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Crumpler Sale Including Dry Red 10 (Carry-on Luggage) ($136 from $195) - David Jones


Hi, first time poster here.

Went shopping in david Jones today and saw they have Crumpler on sale. Both stores and website.

Don't know how long would last. Would think over Easter at least.Good deals for Crumpler fans like me.
Checking online they have several dry red items on sale.

Dry red 1 ($45 from $65)
Dry Red 2 ($66 from $95)
Dry Red 3 ($185 from $265)
Dry Red 5 ($157 from $225)
Dry Red 7 ($105 from $150)
Dry Red 8 ($122 from $175)
Dry Red 9 ($227 from $325)
Dry Red 10 ($136 from $195)
Dry Red 11 ($276 from $395)

Link here

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • That's a great deal. I only just picked up the Dry Red 9 a couple of weeks ago when Westfield had the 15% discount. That was $276.25.

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    what makes these to be good luggage seeing you are a fan? Are they super lightweight and have a good warranty (ten years or so). David Jones doesn't have any of that info.

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      Lifetime (awesome) warranty. Solid construction, fairly lightweight (but not as light as say Samsonite).

      My old Crumpler carry-on got bumped in the airport and the handle was bent making it annoying to put in/out. Walked into the Crumpler store and got it replaced with the newest model no questions asked on the spot.

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      I love the lifetime warranty and the design. Granted the design is not for everyone but you can definitely feel the quality of the bag from the build of the zipper and stitching.

      Bought my first laptop crumpler bag back in 2008/09 sometime and used it nearly everyday for a couple years with my laptop. It did protect my laptop from the rain and while I didn't literally drag it thru the mud, the colour didn't fade. Only after a few years after one of the straps finally gave way, I brought it back for repair in world square sydney. They fixed it for free no questions asked. ( they sent it back to Melbourne to have it stitched back up so had to wait a week or so. Colour hasn't faded and feels just as new as when I bought it. I may not have trekked a mountain with it but city/work use is just perfect for me.

      Only thing I would agree on the downside is its not light. Actually heavy and dry red collections going thru airport conveyor belt will get a stain. Its not stain proof. That's why personally I'll use it for just carry-on, slings and backpacks.

    • Also reminded me of this YouTube clip of a unofficial test of durability of camera bags, Crumpler included. Its nothing fancy but I thought it was funny and interesting.

      Camera Bag Durability Test pt. 1 (Crumpler, Domkeā€¦: http://youtu.be/S0wLqStdXNw

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    i personally like crumpler gear, but refuse to buy it in australia because of their ridiculous mark-up. Crumpler boutiques in Singapore or HK have their regular prices at around 50-70% of Australian prices.

    • Thanks for this comment…I'll be heading to Singapore in few weeks…ah…I think i promised wifey I won't go on a spending spree…….Plan probably in ruin now.. ;)

      • Well given that you're travelling light going there so as to allow HER to do some shopping while there, she's going to need a bag to bring it back in, isn't she?

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          Here's the kicker: I'm going there alone - for business ;)

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      I was in Singapore last month, the prices werent any cheaper, probably due to the shittiness of the AUD though.

  • Cheers for posting this. I brought one of the camera bags from B&H sale posted on OzB at 1/2 Oz price and am very happy with it. Although crumpler is very expensive a 30% discount for something of this quality makes it a value proposition. I'll hit up DJ's for a laptop bag. Does anyone have anything to say about choosing between a Dry Red 7 or 8?

    • I bought the dry red 8 today. that's why I saw the sales. Dry red is up to 15inch laptop and dry red 8 is for 17 inch laptop. Think that's pretty much about it.

  • Sweet, I'll go for the 8 just in case I ever have a 17" laptop.

  • is this online only? pity they are closed tomorrow.

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      Both stores and online. The dj store in Hornsby NSW where I bought my bag had the same price as online.

  • Nothing much left at DJ's Elizabeth St. Managed to get the last Red 8 on the shelf at the sale price and the women working there said that was all there was. She seemed like a drop kick though so maybe you can get some deals online.

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