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Acer Aspire E5-571 i7-4210U 8GB RAMLaptop $638.40 after Coupon ($539.40 after $99 Cash Back) @ Dick Smith eBay


Part of the eBay 20% off tech deal.
Edit: Keeps going in and out of stock, and Dick Smith create new listings each time. Is now available again at 11.46am Victorian Time.

Was $897 yesterday, now down to $798. Use the tech code to bring price down to $638.40 if doing click and collect or add $9.95 for delivery. Then claim $99 cash back bringing price down to $539.40.
Looks like an amazing deal for a mid range Windows laptop.
Model is E5-571G-79XU, more detailed specs below:

Windows 8.1 64-bit installed and activated
Intel Core i7-4510U @ 2.0GHz with turbo boost to 3GHz
15.6" HD 1366 x 768 Widescreen LED with super slim design
1GB Nvidia GeForce 820M
1TB Hard Drive
No Optical Drive
2 x USB 2.0 ports
1 x USB 3.0 port
SD Memory Card Reader
Inbuilt webcam and microphone
Wireless 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth
HDMI, VGA, gigabit Ethernet and audio out ports
Weight (Approximate) 2.50 kg

I know a lot of people will mention the low screen res, but this machine has a 4th gen i7, 8gm ram, with a dedicated GPU as well as a 1TB hard drive. Seems like you cant go wrong for the $s.

Cash back is supposedly available until 30th April as outlined here.

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  • +3

    The display :(
    Otherwise a killer PC for the price :D

    • +4

      The GPU is only about as fast as Iris Pro 5100, meaning in most games it will struggle to play at even 1024 x 768.


      Also the performance of the i7-4210U processor is roughly the equivalent of a i5-5200U (Broadwell Gen), and may actually be slightly lower, because of it's capped 1.9ghz clock speed.

      But pretty decent price if you're after a cheap Core i5 equivalent lappie.

      • +2

        That nvidia 1GB gpu feels meaningless if the integrated graphics is almost as fast so I wonder if they couldn't have dropped it off to shave price by $$

        • +6

          Because people see the i7 label and the dedicated GPU and they start thinking this is "high end"

        • +3

          Marketing at work. Discrete GPU + i7 makes for a selling point. If they can throw in even a cheap weak-ass GPU and peddle to the masses that the laptop has "1GB of graphics! Core i7 gets that shit done!" that gets the people listening.

          Core i5 with IGP makes people go 'meh, what's so special about this laptop'?

        • +1


          So you're not too impressed with this model overall I take it?

        • Don't get me wrong, $540 is a decent for a machine like this. I'd probably buy it if I was after a bang-for-buck desktop replacement machine. But it wouldn't fit your needs if your intention is to play games with it, or do heavy duty processor intensive work, since it's suited to neither.

        • @scrimshaw:
          You sounds like an expert.

          Would you recommend it for design students and programmers? I'm talking about the processor.

          Also how would it be for casual gamers?

      • +1

        I don't think the CPU matter too much in the sense that the i7-4510 is perfect with low power consumption for everyday use and capable of performing high end tasks too..

        What this PC needs is an SSD drive. It will be make this thong fly as high as a top end $1500 laptop

      • BTW the CPU is i7-4510U NOT 4210U.. this is a typo in the heading.

        • +1

          Yeah, my fault there. In the description I had it right. I cant update the heading, must be too many characters or something. The title has been changed around a few times since I posted.

    • +2

      yep im forever looking for a cheap laptop but cant bring myself to spend even as low as this because of the display…

  • If only it had a DVI-D or Displayport, then I'd snap this deal. Was planning on using it with a Dell 27" high res.

    • +2

      hdmi no good?

      • +1

        Probably needs 1080+

        • +2

          yeah i wouldnt sully a Dell QHD with an Acer

    • +1

      lame excuse lol.. no laptops these days have these ports. Just use the HDMI port or get a convertible cable (DVI-D to HDMI) - they cost $4

  • +1

    Yes havok44 is right, HDMI input is 1080p max, whereas screen is 2560x1440.
    Hence I could have forgiven the low res screen on the Acer.

    • I have a Dell E7240 latitude going into a Dell monitor at 2560 x 1440 through HDMI. The screen flickers on and off every now and again. Can't predict it. Does it on 1920 x 1080 as well. If the limitation of the HDMI port impacting this? I hadn't heard of this before.

      EDIT: Just found my monitor (U2713H) supports 2560 x 1080 over HDMI.

  • Might buy this I can get another 70 back trs.. Brings it down to 469 not a bad price.

    • Pardon my ignorance - how? :-)

      (Ignore that - haven't been overseas for a while!)

  • +2

    Hesitated and it's sold out now lol.

    • Just tried now and can still buy (morning of 31/03).

    • back on stock now….

  • +2

    25 sold since 29/3/15. When I called on Saturday enquiring about stock levels there were 13 alone at the Nunawading store.

  • How does this compare?
    Is the CPU terrible?

  • +4

    Is this the same machine? If so still available:

    • Yes still available. Would love a smaller SSD rather than 1TB hard drive in a laptop. Ah well.

      • I too would like to know if same machine as title above states i7-4210U and the ebay link is for an i7-4510U.

        Just wondering what the difference is as there is a 17 inch with the same i7-4510U that interests me?

