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Disney Pixar's RenderMan now FREE for Everyone (Was $495)


RenderMan is now free for all non-commercial purposes, including evaluations, education, research, and personal projects. The non-commercial version of RenderMan is fully functional without watermark or limitation. The full FAQ is here. Enjoy :)

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    Thanks TA. You love posting this one, don't you? :P

  • Domino 33!

  • I learned Houdini in uni.

    3DS Max, I have tried but not really can handle. anyone have tried both before?

    • plugins are for maya/katana only atm.

  • Was just about to post this haha, checked my emails too late ;)

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    Looks like they excluded Youtube ad revenue from their definition of commercial use, which means artists can legally monetize their Renderman works on Youtube, Vimeo etc. Although I'm not 100% sure, because "indirect revenue" implies YouTube incidentally placing ads on the videos rather than the "direct" approach of a YouTube creator switching on monetizing. Who knows. They kind of weasel-worded it, but I'm sure it'll be clarified in the days ahead.

    13. Are there any profit earning exceptions to the "Non-Commercial" use rule?

    Yes. Indirect revenue generating activities such as personal images or clips posted on YouTube or Vimeo that may result in advertising revenue are permitted. Please include a credit that your work was rendered with Pixar's RenderMan. If you are uncertain as to whether your requirement qualifies as non-commercial, please contact [email protected] for clarification.

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    I only wish this worked on 3DSmax..

  • Nice one.

  • How can I register?

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