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Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse $26.89 Shipped from Amazon


One of Logitech's better-liked models (4.5/5 stars on Amazon) but curiously absent from the Australian market. This has been my main mouse for the past couple of years and is a good option for people who don't want a HyperScroll wheel (which tends to have inferior click/tilt) but would still like a decent-size, Unifying-compatible mouse with side buttons.

Deal ends in about 12 hours (7 PM AEDT). Price is AUD through Amazon's currency converter; USD option may work out a little cheaper depending on your bank's fees.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    M750 trackball is at a low of $27.50USD + shipping as well for those that missed it a few months ago.

  • After having using a laptop trackpad for several years, I have recently moved to a mouse and can't get over the annoying click sound on the mouse. Will this mouse help?

    • I bought this mouse recently when it was around $18 mark at amazon and can confirm it makes a clicking sound when pressing buttons. Otherwise it's a pretty good mouse and ordered another one at this price.

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      can't get over the annoying click sound on the mouse. Will this mouse help?

      NO. All mice with switches in them make a clicking noise, same as keyboards and all other switches make a noise. This is actually by design, to provide feedback to the user.

      If you want "totally quiet" as in "tapping a trackpad quiet" then you need a touch mouse.
      - Microsoft, Logitech and Apple all make them, so just Google for the term "touch mouse" and all will be revealed.

      • Thanks llama.

        • Try this @jdf


          Side button (browser "back") clicks super loudly, but the top buttons are extremely quite.

        • @DJ: Thanks DJ, have you used it?

        • @jdf:

          Yep, got one myself. It's obviously not going to win any design or quality awards, but it works well enough, and is quiet enough for the top left/right buttons, to satisfy me.

        • @DJ: You can say that again about the design :) but as long as it's quiet it works for me. Going to put in an order. Thank you for the review.

  • is it compatible and work fine with windows 8.1??

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      I have this mouse and a Win 8.1 laptop and it works fine. There are two internet explorer forward and backward buttons on the side which can be quite handy for those who prefer to use those.

      • Internet explorer buttons? …tsk tsk"…sigh…

        • Running IE 11 on 8.1. Please get with the times, IE is no longer bad as it used to be.

        • I actually use chrome (which isn't all that quick anymore these days) and firefox but only just remembered that these apps are generically called web browsers! haha..

          and yes, the forward and back buttons do work with chrome.

        • @NeoM:

          Truth! I migrated away from firefox and chrome and back to internet explorer. Even like the developer features of IE better now. Firefox is way to convoluted and I have had issues with chrome lately.

        • +1

          @NeoM: Actually I'm using 3 of them, Chrome is still my best choice as I can install some app that essential to me, Firefox has best extension for debug that no others can compete it. IE is faster and look more reliable to me, but still boring. So don't think I'm getting out of date.

  • Thanks, bought one, hope it won't be too big

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      It won't… I have one and they're annoyingly tiny

      • really, cause I have been using my M305 (2/3 size of M510) for a long time and it feels very comfy in my palm :-/ but i hope you're right though

  • after using m705, I will never get any mice with off-centred sensor

  • I've been using these since my LX8 died. Have bought a couple from an English seller on E-Bay for around $34 each, delivered.

    Cost me $65.86 for 3, including delivery (I bought using USD, so save about $2!)

  • This mouse is too big for my hand :(, my ring finger gets tired after 10 mins using it

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