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Armor All Wash & Wax 5L $14.99, Gearup 12 LED Headlight 2 for $12, 148 Pc Tookit $79 @ Repco

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  • anyone know what these are like.. purchase another brand for my mum from masters for 3x the price and its a pain in the @ss to recoil back.. that's the first thing i hear when i visit her..

    • It looks pretty nasty. I have the Pope 20m which is occasionally $99 (same as 10m) from Bunnings but haven't used it yet.

      Gardena is the rich people brand. Does anyone seriously pay $300 for a hose reel?

      • Nope everyone brought the Hozelock deal at Masters for $50!

  • I got one from the folks for Christmas. Retracts well. Only fault (and for some it will be a biggie) is the hose itself is 10mm so there will be a noticeable drop in water pressure when washing cars, watering etc.

    Fortunately the connectors are standard size so no problems with plugging wands, guns into them or plugging them into your tap.

    • Yep I got one last time for $39.95
      Not a bad unit. Bit have to agree with oldshepp shame its not standard size. Saying that I don't notice much of a dropin pressure. It great not having to wind up though

  • I bought the oil and filter on the front page

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    Forget the Multimeter, there's an equivalent at Jaycar for $14.95 (regular price): http://www.jaycar.com.au/Test-%26-Measurement/Multimeters/Di...

    … in fact I'm not sure how Repco are still in business! I mean sure the obvious alternative isn't much cheaper but they have more stores and I always seem to walk out of Repco disappointed. Maybe they're good for special order parts or something? I dunno but for the average Joe like me who just does basic filter, oil & brake pad changes and maybe the occasional bearing replacement here & there I can usually find everything I need elsewhere for less and usually not even on sale. I wonder how long they have left?!

    • Totally agree, every time I go in they have no stock. The brake pad and disc deal they didnt have for me car because its "not common" - I drive a 2006 Camry!!! lol.