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20% off Tech at Selected Retailers @ eBay


Starts at 08:00 (AEST) on 29 March 2015 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on 2 April 2015
20% discount (capped at $500) off the purchase price of Tech for up to 3 transactions (excluding postage)
Maximum of 10 items per transaction
The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect
Gift cards/certificates/vouchers are excluded
Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay coupon/voucher

Cameras (#625)
Computers/Tablets & Networking (#58058)
Electronics (#293)
Home Entertainment (#172176)
Phones & Accessories (#15032)
Video Games & Consoles (#1249)
Home Appliances (#20710)
Home, Personal Security (#41968)
Fitness Technology (#44075)

The Good Guys
Dick Smith
Appliances Online
EB Games
Futu Online
PC Case Gear
Betta Online
Ted’s Cameras

730pm 29 Mar: Dick Smith listings have mostly increased in price compared to pricing earlier today.

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  • Any good deals on the Logitech UE Boom?

  • +1

    Looking for a PS4, worth it?

    • +2

      only you can answer that.

    • Any chance you know if this works with the Samsung NX3000 ?

      • +1

        nah it won't. You should look at old manual lenses on ebay then get an adapter to suit the NX mount if you want good results for cheap

        • While I agree this is a magnificent way to get good glass cheap, it is worth explicitly mentioning auto focus and probably auto aperture won't work (which I realise you covered by saying manual, but some won't get).

    • Bought! thanks :D

  • -1

    I used to be a big fan of PCCG but their prices aren't competitive anymore, and they refuse to price match anymore.


    They've upped all the prices on their ebay store. Stuff 'em.

    • -1

      Just bought a Samsung 850 Evo 1TB SSD from them for $453, Good enough for a + from me…

    • +11

      Their ebay store is new and their prices on there have always been higher than buying directly from their website. Ebay/paypal fees are likely the reason. The price also includes shipping, even on pc cases.

    • +7

      Their eBay price includes shipping which is at least $15, so its a very small difference which could just be because of eBay fees

      • Ebay fees: 10% of sale price. PayPal fees: 2.6% + $0.30. That 10% fee on the sale price is what kills it.

        • +1

          they are big guy, they wont get charge 10% by ebay maybe around 3-5%

        • they wont get charge 10%


        • @Dagmar:
          4% over $200, 6% for everything else. Expand "Final value fees"

          This is taking into account if they are not getting special treatment from eBay (as which being cherry picked for this event might suggest)

          PayPal fees for Merchant III level is 1.1%

        • @Dagmar:
          Ebay Stores pay a lower commission but a monthly fee to have a store online.

        • Thanks for the source. 7.1% is still pretty high.

        • @Dagmar: I dont know how many % but logically, eBay will give them a lot of subsidies otherwise they all will be out from ebay. all of the retailers above is well established in online business.

    • +1

      After considering the eBay fee, PayPal fee, and postage, I think their eBay prices are fair (obviously not competitive because of the 10%+ fees from feeBay). I sell items on eBay from time to time. People need to understand that eBay is there to make profits.

      Reality is that this is more like 10% off, instead of 20% off.

      However, only a small portion of products are listed. The stores do seem to list items with higher profit margin.

    • You are wrong.

      They didn't touch the price since listing: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemRevisionDeta...

      Lol, don't see no free post on their site either

  • Was after Sennheiser Momentum on-ear or over-ear. The on-ears are gone from DSE. Oh well… will wait for another deal.

  • Hi guys,

    I'm in a difficult position at the moment to decide between: JVC 40'' $330 Full HD vs Panasonic 32" HD ready $280 at DickSmith. Could you please give me some advice on this? My room is about 20 m2. I'm a bit worry about JVC quality but Panasonic seems small and only HD ready.


    • +2

      Also unsure about JVC quality but I'd choose a full HD 40in over a hd 32inch.

      • I read somewhere that some crappy company bought the rights to the JVC name, it is not the same as the old JVC. I would wait to find a better deal on a name brand 32".

