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US $18.99 Genuine Xiaomi 10400mAh Portable Power Bank+FS @TinyDeal


Here comes a new low price for the popular power bank Xiaomi 10400mAh power bank!
15/1/2015 Not a 1-2 day flash deal and many will miss that
US$18.99 Genuine one + Delivered from TinyDeal (Over ten-year online shop )
No quantity limited Just hurry up to get one and share with your friends.

100% Genuine + Attached mode photographs here >Check!

BTW,Xiaomi 5000mAh and 16000mAh for reference
5000mAh US $14.99 >Get!mi30off:】 Update Coupon for 5000mAh >> 30%Off $13.49 >> Ends:2015.1.8 23:30
16000mAh US $32.99 >>Get!
10400mAh US $18.99 >>>Get!【Time-limited Offer】

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  • Just FYI

    19$usd at the current shitty exchange rate makes it roughly the same AUD price pre price drop

    • If checked out in AU$, it could be AU$23.54 + free shipping

      • Just hurry up and get one.

        • LOL….Let us shopping ~

  • +1

    Price isnt anything special.

    • That is our best price and it is 100% genuine one. :)

        • Expired ,dear. Would agree it is a flash deal, right ? On TinyDeal, No quantity limited and still 10 days left for choosing :)

        • +2

          @Torben: thats why i said it "was" a bargain.
          Wait a few more days and no dount another great bargain would be posted.
          This is a few dollars off being a bargain.

        • That is still a bargain using coupon 6e6e0b. Comes to about 51c cheaper than this deal.

        • -1

          @zerocritical: Well,it is best price from TinyDeal for the genuine one. I doubt if somewhat "Xiaomi" from some unknown merchant and a flash(1-2day) sale works better for our customers. Thank you

        • @Torben: Banggood is not an unknown merchant to ozbargain. Moreover, it wasn't a deal from them. I accidentally happened to have found the coupon code working on that product.

          They may be making very minimal profit on that or may be making a loss too. I'm not sure of that. But they are still honouring the deal. Also, people who have already purchased from them have verified the power bank to be geniune.

        • @zerocritical: We are not talking about banggood. "holden93" has shared with us the deal while it is short and over now. Just doubt "Comes to about 51c cheaper than this deal."____So 10400mAh Genuine cost less than 9 USD ?? I do not think so

          Seckill or 1-2 day flash deal ,maybe.

        • @Torben: I don't quiet get you. Holden93's link is to the deal which I posted. I'm not sure how you got that $9 figure?

        • @zerocritical: Sorry for the misunderstanding . "51c cheaper than this deal." "51% cheaper than this deal" LOL

        • +1

          @zerocritical: Well , if a low price but short-time bargain works better for our customers,we'd like to try in future. Thank you for sharing and sorry for misunderstanding ,dear friend.

        • Now,We have updated a flash coupon code for xiaomi 5000mAh: mi30off >> 30%Off $13.49 >> Ends:2015.1.8 23:30 What do you think ? Can you make it well known ?

        • @zerocritical:
          Well,as suggested,we have updated a flash coupon code for xiaomi 5000mAh: mi30off >> 30%Off $13.49 >> Ends:2015.1.8 23:30 Could we expect to invite you to make it well known? :)

        • @Torben: Thanks for this. No free shipping?

  • +1

    Sounds ok to me.

    Cheaper than when mushtato had it and I bought 2 then.


    I dont need any more though.

  • Hope its genuine, I just bought one. I have one already which is outstanding.

  • -1

    storerep the 10400 is coming up as $21.99 USD for me

  • +2

    I bought mine from Tinydeal last time (10400mAh)…It is genuine and works great + build quality is superb…take my advice and don't be stingy - buy a silicone case for it. Almost tempted to buy another, but I don't want it ending up in my drawer full of micro SD cards, LED torches, batteries…

    • Why do you need a silicone case, seems pretty useless to me…

      • Keeps it from getting scratched and from searching your other stuff. I have had mine without a cover for only 2 months and it looks 3 years old already. I like to look after my stuff.

        • Ive had mine for roughly 6 months without a case and besides the scuffs on the edge of the power bank, looks pretty fine, almost new. And a silcon case would disallow the heat to escape from the power bank…

        • @18: I agree with [@effgee]. Besides, the aluminium case is slippy when you holding something else together. I have accidentally dropped it on the street, and it created sharp edge because of the corner drop damage. Then I bought the silicon case to cover and protect it now.

          It is really not a big issue as I recharge and discharge it without significant temperature change , I would say it's a little bit warm. The silicon cover the silver part but not the top and bottom. Still plenty space for heat release (if you really concern)

          Of course, silicon cover is personal option and you need it when you think you need it.

      • +1

        It's called OCD. Weird thing.

        • it's not ocd until you realize it's bothering you. up to then it's only being organized person

        • @brongz: It's definitely an ocd thing for me. One small scratch or blemish can ruin my enjoyment of a brand new product. I wrapped a sock over my power bank for protection, works a treat.

        • @wolfenator87: first step is to admit it. good job

  • If you can do a deal on the 16000mah I will buy one right now. As long as it is genuine. Also do you have the silicone case for the 16000mah for sale?

    • Too late bought the 16000mah for $39AUD delivered from banggood and it includes the xiaomi usb lamp.

  • Purchased two of these back in September from another deal. Best OzBargain I've ever bought. If you find yourself running out of power on your smartphone THIS is the product you need. Quality is Apple-level (incl packaging).

    I just wish I could find a similar quality lightning cable! Even Apple's break way too often.

  • Store rep, can you ship to Germany? how long will it take for the delivery to Muenster? thanks

    • Yes,free shipping worldwide.

      • i'm trying to order 2x5000mAh and 1x10400mAh but can only apply one coupon code for the 5000 or 10400. Is there any way to apply discount for both of them in one order as I want them to arrive at the same time?

      • I ended up order 2 separate orders so no worry about the previous question. Now I'm trying to buy the 10400mAh for my friend in Germany, but I want to pay by my Australian Mastercard (i'm living in Aus). The page didn't allow me to pay as it shows
        "Sorry! Your billing country is not equal to geolocation country(IP address). Please recheck it and correct your billing address, then try to pay again. Thanks!
        payment fail"
        any recommendation rep?

  • Anyone who bought this received their order yet?

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