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LG IPS 25" 25UM65-P 2560x1080 21:9 Monitor $199 @ MSY


Last batch of this LG IPS 25" 25UM65-P 21:9 2560x1080 monitor.

Limit one per customer. Start tomorrow Wed 07/01 instore and online.

Mod: Update 7 Jan 2014 11:20am - unable to add linked product to cart, but items still show as in stock in some branches. Click on 'Stock Availability' tab on the page. (Resolved at 11:45am - can now add to cart)

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    Just something to note, you can't return products in store if you bought it online. From my experience with them anyways. Some BS about how it's not the same stock and they can't accept it.

    • i had a very similar experience

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      what about buy online and pickup in store ??

      • Isn't that just reserving the product and paying in store? In which case there's no problem.

        • Yes you can reserve now and pick up tomorrow at special price.

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          @MSY: how about a response to MustResistPurchase and weeenis instead rep? Can you confirm?

        • It is case by case. However, most of the time, we can try to organize for customer to return to their nearest branches.

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          You're aware that Australian consumer law states quite clearly that they can return it to the nearest outlet?

        • If it was an in-store purchase, you can return to the store and seek assistance from the sales staff.
          If it was an online delivery, please contact first before posting the item back to us.

          - Warranty and returns

        • @bazzaa:

          What're we talking here? I read MustResistPurchase's comment as a change of mind return, in which case he isn't cover by law (at all).

        • @tetsuma:

          They sent me the wrong product, so I said I would like to return it. I went to their store and was refused.
          I'm assuming it would be the same for returns and warranties.

        • @bazzaa: Dick Smith musn't be aware. A store manager refused to assist in-store for a mobile phone bought online.

        • @MSY:

          rep, what circumstances would you not allow return to the store? Personally I will stop using MSY online ordering if I found I could not return an item in store as its too time consuming to organise returns via post even if you pay for the return, so the answer here is important to I would think many of us that shop with you.

          To be honest I've not found mys's online service to be any good anyway, last order I did online also got cancelled as others have experienced so I ended up going instore anyway.

  • still wanting UHD monitor, much better

  • Damn cheap! Any reviews?

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    Bought this for my wife and she loves it. Good screen, good price. Bought it for 199 during the last deal.

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    Just be mindful that this monitor is quite short vertically.

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      Good for scheduling work

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      Good for Excel work. Gets rid of the frame in the middle when using 2 monitors.

    • exactly how short is it, in mm?

      need to compare it relative to the screen im looking at now.

      • Should be ~247mm, a little shorter than a 20" monitor with standard 1080p.

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          Some say width is just as important.

        • Thanks. My 21" comes in at almost 270+, so this does seem pretty short.

    • Rotate the screen 90 degrees and you're golden

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  • my last order is still preparing, and emailed at least twice there is no reply!!!!

    • Yeh MSY has been ignoring my calls and orders too. What kind of useless business makes it so difficult for you to give them your money? I think I'm done with MSY. Umart has always been more professional for me.

      • +2

        This useless business is doing quite well….

        • You'll have to qualify that. They seem to need help with this kind of stuff, like when they needed the ACCC to help them understand ACL.

          Now they need help with taking money that I have been wanting to hand over to them. I can't think of any other business that has ever ignored my orders.

        • That's MSG for you, keeps you coming back for more.

    • Mine changed from "validated" to "pending".
      Is your order related to some offer thingy?

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        I have had confirmed orders with an order number and all not honoured since they didn't want to honor the deal they posted on here. Only to get some rude guy on the phone both times make up stupid excuses. It also seems if you're not under 25 you are treated like a 70 year old who's never seen a computer.
        Done with msy, 3 strikes in a row accompanied with bad customer service. Umart much be better from my experience. Only had one bad experience with them. They still have 2 strikes to go :)

        • Do they refund you?
          I have some cash back deal with the order.
          I don't want to be dragged and miss the cash back period.
          If don't want to honor then refund.

        • +1

          @efunovasky: They refunded me 2 of the 3times. One time they said wait cause they have more stock coming in and will honour the price but they didn't. So got a refund again.

