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Dyson DC23 Turbine Bagless Vacuum $693 at Good Guys (Save $156)


Dyson DC23 Turgine bagless (Model Number: DC23ACTUSA)

Special available at 7 Good Guys stores I checked in NSW - around Newcastle and Sydney. I presume this is a state or nation wide special. Visit www.thegoodguys.com.au and choose your local store and then click on Laundry -> Vacuums.

I bought another much cheaper vacuum cleaner for a friend at the same time and bargained another $50 off each item.

This has a "turbine" head that runs on air pressure, not a motorised "power head" from the more expensive model that currently retails for over $1000. I personally am finding the turbine head just as good as a previous motor driven power head on another vacuum cleaner that just died. Seems to do a great job.

This model gets rave reviews at places like http://www.productreview.com.au/showitem.php?item_id=65154

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      While not as big a saving as I got….

      DYSON'S SUCK! DO NOT get one if you don't like finding out how much dirt really is in your carpet! Best vacuum cleaner I've ever bought. Even rips cigarette smoke smell out of a room!

  • I got this model a few months ago from GG for $690 :) You can buy the PowerHead for a little bit more if you want.

    Fantastic vacuum and a good deal when compared to other shops :)

  • Any sales on the new dyson fan?

  • Dyson prices here are way too high.

    Same product in USA is $399 (USD): http://www.dyson.com/store/product.asp?product=DC23-TURBINEH...
    And in the UK is £322.97: http://www.dyson.co.uk/store/product.asp?product=DC23-ANIMAL

    Not only are we paying way more (~AUD$200 more compared to USA, after GST and dollar conversion, and $100AUD more compared to UK), but we also get less for the money, most significantly… 3 years less warranty.

    Not a bargain, even if it is the cheapest in Australia.

  • Problem with buying from the US would be it would be 110v and not work here? The street price in UK is much less than on the Dyson site and they are same voltage as here so if you can get one into your suitcase it would be a bargain (not including the airfare though!).

  • I know "Dysons" can be expensive but I got one about a year ago (different model - mine was $800) and it's brilliant…it's amazing how much they pick up. Seriously so happy with it.
    No problems. Definitely a case of, if you want something which works great (quality), you have to sometimes pay a bit extra…definitely worth it in the long run.

  • I got the same model for $650 last month (negotiated price at Harvey Norman, Sydney CBD) with the free asthma and allergy kit by redemption - look out for by redemption deals with the Dysons, they are running more often then not.

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