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Logitech Folio iPad Air Case $19.98 @ Dick Smith $50 off


Happen to find this offer in store.

It is available online, but BLK only.

There may be more choices in store.

PS. This is for ipad air 1.

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Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Yellow & Pink for $23.61 + free deliv.

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      Different cases, the ones you linked are for iPad Mini, the DS one is for iPad Air

      • Oh, sorry, my mistake.

  • I bought the red one for 19.98.

  • I have a teclast x98 air 3g, the case looks pretty open, does anyone know if it all the buttons will be accessible?

    • only one power button.

      Most of the edge hollow.

  • Hey if you use the code as "FLASH11" it comes up to $17.78. Got one :)

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    There is no way these things actually sold for 70 dollars right? Surely no one is that stupid.

    sadly there absolutely is.

    • $70 is a rip off. $20 is ok value.
      They are nice, but the plastic clips do break easily.

  • Holy dooley, this one doesn't even have a keyboard to justify the original price :-)

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    I've had two of these for my much smaller and lighter iPad mini. Both broke in a few months. The plastic clips that hold the iPad are very brittle and too small. Despite the Logitech name these cases aren't very good

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    Note the iPad Air 2 while it may clip into this case, may not have the camera aligned to the case's cutout for it. Case that says are compatible with both 1st and 2nd gen iPad Airs have an elongated cutout of the camera, not round.

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