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2x $20 Google Play Cards - $27.98 Shipped @ Ozstock



$40 ($20 x 2) Google Play Credit
Use towards millions of books, songs, movies, apps, and more from the Google Play store
Redeem on the Web or Android devices via play.google.com/redeem
Redeem Before 26 February 2015
Note: Redeem Code will be sent to your e-mail address in the next working day after your purchase

Package Includes:

2 x $20 Google Play Credit

I assume this is an oversight "Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for delivery"
No pickup

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  • Has anyone tried ozstock before? Wonder why 2-4wks..

  • Thanks I just bought one

  • Says this on the site itself

    Note: Redeem Code will be sent to your e-mail address in the next working day after your purchase.

    Can anybody confirm the google credit can be used on the phones and tablets as well?

    • Google play credit can be used on any Google play account including phones and tablets.
      Good news that it takes only 1 day and not 2-4 weeks for delivery of code. Seems to be a few offers like this around atm.

    • Do you mean to purchase a phone or tablet from the Google Play Store? If so, I would double check, because you couldn't a couple of years ago.

    • +12

      Not for devices.


      1. Limitations. Gift Card value may only be used for purchases of eligible items on Google Play. Limits may apply to redemption and use. Items ineligible for purchase using Gift Card include certain items in the “Devices” section of Google Play (e.g., phones, tablets and related device accessories) and certain subscriptions, see the Help Center for more information. The Gift Card may not be used on other Google properties or on third-party websites. The Gift Card is not redeemable for cash or other cards, is not reloadable or refundable, cannot be combined by you with non-Google Play balances in your Google Wallet account to make non-Google Play purchases, and the Gift Card cannot be resold, exchanged or transferred for value, except as required by law. If you have insufficient Google Play balances to pay for an item on Google Play, you may load another Gift Card to complete your purchase. GPAL may, in the future, provide functionality to enable you to purchase additional value using a credit or debit card so that you may complete your payment for that item. Once a Gift Card is purchased, the risk of loss and title for the Gift Card passes to the purchaser. GPAL disclaims all express or implied warranties as to the Gift Card and Google Play. Gift Card terms may be subject to change in our sole discretion, subject to applicable law.
  • hi all - is it possible to use this in international google play stores? I have a google account, but would like to buy from the Japan store? is the credit applied to my google account to use freely, or Aus stores only?


  • These cards are for AU accounts used only
    We have plenty in stock

    Because we are a memebers only online shopping store
    New customers will need to register to be able to make purchases

    Customer service team

    • +1

      is it possible to get a refund, i just paid for one ;(

  • +10

    No problems
    Please email your order details to [email protected]

    Customer service team

    • +3

      Cheers - email sent

      EDIT - wow, quickest refund ever.

  • I ordered 4 sets… once you apply the credit to your account it doesn't expire - perfect for when google do their full tv season / series sales like they did when Big Bang Theory was like $10 a season in HD…

    • +1

      … once you apply the credit to your account it doesn't expire …

      Go to Google Wallet and look for "expiring on …".

      • haha, yes my bad, effectively as long as you spend some of it (even a few cents) then it will remain active for another 2 years either the top up date or the last transaction (whichever is latest) from recollection…

  • Also, buying 3 sets would cost you $83.95 for $120 worth of credit… which would cover you for more than a year of Google Play Music subscription :P

    • can you put it towards that?

      • Yeah, if you've already got a subscription you would have to "cancel" it though first and then restart it using your credit as the form of payment. If you joined early and got the discounted subscription the price should stay the same as long as you don't let any time pass

  • Mate, we have specialists monitoring all the payments and orders
    If your bank account has been charged but the order status is not ticked at the same time
    Please be patient, it takes a while for the system to update

    Customer service team

  • Can you use this for in game purchases?

    • yep, shows up as a payment option when you try and make an in app purchase

    • Yes, except for hareware / devices

      Please check the comment from "chewkl" above

      Thank you

      Customer service team

      • When will this deal expire?
        Just to clarify, i mean when will be the last that I can purchase at this price from you, not when does the credit expire..

        • +1

          Sorry for the late reply
          We have contacted our supplier and we can extend the date at least 26/02/2015

          If we have new offers, we will post it out immediately


          Customer service team

        • Thanks, pay day is the 15th

        • @UserInterface:
          Buddy, If you have to wait till pay day to buy this credit may I recommend saving the money instead.
          No offence but there's nothing that important in the play store, is there?

        • @ozauctionbroker: Good news on the extension!

