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Red Rooster - Buy One Get One 'Tender's Wrap' Free - Redeemable with Voucher


NEW Guilt-Free Chicken Tenders

It’s summer time, and at Red Rooster we’re helping you break out the togs and keep those New Year’s resolutions with our new Guilt-Free range. The range features juicy, deliciously marinated chicken Tenders which are 97% fat free and 100% guilt-free. The Tenders are available in a Salad, Wrap, or in a 3 Tenders Combo. Which will you try first?

Guilt-Free Tender Voucher
As a summer treat, we’re giving all Club Red Members a voucher for a free Tenders Wrap when you purchase a Tenders Wrap. This exclusive voucher is only valid until 9th January, so get in quick.

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    100% guilt free with only a tiny 1272mg of sodium per serving!

    • -6

      huh huh huh? that's over 1 kg of sodium…. you sure about the amount?

      • +3

        Pretty sure 1000mg=1gm… ;)

        Edit: Obvious mistake, so I evened out your neg;)

      • Don't get bargains from Lindol ^^ ;)

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    I forgot red rooster still exist

    • +1

      They're EVERYWHERE in Queensland.

      • Yeah as many Red Roosters as KFC and Hungry Jack's here in QLD.

  • Been a while since i've seen this - Dinner Sorted!!

  • Oh RR… you finally listed the price in the last deal, now you're back to your old bad habits.

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    how much does it cost?

  • Thanks OP! Do you know if it needs to be printed or I can just show on mobile in store?

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      It just says 'show this voucher'. All Club Red members get this e-mail. Just say you don't have a printer if they ask.

      • Awesome, I'll give it a shot :) Thanks!

  • Menulog has prices for Red Rooster Baulkam Hills, which should be standard Australia wide….unfortunately "Guilt-Free Chicken Tender Wrap" is not listed:

    Flayva and Caesar Wrap are @ $7 so this should be similar I guess? 2 for $7 is not bad…..

    • From my experience, prices are not uniform Australia wide.

      Red rooster is more expensive in Canberra than it was in Perth

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    I think the title should be changed to BOGOF Tender's Wrap. For a sec I thought I could just purchase a drink and get a free wrap.

  • $7.69 I think.

    • +1


      • $7.69 in nsw.

        • Well, I guess that's why they don't put prices on the website. You guys pay 20c more than WA!

  • Thanks OP.

  • -1

    Whats the cheapest thing to purchase O.P?

    • Why is this relevant? There's only one product this related to.

    • Whoops!

  • -1

    Looks like Oportos wrap. Not surprising considering their the same company.

    • +1


      • +2

        +1 for you.

    • +1

      had no idea about this. had oportos once, was terrible, never been back. but love me some red rooter

  • Is this nationwide?

  • +1

    Why do they never publish prices in the first place. These are so overpriced if you bought them without the voucher.

    • +1

      None of the fast food chains want an online record of their price increases. The only McDonalds one is a bloke who took photos of his local menu for fun, never realizing what a useful archive it would be.

    • Not everything is a conspiracy theory. There maybe regional price variations due to differing expenses. Such as increased rent in some locations.

      • Why can't they just be upfront about it, it's really not hard to have prices easily accesible online so customers can make an informed descion. KFC does it and while not 100% accurate it's pretty good.

        • Ummm, I've just answered that question. You expect them to list pricing for each of their hundreds of stores? If you don't like it, you could always not go there.

        • KFC doesn't have a problem with it, you don't use a pen and notepad like the olden days.

        • @Davo93:

          If they did you'd have to find something different to complain about and we can't have that

      • What's the conspiracy theory? Price setting is a science driven process and one of the aims, without question, is to hide or mask decreases in value to consumers because (unsurprisingly) consumers don't like to experience this.

        This is what consultants are paid handsomely for because even tiny increases for the profits made per item means huge increases in profits on high volume items like fast food and groceries.

  • "100% guilt-free"

    Gee, they're really pushing the "hey you can eat food that will cause you to gain weight (but not face any inconvenient consequences)" message.

    The aim behind everything is to cause you to eat as much high margin food as possible. Just in case you're being a little lazy (happens to us all) and inferring this is a health message.

  • How do I know which stores are participating ?

  • +1

    Has anyone managed to get this deal today? Went to Maroubra RR and was told by the manager that there is a problem with the wraps. Apparently, head office took the wraps of the menu "due to cross contamination".
    Is this really the case or has the deal been ozbargained? Starving now…

    • +2

      Yeh, went to Red Rooster at Chullora and it was a no go. Same response.

      • +2

        all good in VIC

    • +2

      Just got an email from Red Rooster, due to stores being out of stock they have extended the deal to the 7th February and released a new voucher.

      • Circulating a voucher, then not having the stock and not replacing with anything, has to be illegal. People turning up at the shops and being given the option to go home or pay full price is a shocker. Should be added to the post.

  • If it were guilt free, it would be RSPCA approved

  • Would be a good deal if you can find a Red Rooster nearby… All the ones near me have reopened as Oporto's which is a real shame..

  • Got denied at Queens Plaza Brisbane. Was told it was popular and they had run out. Load of BS.

  • +1

    3 local ones in victoria all saying they dont have it , ones said there is a problem with them.

    Email head office

  • +1

    No good in Seven Hills and Blacktown, both not available due to short supply. Shit go from Red Rooster.

  • +3

    Just got an email from RR, deal has been extended due to stores running out of stock so quickly.

    Some of you may have noticed our stores are out of Guilt-Free Tenders. We are extremely sorry for the delay on this campaign and promise it will be worth the wait!

    Don’t worry, we've extended your buy one get one free voucher to finish on Saturday 7th February to make sure you have plenty of time to use it. We'll let you know when stores are back in stock. Just download the new voucher and bring it into store to get a FREE Tenders Wrap when you purchase a Tenders Wrap.

    New voucher is here:

    • Thanks for the updated version. Going to give them one more chance to honour this deal, just not on an empty stomach. I swear they've been ozbargained in NSW. Probs had to breed more chooks to come good on this offer!

      • Nah, I don't think they've been ozbargained, most likely a shortage.. these deals are sent directly to peoples mailboxes that sign up for the red club..

  • All good from clayfield qld.

  • Went in and they didn't have the tender wrap. Talked to the manager and she said this voucher has been pulled from head office since yesterday.

    • Ahh.. no… See bonezAU's comment above.

      Edit: Removed the link as it's in the description :)

    • lol fruit loop manager, should report the bish

  • Tried this out at my local RR. They were 'out of stock' of the tenders too.
    They kindly offered me BOGOF on an Flayva wrap instead. Fair enough I thought.
    He originally went to charge me $6.20 for the Flayva, then changed his mind and said because the Tender wraps are $7.50, he was gonna charge me that.
    So it was less BOGOF, more Buy One Get Another for $1.30. Bit cheeky I thought! :/

    • coincidentally I suggested this as a solution to the manager at Bass Hill is who refused to do anything about it. Will be making a complaint, just bad customer service

  • Tried again today and went to another Red Rooster store and they don't have the tenders and said the deal has been postponed to next month. That's two different stores and two different managers with no stock and saying the voucher is not valid.

    • Well I've been to two stores. One had the new wraps, the other gave me Flavors. Not really fair to neg the whole deal.

  • Does anyone have the updated Voucher link with expiry in February? My local store has these back in stock.

  • +1
    • Thank you very much for the new link.

  • Thank you OP. Tried it and it was very good.

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