Looking for a 10" Tablet - please help

Hi All

My Friend is looking for a decent 10" Tablet from a well reputed Chinese online stores.
I'm checking Gearbest website but kinda out of touch… so not sure which one to recommend.
Budget ~$100
OS> Android (Preferred) or WP8.

Please suggest.
Thanks heaps.


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    $100 budget means $77 USD due to weak currency, that's not going to get you anything… even if it did, it'd be something very dodgy.

    Like this Pendo Pad from OW. Please don't buy this one.

    Please see


      Thanks Scrimshaw, I'm sure my friend can extend the budget to $100USD…
      Any other tablets you can recommend within $100 USD?
      Thanks again.

      Edit: the Pendopad is not available at any of the OW stores nearby

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        None that I can personally recommend. You're welcome to try the many and obscure options from Aliexpress or Banggood or whatever… but caveat emptor.

        A $100 USD tablet will likely be of crappy quality. You get what you pay for and if it fails prematurely you really have no way of sending it back for repairs.

        some of the issues you will find with cheap chinese tabs are

        1. Poor battery life due to small battery and bad power management
        2. Glitchy and unstable software / firmware, random reboots
        3. A screen that may have defects (some areas not responding to touch, screens that show dead pixels, screens showing lines)
        4. a CPU/GPU that is not well supported and doesn't play certain games or apps
        5. and possibly worse of all the tablet is DOA and you can't really return it

        My recommendation would be this one
        It does exceed the budget by a little bit and it's not 10 inches, but looks relatively decent. The HP Stream 8 (RRP $199, but sells for $149 once in a while locally) is a good option too.

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        Target sells Pendos, as does Coles. I have two; a 7" and a 10", and I'm very happy with both. Depends what you want it for really; they're perfect for my purposes, and they're cheap.

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    Saw a 10" tablet at local aldi today for $49?? Would be el cheapo but that is all you will get at that price level any way.

    Understand that any tablet purchased from overseas will have to be returned at your cost if warranty is needed. Better off to just buy junk one locally so you can return it.

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    Some of the Zenithink tablets on eBay are around the AUD $150 Mark as well.


    Which one would be the best value "el cheapo" from a local store (so you can return if warranty needed)?


    has anyone heard of the chinese tablet brand "pipo"…….. opinions?

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