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Buro Metro Task Chair $252.60 ($237.60 + $15 Shipping) @Australia Post / OfficeMax


Edit 3:
The sale has ended and the price is now $369 ($354 + $15 shipping). Hope everyone that ordered enjoy their chair/s ;) Also, thanks for all the kind words and up-votes :)

Hi all, first post so let me know if I need to edit anything.

I have been hunting for a good office chair for a while, and this seemed to have been discussed positively on the Whirlpool forums. AusPost seem to use OfficeMax, and Google cached results show this chair was $319 previously. Other places are slightly more expensive:
- Staples: $349
- Officeworks: $379

I did a simple search on Ozbargain and could only find these ones:
- Staples: $299 (Jan 2015)
- Staples: $279 (Jan 2014)

Please note that shipping was $15 only for metropolitan areas (Category B on their website). Also, AusPost and OfficeMax have their own separate (albeit pretty much the same) website anyway.

Notable Features (Copied from previous deals):
- Australian Made
- Suitable for 8hr usage
- 150kg Usage Capacity
- 10 yr warranty

While there have been reports of success using Officeworks' price-beat in the previous Staples deals (eg. Curiosity, knackers), Overtime2000 has kindly attempted but not been as lucky (see posts below). I have ordered mine already from AusPost, but if someone does have success please let us know <3

Edit 2:
xeion had success with Officeworks: $237.60 + $25 shipping (?Country) = $262.60. OW 5% off: $249.47
So theoretically for Metro shipping: $237.60 + $15 shipping (Metro) = $252.60. OW 5% off: $239.97

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  • For those that have theirs, did you get a dispatch email before receiving?

    • They called me in the morning to confirm pm delivery.

      • Still waiting for mine (VIC, Metro). Did they call you on a private number?

        • From the delivery guy's mobile to mine.

        • +1


          I was still sleeping and missed his call - he came anyway lol.

  • Arrived my front door :-) melbourne
    Hope this as great as reviews

  • Just spoke to Office Max. Looks like there's a backlog and my estimated delivery is before 20 April… :-(

    I ordered around 9:30pm on 31 March

    • Thanks for posting this. Looks like i ordered at the same time as you so I can forget about getting it tomorrow.

      • I ordered at 9:10 and it came on Tuesday.

        • I believe it depends on the warehouse the order has been allocated to. Looks like plenty of stock in QLD.

    • Yep, I got an estimate of 10-15 working days from them.
      So much for; "you will be charged for your order on dispatch of goods".
      I've been charged but it looks like it's not dispatched.

      • Spoke too soon. Chair just arrived via courier. No phone call, no tracking.
        Came in a box. Easily assembled. Seems good so far.

  • Received mine in a regional area today. Very happy with the transaction except it is made in Taiwan not Australia as the op stated.

  • Mine.. Got noticable scratch at the base.. The metal paint peel off too.. Replacement avaialble for another 5-10 business days..

  • If anyone who's in Sydney and interested in mine (yet to be delivered), please PM me.
    Damn impulse purchase!

  • +2

    Finally have a working chair at home! Here is a brief report, may/may not be helpful for those awaiting delivery:
    - My location: Vic (Metro)
    - Tues 31/03/2015: ~4:30pm Order placed at Australia Post website
    - Tues 31/03/2015: ~5:09pm Confirmation email received
    - Wed 01/04/2015: Bank account was charged (Or the Tues. I panicked and checked whenever I first saw padman's post)
    - (Easter Long Weekend)
    - Wed 08/04/2015: Attempted delivery (4 business days). 1 missed call, but Google says it's just a telemarketer number
    - Thurs 09/04/2015: Manual pickup from Australia Post outlet 20-30 minutes drive from home…

    Contents Overview:
    - Received in a cardboard box. Heavy-ish. Can fit into back seat of a Civic. Invoice in sleeve outside. Have not noticed any serious defects to base/other (yet)
    - Included single A4 page instructions fairly straightforward. Instead of following it completely I just placed Seat on top of [Gas lift + Base + Castors], then proceeded to work on Backrest section.
    - A Phillips (+) screwdriver is required to attach the Backrest Post Bellow screws. Otherwise the chair can be assembled with what is provided (I believe the M5 Allen Wrench and accompanying parts are in the outer pack, while the M6 Allen Wrench should be in the inner pack with the longer Backrest Tight Screw)
    - Assembly time: 45mins - 1 hour. Took a bit longer when I thought one of my washers had a manufacturing defect, but then discovered 2 other similar washers. Works out fine once you tighten the screws.
    - Could not see "Made in Taiwan" anywhere on it. Granted, I wasn't looking too seriously (since building chair > dinner) but if people are annoyed about that I can remove it from the original post (Apologies for not checking; I only Copy+Pasted from previous deals).

    - Over the last 30 minutes I'm finding it to be a nice and comfortable chair. $250 seems expensive but a) It's on special by ~$30-$130; b) $25 x 10 years (warranty). YMMV
    - Gas lift seemed a bit weird initially.
    - Armrests feel rickety due to its ability to adjust height.

    • Did you have to do any adjustments to the mechanism? I thought my chair was broken. The seat angle and back adjustment levers were stuck in the up position, so you could only push the levers down to make adjustments. But, the adjustments could not lock.

      Eventually, I figured out that I could loosen the levers by adjusting the nuts on the mechanism. I wish this was mentioned in the instructions. Anyway, all is good now. I am happy with the chair.

  • Just called them up. I ordered mine on 1st of April. Seems like they have a few in the warehouse that they are planning to send out today and next week. The person on the phone said it will be there in 5 days.

  • If anyone from Melb doesn't like their new chair feel free to pm me :)

  • looking for a new chair for the study, is this chair better than the bayside mesh office chair at costco for around 170?

    No rush at the mo, so could probably wait a wee bit for the Buro to go on sale again if its better.

  • My two chairs finally arrived yesterday. Some scratches on the base, but nothing major. Yes it's made in Taiwan as per outside of box. Only noticeable problem with the chair is that my partner's feet are dangling even on lowest setting (i.e. chair too high).

    • Bet you're wishing you didn't throw out those yellow pages now! :)

  • Anyone in adelaide got theirs? Rang them and they said they couldn't give an exact shipping date and to call back if I haven't got it in 15-30 days….

    • Im in SYD

      called them up today and they said there was a attempted delivery last Friday. Will be delivering again today.

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