          OP or Mods, could you please update the expiry listed on the deal?

        • @dealman:
          Your assuming that I am only buying a few :D

        • @UserInterface:

          If you are buying a lot on that date
          Please email us at [email protected] on that day
          So far, we will let it closed by tomorrow and re-list next week or so

          Thank you
          Customer service team

          Email: [email protected]

  • Hi,
    just double check.
    After i buy this google play credit, how to apply to my account?
    select the redeem area?
    Also, how long it will stay there? or no expiry date?
    please let me know. thanks
    Sorry, i am new with this.

    Edit: could you please explain "These cards are for AU accounts used only"?

    • After you place the order and the redeem code will be sent to you in the next business day
      You will need the code to apply it to your account in the redeem area

      From the ad: Redeem Before 26 February 2015

      When you register in google play, you need to select region / country
      These cards are only to be used in Australia

      Customer service team

    • +1

      Once you buy it, you will get two sets of codes for $20 credit each.
      Make sure you sign into your google account first… then redeem the codes via "play.google.com/redeem"
      As for the expiry, I thought it is normally 1 year from redemption.

      And for AU account meaning it can only work on Australia Play Store.

      • sorry, how do I know if i go to google play store it is Australia Play Store? I only choose play store icon on my mobile>then enter my firstname, gmail address to register last time..
        or or how do i know if my account is Australia?
        because I didn't specify mobile number

  • How do people spend all that on apps?

    • I spend it on films and TV series, e.g. Game of Thrones

    • I use the credit to pay for the monthly music subscription (9.95 a month)

  • +1

    Hey, ozstockers, because this post was posted last night by one of our lovely customers
    Thank you very much for that

    Recently our management team has been adjusted, therefore all activities from Ozstock will be re-instated gradually

    If we have good bargains, we will post them here for sure

    By the way, this "2 X $20 Google Play Cards - $27.98 Shipped @ Ozstock" deal as what we said above, we will extend the sale date till 26/02/2015

    Feel free to follow our newsletters or website for more surprising bargains

    Thank you

    Customer service team

    Email: [email protected]

  • Good stuff. Any idea when the credit expires on Google's side of things ?

    • Once you redeem the credit, it sits on your account until your account is expired
      In this sale, Redeem Before 26 February 2015

      Customer service team

      Email: [email protected]

      • +1

        I redeemed the codes today, and they seem to have a one year expiry: "expiring on 26 Feb 2016" (according to Google Wallet).

        Your information is not correct. They have only approx. one year…!

  • +3

    This is actually the bare minimum that these cards can be sold for before they are sold at a loss by Google.

    Developers get 70% of the $40, which is ~$27.98, which is literally what you're paying for. :)

  • I ordered 3 via Paypal. Just waiting for the code :) cheers!

  • 34% after Qwibble/CB reward!..(+1 if it comes through:)

  • I have a $50 one (given as a xmas gift) that i'm unlikely to use, happy to flog for $30..

  • woohoo. just bought a lot :D

  • +2

    If you subscribe to Google Music, grab like 10 of these, as they're effectively a 30% discount on your google music sub, and will act as a buffer for buying apps until you run out.

    • Check your google wallet - despite checking here first with the Rep, I redeemed mine today and it says that balance is "expiring on 26 Feb 2016".

      • From what I've heard, the expiry will be bumped every time you dip into the funds.

  • +1

    Received and redeemed. Great deal thanks OP.

  • Ordered late yesterday. Still waiting for codes to come through.

    • +1

      Due to a very large number of purchases, our lovely customer service officers are currently on their max speed to send out the codes
      Sorry for the waiting

      Customer service team

      Email: [email protected]

      • Update. The codes have now come through and all worked sweet. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    got my redeem codes today. all good.

  • Got redeem codes :) Bought ten lots and now buying heaps of apps.

  • Got my codes, bought heaps of music. Thanks guys! might get a few more!

  • I received an email about Order (#51xxx) received from ozstock.com.au‏ but no redeem codes yet :(

  • I tried to redeem my codes today and get a "code already redeemed" message?!?!?

    • Due to a large number of purchases, a few codes might have been sent more than once
      Please forward your order details to [email protected] so that we can send you the new codes ASAP

      Thank you

      Customer service team

      Email: [email protected]

      • Thanks for the prompt reply and fix to the situation.
        Received the codes yesterday and all works fine.

        Great customer service!

  • Placed the order on the 4th, today is the 10th. No codes so far.

    Status said delivered on 6th….

    No joy…. :-(

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