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Win a Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop (Valued at $2,199ea) from Lenovo



Closing Date 30/04/2015


Description The two entrants on the winning team shall each receive one Lenovo Y50 laptop
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $4,398.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Recruit/Referral

This is actually the first time I've seen this comp myself. Looks good.

My code is 2DA55.

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  • @c0balt used yours. Mine's 85BD9

  • 26D8F is mine - Thanks in advance!

  • Used yours omni. Sorry djEthen - clicked your link, but you didn't provide a code to enter.

    In my case, if anyone feels to… You're supposed to click here:

    Then my code is is:


  • here is my code. 78EA0

  • 1B463 is my code.

  • Used yours: @laughingwithu

    Here is mine: B6096

  • Used yours noob999.

    Here's mine: 969C4

  • Used yours lilkid28

    Mine's D2A87

    • used yours chris.

      Mine is D761B

  • Used yours Little Katie

    Mine is AAE14

  • 0DD65

  • used, mine is CBDA9

  • -my code is 22297 , I used @Aminos's code , should come through as Tracy :)

    • used yours, mine is F295A

      • used yours cowiie , mine is 97945 cheers

        • sorry i think mine should be WINAY50 cheers

  • E7B7A <3

    • used yours


      • Used chronical176, here's my code thanks!


        • Tried to use yours Jasongood but wouldnt work :( so used Chronical176 mine is


        • @kateandco:
          Used yours
          mine is

  • Used OP post
    Mine's EDE70

  • Thanks, mine is:

    • Used, mine is 4D6CA

      • Used your code, mine's F833E

        • Used your code, here is mins: 0DC3A

        • @GainGuru:
          Used yours. Mine is 82957

  • Used Jared17.
    Mine is 0C7F4

    • Used Flies
      Here is mine> 18A70

      • Used yours
        Mine is 185d5

  • used
    use this E5F0B

    • Used Keyane
      Mine is 73042

      • Used yours
        Where do you the code, got an email but no code

  • Used 73042
    Mine E5916

  • Used: E5916
    Mine: 14222

    • Used yours bluechan
      Mine: 44718

      • Used yours fwiyono
        Mine: 2B66D

        • Used dreamteam. Here is mine: DAB16

        • +1

          Used 721411's. Here is mine: A8B1D

        • @DrSJ:
          Here is my code 10408

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