mug on Prince Charles.

  • Still about 15 at North Lakes Qld at 10am Sunday, got one and the self serve helper even had a 10% barcode in her pocket ready for me!

    • Wow, that is service above and beyond the call of duty! Supplying you with extra discounts, impressive!

  • None @ South Morang/Northland or surrounding Masters in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.
    Went there and there were 3 other people looking for them. They only had 20m/30m versions. I asked them to price match on the 20m. LOL. No luck

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      Brodened m8

  • apparently all sold out in WA.

  • Just bought 3 in Toowoomba, Qld. Still around 2 pallets at the back of the store

  • Got three yesterday to replace the Repco $40 versions from a few weeks ago, and the Hozelock are superior but in saying that the Repco versions are great value for their price too…. Very Sturdy and still definitely great value for the price, I've passed them onto family for 2nd hand Xmas Pressies, the family wouldn't know the difference…. They've still got 20 YO Nylex, which I doubt any hose these days would last that long…

  • If anyone sees any in Melbourne please post. Not holding out but you never know..

  • Melb all gone. shame.

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    These are the stores that are still showing stock available:
    QLD: Cairns, Toowoomba South, Mackay & Rockhampton
    NSW: Bathurst & Taree
    ACT: Canberra Airport
    SA: Mt Gambier
    reminder: in store purchases only, not available to order online or over the phone
    store locator here: http://bit.ly/1emuTXQ

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      Canberra airport was sold out an hour after opening. People were lined up out the front before it opened.

      • It might be best to contact these stores first. This is the same information as was posted on the Masters Facebook page.

      • Not quite. We got there at 9.30ish and there were still 20 or so left in store (can't vouch for any they may have had elsewhere). All were gone within the 45 minutes or so we spent in the warehouse.

        • @ possumbly No idea why people are negging you for that…

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          @Tuba: doubt they know themselves. Perhaps they aren't aware of the opening hours (7am)? Maybe bored, or just as likely it's the highlight of their day.

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    I just want to hose down any rumours that there are any of these left in Melbourne.

    Actually, let me retract that bad joke

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      you keep reeling them in

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        I'm wetting myself

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    register online if you want to extend warranty to 5 years as described here http://www.hozelock.com/terms-and-conditions/guarantee-2.htm...

    No mention of any exclusions based on country so it should work ok. Bit of a pain to register eg multiple secret questions but hopefully worth the effort.

    • Thanks!

    • I think I am blind. Where is the serial number at?

      • Don't worry I see its optional

    • thanks! easy done!

    • Thanks mauricem, just registered my 2 reels. Also received email notifications from Hozelock.

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      That's a cheapo budgo brand

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    I wasn't too impressed with the mounting screws and plugs - seeing as this should last a good few years and will see a lot of use. Looked a bit puny to me

    I installed it with 6mm Ramset bolts for a more secure fix. A pack of 4 is only a few $ at Bunnings

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      I installed mine just this afternoon,

      Drilled in 4 x 7mm holes and then slightly pushed in the plastic mounting thing.

      Drilled the screws through with the mount attached and it seems pretty snug fit.. If it falls off the wall in a few years time I guess then I'd go down the road of getting a more secure fit, but for me it seemed perfectly fine, didn't feel like it was going to pull out or come out slowly to me.

      Unsure if it makes much of a difference but the way mine ended up getting done was I drilled two holes at the top section through bricks, but the bottom two ended up being in the cement between bricks, bottoms were easier to drill in so guessing it isn't as strong as brick itself

      • and it seems pretty snug fit.

        indeed.. installed with the correct size holes drilled into brick, 4x 50mm screws into the plastic masonry mounts aren't going to come out any time soon…ramset bolts are obviously stronger, but the provided mounting hardware is easily sufficient

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    • Mine autoretracts sometimes even when it clicks I'm not sure if the switch thing is working right. I have a big pretty big property so will install the others and see if the same thing happens.

      • Also does that water stopper feature put lots of pressure on the tap fittings I have an older feature and often shit blows up on me. Looks like the mount works good as well above 85cm but then u don't have to pull so much as gravity helps you. Rewind is easy as well.