  • +6

    guys i would suggest before gettting ANYTHING from PcCaseGear that you check with msy, all of the msy prices seem to be lower already anyway and either on par/lower than after discount prices.

    i always get carried away and blindsided by supposed savings on sales, which is what they are trying to do.

    • +1

      Always compare to MSY, sale or not. Asus X99-A motherboard is $25 cheaper + free shipping at Pccasegear with the ebay sale.

    • +3

      Not everything - I'm looking for a Samsung 850 PRO SSD and once you include the 20% discount PCCaseGear is about $10 cheaper than MSY. Also, you don't have to deal with MSY…

      • MSY, I can have it within minutes, from one of many stores.
        PCCG (or any similar), 3 days+

        Buy today, send tomorrow, "attempt delivery" next day… then I have to pick-up from post depot 20min away THE NEXT DAY.

        Die Australia Post sub-contractor network!

        • That's true - I use MSY when I need stuff same day. However, MSY also involves me spending 30-60 minutes on the bus to get there, then 10 minutes of waiting in line, only to find that even though their website listed it as in stock, it won't actually arrive until tomorrow, followed by 30-60 minutes of bussing to get back.

          So for most things, Australia Post wins for me. (Also, I live 2 minutes walk away from my nearest Parcel Lockers. Winning.)

      • +1

        Samsung 850 PRO 512GB $369 @Massatech

    • just bought an asus 970 strix for $446.40 with pccg ($499 on MSY). i wished i never found out about ozbargain!

  • Hows kogan on camera warranty. Does it go back to Hong kong if theres isuues or do they have some one in Australia who services them. I want a nikon d810 and the price with the discount is very tempting. The only other one selling it is teds but at 500 more.

  • Anyone got a call from local TGG branch regarding Note 4 order? Was contacted by Auburn branch, informing no stock for Note 4 and unsure of how long it will take to receive the new batch.

    I thought it will be dispatched from TGG warehouse rather than individual store since there is only delivery option available on eBay. Anyone has similar experience?

    • +1

      Welcome to EBay stores' 'super profits day', where products are oversold, and buyers are left to ponder their options!

    • Got a call from the thomastown store 15 minutes after they opened to come and pick it up. Ordered at 8.00 a.m today.

    • They dont have a warehouse, stock is assigned to a store so it all depends on where you live

    • Looks like luck of the draw. Wonder if they will let me to swap stores but guess it will be too late as well since all the stock at other stores may have been already allocated by now. :(

  • +2

    Qantas Frequent Flyers - remember that right now the Qantas Points Online Mall has 4 pts per $1 for eBay spend.

  • Any decent computer speaker or surround speaker tech prices?

  • Damn it, really wanted to buy a couple WD RED 6TB drives from PCCG :( All gone

  • +1

    Quick guys…. The official link from DS website for
    Samsung Note 4 Edge Black/White has been taken off… but the eBay still works.


    Still let you click Pickup and Collect as long as they have stock!
    Just got one few mins ago.

  • awesome, picked up a gopro 4 silver for $400! (from good guys)

  • Is this for other stores than what is listed? I have seen on items not at listed stores, when viewing item it has under the payment and delivery information a box about the 20% off deal.

    • Add it to cart and try the coupon.

      • There is no option for coupon in the cart, tried with a lot of items also.

  • Any good sound bar deal for master bed room? around less then $300. THanks

  • Any good deal for Sony Z3 compact? Thanks

    • +2

      AU $425.94 after discount at kogan

      • Thanks happyantix. Is it the best price at the moment?

        • Seems to be!

  • Anyone know of any decent laptops out there? Looking for something sub $500 for word processing, internet browsing and minor video streaming.

    I usually have a bunch of internet browser tabs and excel workbooks open at the same time so need something that can handle all the activity without lagging like crazy.

    • your best bet would be Dell factory outlet. They sell really good refurbished laptops with 1 year warranty, and those have usually really good specs for under $500. Just keep checking out dell outlet every day and you will see good deals on Inspiron laptops

      • +1

        Thank you so much. That's a great idea - I never actually realised Dell had a factory outlet!