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    Be warned, this thing could be too flat and wide for you. Try before buying. I previously had a 29' ultra wide monitor. Firstly, it was quite narrow making the font size too small. For a 29', I guess the height is like a 19' monitor. But that was not the deal breaker, the main problem is the width. With no curve, it feels quite weird to view the content at two edges. If you are like me who uses dual monitor for work and prefer a bit of curve to make both of them facing your nicely, this kind of monitor will effectively feel like putting your dual monitors on a straight line. I would only bear it for 1 week before returning it.

  • As mentioned this will have a very short vertical height if its only 25" and ultra wide ratio.

  • Size is in the link, you should be able to make a fair estimate of the screen height.
    Set (with Stand)
    Set (without Stand)
    609 x 188.4 x 383
    609 x 40 x 281.4

    A 24" 16:9 is:
    569.0 x 342.1 x 53.9mm
    Without stand, has a marginly wider bezel.

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    price reverted?
    never mind "cant read good" :P

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      Just wondering how can you strike out your old comment ? Thank you

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        At the bottom of the post box is formatting. But strikethrough is ~~ ~~ with the text in place of the space.

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          Thank you

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          @MSY: you shouldn't strike out thank you, it's considered rude (j/k)

      • Hi Rep,

        Can I get my Macbook to the store and check the qualities that i am expecting?
        I would like to walk into Auburn store this morning to buy this monitor.

  • -1

    Are there any UHD PC games running at that resolution natively?

    I thought most games these days have a 1920x1080 max reso?

    • +1

      Most games will render natively in any resolution as long as it's a 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.This monitor is 21:9 so some games will work great, some won't, any game that supports multiple displays should be fine.

    • Depends. Kinda second guessing myself here so i could be wrong…For a car racing game it would simply show more area on the sides, same with an FPS game (could be an advantage in Counter-strike?). Something like Tetris_whatever would just be black bordered off or stretched badly

      And some older games simply arent made to be run with that many pixels and will be scaled down.

  • I'm thinking this might be good for watching widescreen movies. Anyone have an opinion?

    • Yes and no. Depends what context you mean - for your desk sure but I wouldn't put this in a lounge or bedroom.

    • +1

      Movies look great without the black bars, and the colors on this display are amazing. But it still is only 25"

    • I own a 29' Dell 2560x1080. It is amazing for certain things. Movies shot in 2.35:1 (most of your favourite films probably are) are great because there are no black bars. Anything in shot in 16:9 has black bars on the side though (most TV etc).

      Also great for office spreadsheets etc, or some professional programs like ProTools. If a game supports this res, its fantastic as well.

      Overall though, it is a little on the shallow side (top to bottom). I recommend playing with it in store to see if its for you.

  • Does it suitable for MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)?
    I would like to use it for my Mac as secondary monitor while working on many graphic related and spread sheet application.
    Please suggest me

    • +6

      I suggest you v2su4r

  • I had seen few reviews which says that screen split doesn't work.
    I would like to know the comments from the users who are already experienced with this monitor on MacBook Pro.

  • I don't like those really wide monitors, prefer having extra vertical resolution instead.

    • Buy a stand with a swivel and put this monitor in a portrait orientation. It's compatable with vesa mounts.

      Super extra vertical res.

  • +1

    This is closer to a 21" in terms of screen area. I like the idea but not the reduced screen territory. It needs to be a 30 inch

    • and curved

  • IS there free postage on this deal… if not how much is postage? I live Perth metro, but no MSY nearby.

    • I dont think Msy ever offer free postage. CMIIW.

      Where do you live? Balcatta or Cannington isnt too far off though

      • Warnbro area, not super close to either

  • ultra wide 25 inch monitor will look so small..

  • What is the response time with this monitor? and is it good for gaming? Because if you play games on it wouldn't it just stretch the normal field of vision making it seem flattened? Or would it actually preserve the ratio and actually give you more left and right angle of view?

  • Be sure to read the reviews here and the reviews on the Whirlpool.net.au forums before considering buying from them.

    • +1

      NO. I've just purchased today, read review later.

  • OK whoever haven't bought it yet, my suggest is maybe it is worth to wait the new Dell U2415 or U2414H on sale (~~270), this monitor is ridiculous long and I somehow don't like the color and contrast of LG

  • how do i order online (i.e reserve one) and pickup from Auburn store without paying the added postage?

  • Reserved one at the Morningside branch, then it went to 'low stock - contact' right after, guess I just made it.

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