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[Starts Saturday] Google Chromecast $38 or $33 after Sign up Credit @ Harvey Norman


Available on Saturday 28/3/15 only. Sign up for the $5 credit here Best to sign up now so you have your voucher code ready for tomorrow. People have reported it can take minutes, hours or even days to receive it. I received mine within 20 minutes this morning. Voucher code is valid for 100 hours.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +5

    Thanks op. With the 6 months free presto I got yesterday, chromecast is a must.

    • +2

      haha just signed up for that last night and wanted to buy one for it! divine intervention?

  • Thanks U1. Nice post :)

  • Thanks for the post , would you mind putting full picture as well. How do we confirm that this is from HN?

  • Great

  • This msg keeps coming out: 'Sorry! There was an unexpected error. Please try again.'

    • Doesn't start until tomorrow.

      • I mean the signing up thing - seems like we can do it now?

    • I had the same thing, but the email came through anyway

    • (This msg keeps coming out: 'Sorry! There was an unexpected error. Please try again.')..
      Reason is U already signed with the same email.. As per HN chat this morning..

      • yeah thx! it actually came out the first time so I thought there was something wrong - anyway the email came through alright after half an hour :>

  • Another chromecast for bedroom :)

  • got it last month on the same deal. Ordered online and did click and collect. Voila, $33 Chromecast :D

  • +2

    Finally going to take my Chromecastinity.

  • -2

    The Harvey Norman websites lists this for $46. Does the price drop occur tomorrow?

    • Reads first words on the listing… Available on Saturday 28/3/15 only.

      • Last time even it said so but I still manage to bought it on Sunday online.

  • Chromecast is still in Beta for desktop mirroring (casting) and doesn't transfer sound, just picture.
    I was trialling this today with a workmate's dongle (for presentations) & hence will not be buying it.
    Looks like I'll have to continue with HDMI cable or get Apple TV (which is relatively bulky)
    Anyone know of a simple & reliable dongle that mirrors sound & picture?

    • Just thought of a handy feature… if it does it… can mirror my PC screen (how is with games/movies?) and wifi the audio to the receiver….

  • +1

    It works fine audio and video via a android device. I watch stan and netflix no issues on my tv. If that helps.

  • What is postage on this thing?

    • Site estimates $5.95 for me. Might be different with different locales, though.

  • Am keen to replace a WDTV with this if possible?

    I use Serviio as my DLNA server on my pc…can I then use an app like BubbleUPnP(?) on my android phone to send local content (music / tv shows etc) from my pc to the Chromecast?

    Is it limited to particular file formats / containers?

  • 4 hours later still waiting for my code…

    • +1

      I have spares. If you don't receive it by midnight PM me and I will send you one.

  • I won't let me sign up? It's just saying there was a problem…?

  • Do I need to have Plex Pass subscription to use Plex on Chromecast? I have a smart TV but that app requires a Plex Pass sub.

    • I've been using my Chromecast to stream video from my local Plex server using the android app on my phone. I don't have subscription, nor in-app purchase.
      I also just did a 30 second test streaming from Chrome on my desktop; that seemed to work too.
      Do all Smart TV apps require a subscription? I hadn't realised (and was planning on using this on a Samsung TV).

      • Seems like Samsung doesn't need Plex Pass. I have an LG one. You might want to do your own research because I'm new to this version of Plex and Smart TVs

  • Signed up last night and still no email or code.

  • Thanks OP.
    My email code arrived within 5 minutes, but ended up in Spam folder.
    Anyone else waiting for theirs might be worth checking all your email folders.

    • +1

      Their signup system is very strange sometime very fast sometime never arrive lol.

  • It's good you don't need a cheap universal remote to control the google chromecast http://www.dicksmith.com.au/logitech-accessories ( in case anyone felt like writing up this deal - use quick10 for a further 10% off. I'm getting lazy)

  • Can I use the $5 code with my old HN account or have to create a new one?

  • its 28 still shows as $49 and is there any generic code

  • Deal is active now.. 12.01am

  • Bought one!

    The page shows $49 (because its cached!). Just add it to cart and it will show $38.


    • +1

      The link has been updated now.

  • Got one too :) thanks OP

  • +3

    I'm getting "This product is currently out of stock."

    • I'm getting that too, even though all my local stores are showing up with stock.

    • Ditto!

    • +3 same. However, it says that it's in stock at all listed WA stores when you check the click and collect.

    • reckon harvey norman caught wind of OZB?

  • ditto!

  • At the bottom of the 'Super Saturday' page on the HN website it was initially showing the $38 price but now when I refresh the page it shows as $49. Do I suspect a HN stuff up somewhere along the lines?

  • +1

    looks like instore only now….

  • +2

    Instore only…
    Harvey Norman are such assholes.

  • Can't add to cart. Can you still use the coupon in store?

    • Don't think so. That's why dodgy HN made it in store only.

    • Sooooo dodgy. I feel like getting a pricematch elsewhere so HN does not get my sale.

      • Not a bad idea, where to go?

        • Protest purchase for $39 delivered via Stan/DSE?

        • I'm heading to Miranda today, will try JB. Otherwise I'm off to give Gerry my coin.

        • +1

          @muncan: ended up paying $29 at DSE via Stan code with click and collect

      • I done just that. Dropped into my local JB Hifi (5mins drive) on the off chance they would price match the HN deal and save me a 15mins drive. It wasn't a problem at all. Picked one up off the shelf, took it to the counter, flashed the HN price from their website on my phone and was home before you could say Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

  • +1

    Hmmm, check out all the other products that you can't add to cart in the Super Saturday deal… www.harveynorman.com.au/promos/supersaturdaymar15
    (clue: only one product)

  • +3

    Very dodgy. A few were able to get it when the deal went live just after midnight. If Gerry wants to play games like this I suggest you use the HN advertisement to price match elsewhere. $38 is still a good price, however I have marked the deal expired in protest.

  • It's no more available online :(
    Are you sure that I'll get 6 month presto?

    • The presto deal is here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/187846. I noticed they have changed the offer from 6 months to 3 months now. Lucky I got in early.

      • They changed everyone to the 3 month plan. Check your billing info.

        • That's ok. Something is better than nothing.

  • Bought a chromecast from HN 2 months ago and it just died all of a sudden. Claim warrantee with Google. Took a week and 3 phone calls to sort out. Not the easiest process but my new device just arrived. Hopefully this one last a little longer

  • +2

    Better deal for Chromecast here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/188144

    • Yep, thanks - just purchased!!

      • Same here, better price too.
        If HN wants to play silly games like that other vendors will get my business.

  • Not sure why it's marked expired - but I successfully ordered just now.

    • Yes, it seems the "Add to Cart" button has been restored. Also, this is no longer the cheapest deal available right now. Harvey Norman screwed this one up.

  • $46 today. What a surprise. Ozbargain fails again.

  • I was able to use my code and the price was still $38 for me… Just brought my second one! Thanks OP!

  • Picked mine up today after ordering last night for $33. Very impressive little device :)

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