        • these units say max 150psi so I'm guessing that's all it can hold back with the auto stop feature, I think most homes are limited to 200 psi or somthing like that mine works good but with 25mtrs I reckon I've lost abit of pressure compared to my smaller 10mtr garden hose, but I'm not to fussed

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          the pulling seems pretty tough but I'm just weak =) I find it easier to stand near the unit and pull out the required amount of hose then run off with it =)

          The best feature is when your finished it winds up super fast and is out of the way and tidy =)

        • @Gomo:

          Lol just watched your vid again and had the auto stop fitting at the tap not on the nozzle. No wonder it was playing up. I actually change my tap for only $10 bunnings materials and no leaks now :).

        • @Davo93:

          Ah you must of got em mixed up ;) easy! I found the original fittings not to leak compared to my other cheap bunnings $1 fittings I brought ages ago :D

        • @Gomo:

          I changed the whole tap itself. The fittings from Hozelock work great.

        • @Davo93: Oh!! I Get you now ;)

    • Thanks for sharing. Putting mine up today. My $6 reject shop fittings had that stop feature at the outlet years ago. Very handy. Do they really get stolen? Mine would be visible from the road as I am on an incline.

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        upto you if you wanna put a small lock on it, just to be safe

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    Ordered on Saturday morning at Chullora, just got a call it's ready for pickup.


    • It would be a good idea to check with Chullora if they have a few more free ;-)

      • ?

  • Just bought 1 from Chullora, they still have 1 pallet near the entrance.

    • Just went there, all sold out! Bummer!

  • Has anyone had problems with their hozelock aqua stops? Because my oring on the aqua stop end keeps coming off on both of my Hozelock?

  • Only just saw this post.

    I will be going to Chullora tomorrow morning after work to see.

    Hopefully they will have more stock.

  • No Stock at Chullora.

    Was told they sold out 1st day and people who picked them up on 27th had pre-ordered on 1st day.

  • So it's been reported a few stores have it back in stock, anyone found it in Victoria? Could this be the 'special' deal for the weekend again?

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    at adelaide today 3 pallets left

  • Any at keysborough or oakleigh South?

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    still a stack at RICHLANDS QLD as it is a newly opened store

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      Still about 20 left Tue 6th Jan: Richlands

  • None at Williams Landing VIC at 1.30pm today

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    I had these guys living in mine ! :(


    I thought a wasp had made it's nest.. as it was all muddy then next minute these guys came out.. hmm!

  • 1.5 pallets left Adelaide store as of 7pm 2-1-15

    • I rang Adelaide MASters today and they told me they sold out on the first day

      • I also contacted them today and they said they had 192 on order but the person I spoke to wasn't sure if the order would be fulfilled. I am going to call back tonight and see if I can still place an order at that price and try my luck.

        • If they do get stock please post in here

  • Anybody in Melb see any anywhere?

  • Bought one late this evening at Richlands. Plenty of stock.

  • Any one knw of any stock in NSW anywhere…alternatively can we order this from other states

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    I emailed Masters querying if any WA stores had stock;

    We are afraid that all our WA stores are out of stock and we are unable to do state to state transfers due to the prices of freight.

    However as this is an Active Product, our Team in store can look into ordering one in for you.

    Might try ordering them in.

    • thx for feedback…will try store tommorrow and will give the feedback on in store ordering

      • Tried the Chullora Store in NSW, lady at counter said product is discontinued so she can't back order…will try one more store ltr today and will give the feedback

        • I am also having problems, but only because ordering an item doesn't seem to be a 5 minute job and I need to get a call back from the product manager in a few days time.

          The lady at the counter is wrong, for some reason different computers see different products. Ask if she can see the 20m version which she wouldn't be able to see as well. You need to speak to gardening to see the 20m and 25m versions, once it is on screen they will see that ordering in enabled for the 25m.

          Thought I don't know why they can't just order it on the spot.

          Edit; got a call back saying they can't order them.

        • @thydzik:

          The guy at Masters gardening section told me that these were promotional lengths and can't be ordered as part of their "price jolt" one-off pricing. Looks like they are making their way onto eBay for a small profit.

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      received this when I re-queried customer support;

      Thank you for your reply.

      If the store has advised you that they are unable to order in and will not be supplying it any longer then it will be correct.

      We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  • Any idea when the promotion ends or is it until stock runs out?

    • CLick the picture in the OP, you will see "When they are gone, they are gone"

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