        4210U…. out of stock 4510U …. In stock

  • Thanks powerhammer. Came here disappointed that I missed out. Left with a new laptop.

  • Thoughts on this laptop vs this one ( http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-Inspiron-15-3000-Series-HD-L... )?
    Is Dell much more reliable than Acer?

    • At this price bracket, not really.

      Edit: The i7 in the Acer is a little misleading, comparing the two processors they are actually quite similar. If the Nvidia GPU wasn't installed I would choose the i5 (which has a faster Intel GPU).

      • thanks for the reply

  • op can you please post details on how to claim cash back please

  • Only 1 USB 3.0 port? :(

    • Yep, that and no AC wifi are the two main things I'm not prepared to live without (for my next laptop).

      The HDD can be swapped out for an SSD and the 4th Gen i7 would serve my needs.

  • All good op,
    guys must make purchase today to be eligible for cash back
    here is claim page

    • So we can purchase it today, and have enough time to apply for cashback when we receive it?

      • There were another 20 sold this morning, if none of them were you, you've missed out again. Unless Dick finds more stock.

      • Yes must be purchased today but I am pretty sure claim can be made till few days later

    • Pick up day isn't today. Do you know what's the day on invoice? Order day or pickup day?

      • +1

        Pick up day. But don't worry. That was an argument I was making today but the DS website is not accurate. I have just called a store and have verified the part number of this is NX.MLBSA.004. So cash back details are as follow:
        15 Jan 2015
        30 Apr 2015
        Aspire E5-571G-79XU $99 Cashback (N1060)

        So cash back is valid until 30th April 2015

        • +1

          Thanks a lot.Just got an email, the order is now ready for collection.COOL

  • Seems to have ended now.

  • noooooooo!!! do you think they will get more stock?

  • i wish i can upgrade ram to 16gb, and put another hdd in it

    • I have 16 gigs because mine came with it… But why would you (or i) need 16? Or anything near 16?

  • Do they stock this laptop in store? May get one for gaming and downloading purpose. My Mac can be liberated from Dota then.

    • yes I have seen it in store

  • no doubt the price is good for an average user, but you can see where they saved money, the crap-tastic lcd, just 1 USB3.0, no AC wifi, heck, they even left out the dvd drive which is unusual for a 15.6" chassis

    • +1

      Leaving out a DVD drive is the trend even for a 15.6

      Nothing to complain, at least for an owner of rMBP and Sony's pro 13.

  • So the GST will base on $798, right?

    So good price another $80 GST refund if you have an ABN.

  • if you shop thru Qantas mall, I believe it's 4 point/$ spend currently

    netting about 2,550 QF points

    • Yeah, good pickup. I purchased mine through there and paid with amex as well. Would it go on the $798 price making it 3192 points

  • Just got sms from dicksmith to pickup ! Hopefully can get there in time after work

  • sold out AGAIN…

  • -1
  • Would Windows 7 work fine on this? (i.e. are there W7 drivers available for the hardware?)

    • +1

      Should work but anyway sold out now.

    • +1

      I found Windows 7 drivers for it on the Acer site.

  • Thanks Op, great deal :)

  • Good deal. Thanks OP!

    The cashback claim requires mailing documents (copy of receipt, original SNID barcode, claim form) to Acer. They take no responsibility of lost mails, which means if the mail is lost, we won't get any cashback. What mailing method would you recommend? Registered mail with insurance?

    • Ill just be using registered. Cost about $3 on top of the costs of the letter, and you will be able to see when it arrives.

  • great price!

    does anyone know where you can get a caddy to fit in the optical drive so you can install a second HDD (SSD)?

  • Do u need eBay pick up email? Have not received it

    • Yes you do. I had the same problem and called the store to give them a hurry along. Looks like they are not always checking for ebay orders.

  • anyone in brisbane decided to change mind, i'll be happy to take it. Thanks.
    also any other similar deal, can anyone recommend please?

  • I just picked up mine, and found that the bottom right corner goes dark when I tilt the screen down :-(. Have to restart to reset it.

    Back to the store I guess!

    Update: found that it only happens if pushing the screen from the top left corner. It seems because of the thin plastic casing, the screen twists quite a bit. Have to fully close and have the screen turn off, and then open again to have the screen come back to normal.

    Be good to know if other people are having the problem - or am I just lucky :-).

    • DSE swapped it over - no problems now. Also the touchpad stopped working on the firs tone - must have been a real dud!

      • Geez you were lucky. Opened the screen to find excessive screen damage, pixels leaking from the top of the frame. Looks like a bomb has hit it. Will be taking it back to DSE, I don't know whether its worth getting a replacement or refund..

        • Wow - that's impressive :-).

          Turned out the touchpad issue is a driver issue, and still happening on the new one. Driver needs to be reinstalled.

        • @jvaghani: Ok thats good to know. Picked up a brand new replacement which works perfectly. Don't use the trackpad, mouse is suffice I reckon.

  • I have received my order today. Not the best laptop i ever had, but for this price and specs it is a real bargain.
    johnno1987 thanks for sharing.

  • anyone else having issues with the wifi dropping out?

    • Yeah, my kid just mentioned today that it's having trouble with the WiFi. Will take a look when I can get it out of their hands :-).