        • i bought a really decent inspiron 15 inch laptop from there for $350. It was shockingly good in terms of build quality and speed!

  • Apologies if this has been asked before:

    To save on postage costs, can we do local pick up from DSE ebay store?

    • -1

      Not from DSE's eBay store.

      • :(

        Thanks for the reply.

        • You can buy from dse ebay store and pick up from local dse store

        • @TRENT86: How do you do that? Could you provide the steps? Would really like to know. Being able to pick up from local dse store would be great.

        • @TRENT86:
          How is that?

        • +3

          @netsurfer: so you click buy now on product, on the next page look left hand side of page half way down and there is an option for standard delivery and right under it is click and collect, you just need to click it

        • @TRENT86: Thanks… Tried it and it worked.

        • +1

          Some items give you the option of click and collect but not all items.

        • +1

          @Donatello: Yeah not all but the majority :)

    • Some DSE items can actually use Click&Collect. But I don't think it applies to all items

      e.g. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Logitech-G440-Gaming-Mouse-Pad-/2...

  • +2

    DEll jacked up their price on the Inspiron 17 5000 series….it was only $899 last nite…and I couldn't use my VIP code again….NOT F*$#ing HAPPY!!!!


    Congrats to the 26 buyers who scored it last nite using the VIP code…

    • I also had issues with the VIP code i was given but ended up using the VIP24H one floating about on here which worked fine.

  • -1

    Pretty weak offering from EB games.

    • Their second hand iPhones seem okay (after 20%), but problem with second hand iPhones is you don't really know the condition of the iPhone. But no iPhone 5S.

      • If it has the same conditions as buying from in-store or their online store you can just return it if you're not happy

    • The Nintendo 3DS games although a limited set are at a good price with the discount. You would be hard pressed to find a cheaper EU (PAL) version online.

  • Are cameras sold through Kogan considered 'grey'?

    Can I claim duty free buying from Kogan?

    • grey

    • It should say in the listing if it's coming from Australian stock or international. Obviously if it's Australia stock you will pay GST and can claim that back through TRS. If it's international stock, no.

    • Who knows with Kogan?? They've got form for switching listing:


  • Hi. Can someone tell me where to put the code while purchasing? I can't find where to put the code. Please help

    • Add to cart. Then there's an option.

    • add to cart
      input code at checkout page

    • proceed to checkout mate

    • thanks all.

  • I was looking at this Xbox One controller and it is not from the list of shops but it still shows the deal on the item page
    Don't know if this means it will work or not on other shop items.
    Also can't try coupon in cart, no place to put it.

    • That store isn't part of the deal, but try this one http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/330766790206
      Also remember when you add an item to your cart you must proceed to checkout to enter the coupon.

      • Why do some items from other stores have the deal in description?

        • Ive seen that also but i'd say eBay/Paypal advertising most likely.

  • Just went to a NAB deposit ATM to put no ey into a account, and realize the Note 4 will probs be out of stock by tomorrow @Goodguys. Hope Dicksmith have it in stock.

    Time to sign up for internet banking so I don't have to wait in the future.

    • +8

      Do you store all your cash stuffed into your mattress??

      • Memory foam ones

      • Its called a secret vault behind an extra large picture…. oops, I said to much. I just don't wanna use credit.

        • Pay with paypal and then do bank transfer instead of cc option. It used to take me 3-4 days for the transfer to go through.

  • I'm after a s5 upgrade from an s2 for me.its from overseas my s2 and has worked fine no issues here in oz,im told you need to watch what model you buy and where etc.
    I don't really know much about grey imports and au stock but is there a difference apart from prices and I believe warranty?
    I have seen 900 and 900i and also dual sim,is a dual sim worth considering?
    I may or may not be still in australia in 4 months time and move back overseas so a au stock model might not matter as warranty will be void once away.
    If I do end up being here longer then warranty maybe usefull,but do these really have issues,in the the years I have owned phones never had issues with any and my s2 still going strong.

    Have many of you got phones from Kogan what's your thoughts?

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