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Delivery Hero $14 off $20 Spend (Mobile App Only)


Same deal as previous nights, but you must order via a mobile app. Enjoy :)

App Links for iPhone, iPad, & Android.

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  • Thanks!

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    Dinner time

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    Was counting on this voucher for dinner tonight. Thanks DH and TA.

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  • Thank you Mr.T!

  • Called it in the lite N easy deal haha

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    RIP the other dude who tried to beat TA at posting DeliveryHero deals.

  • Perfect thanks

  • Right on time. Thanks TA!

  • Insta-First Page

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    Wonder if we will get any whingers tonight.
    Hats off to the hard core comedy effort of user silver-libran now "disabled user" who despite Delivery Hero having fed the entire Ozb for three weeks and counting, night after night went in hard and was furious at not-on-time deliveries sometime up to 20 minutes late! Then proceded to send PMs telling people to get F-ed and is now suffering a disabilty. Hope you get better soon "disabled user".
    Spectacular effort. Chapeau.

    • where he do that? i missed it

    • Who?

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          Mine is so far 8 minutes late…. Eighhhhhtttttt minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • @xuqi:

          Just arrived!

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      concentrate your mental energy on your dinner, like I will be my pepperoni pizza with garlic :), cheers TA!

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      better late than not getting any discount (or not getting any food to eat at all) . some people can't be thankful enough for what they got so far

    • 20mins late is nothing. I had an order that was 50mins late

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      Hahah poor first world problems

  • I experienced some issues when I canceled the PayPal screen. For anyone else experiencing the same problems, just logout and then log back in (You can logout by tapping on the "Profile" button below the filter)

  • keep it coming at least once a week. owwwsomooo……thx ta.
    sultani's braybrook has free delivery and min. only $15 (but dh wants us spend min.$20). great value and taste imo

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    …and there's order number 7.

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    4th order in last 3 weeks. Dinner made easy. Love these vouchers :). Thanks OP.

  • am a lot happier with how these coupon thingies from DH are coming along these days.

  • oh the joys of living out here in nappy valley,, I have officially ran out of restaurants

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      last night's restaurant has hot jam donuts ,,24 donuts $7 for tonight,,,feeling guilty

      • Which restaurant is that?

  • Cheers, on a rotation of my local restaurants listed on DH. Loving it

  • Colonial Indian restaurant…. This comes up on the website restaurant list but not on the app.
    Any idea how to fix this ??

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      do you share post codes with different suburbs?

    • I just ordered from these guys tonight. Worked from postcode 2000.

    • I've noticed that some of the ones that drop off from the mobile app are due to not accepting online payment (i.e. cash only).
      It seems like the app only allows you to order from those that accept online payment methods.

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    I checked my area with the app … search results = 46 restaurants

    Out of curiosity, filtered to exclude those with additional fees … search results = 0 restaurants

    • I checked MY area with the app…search results = 1 restaurant

      Out of desperation, checked the payment method…search results = 0 restaurants:(

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      Yeah not many places will deliver for free.

      Usually it's like $5-8 so not unreasonable.

  • are these ever going to stop? not complaining am just curious as to how long they are going to bringing out these codes?

    • don't ask, don't tell

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    Thanks TA! my mum forgot to cook so u saved our family!

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      No mothers day present for her!

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      my mum was waiting to see if DH deal is on tonight, guess she gets tonight off from cooking! (Again lol)

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      Delivery Hero - replacing parents across the world.

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      The next promo code will be SPOILMUM

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    Order failed. Now voucher doesn't work

    • Just worked for me

    • Try closing the app and re-ordering.

    • Same. If the order fails the voucher seems to become invalid after :(

  • Thanks! Cheap dinner sorted again :)

  • Do they keep making these offers on the mobile app only so they don't have to pay referrals from sites? (eg. cashrewards paying out 7%)

    • More likely they're getting people to try the app.

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    Mushroom and olive pide, 6 zucchini balls, turkish bread and dip for $16 delivered. Digging into it now. Thanks TA.

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      6 zucchini balls

      Damn, they sound good. Do want.

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      Where's the beef?

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    My two year old is going to think this is how we eat dinner every night.

    • Awesome.. Couldn't stop laughing reading this.. I am in the same boat.

  • Large Hawaiian Pizza + Crepes with Nutella and crumbled oreos. $6

    Tomorrow will be doing Thai or Indian my weekly pizza limit will have been hit.

    total cost $6 :D :D

    how will delivery ever last in the market place?

  • While I love these deals, the best I can get from a local place near me is $11 for Indian :(

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    I'll add some extra flavour on ya pizza if you reorder from the same store and don't tip me ;)

  • hmmmm I hate the app. I go to browse a restaurants menu and can't seem to get back to the choose a restaurant screen. there is a little X in the top right corner but I can't seem to get it to respond. Iphone 5 8.2, no other apps running that would interfere with this. Have to force close the app and reopen.

  • Can you stack codes? I.e. First use codes?

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    huge day at work and it was tomorrows lunch for dinner, so this made my life about 1000x better. you're a bloody legend!

    • Same. Finished work late, nothing planned for dinner and meeting at 8pm :) All sorted!

  • OMG! 2 thai dishes comes down to $9.80 delivered. this is too awesome!
    Thanks OP!

  • Dinner now sorted with no fuss. Thank you kindly.

  • Thanks! sorted out my dinner

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    I'm really getting sick of Thai food.

  • nice - got steak, salad and garlic bread for $6 delivered

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    How does Delivery Hero able to suffer so much LOSS??

    For a $20 order, assuming they paying the restaurant ~$15

    They still losing $9 per order?

  • Last 4 times: 20mins late, 20 mins late, 50mins late, this time looking at 25mins late

    • mine came 1 min late.

    • mine was really on time.
      7.5 for spaghetti marinara + garlic bread, couldn't be more happier.

    • The last time i ordered, mine came 10 mins earlier than expected time. Maybe it depends on the restaurant and how busy they are at that time.

      • total LOL at all the people complaining about late food and somehow blaming DH. you know that has nothing to do with DH right, thats the restaurant…. DH just sends them an email or whatever on your behalf.

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    So maybe next time, if you're still happy to take the DH $14 discount, order 20 mins earlier than you really want it. Oh wow, right on time!!

  • Website down??

    • Just ordered via the app but it was slow.
      DH's rearback end is the most unreliable of the three services.

  • i think we should order for tomorrow as well haha.

  • Hmmm doesn't accept the code, has it expired. It accepts the code when I entered but when i proceed to make payment, it says field invalid. Tried exiting the apps but no luck :( oh well no dinner tonight

  • i think its expired? anyone having trouble validating the code?

    • Put through my order as you were writing your post…

  • I've ordered from the same store the last 5-6 times. Every time perfect. This time 1.5 hours early for my 8:30 order. (I get home from work right around now) Lucky my flatmate was there for the order or not so lucky IDK.

    Get home, cold pizza. Ring the store up "we look after you next time" "but DH…" "ring up and we'll remember"


  • Let's see if I rely on this for the next 5 years how much would I be saving? Isn't it still cheaper to cook yourself?

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      I see it as an opportunity to try out a few different shops that I would have not otherwise bothered with at a discounted rate for experimentation.

    • Correct, usually I can make a decent steak/salad dinner for about $3-5. $2-2.50 if it's salad alone.

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP..had a full grilled chicken and gulab jaman $7 hehehe

  • Great deal! Thank u. First time using it, easy enough to do.

    My pizza got here in 25mins. Nearly half an hour earlier than the estimated time.

  • Is it me or the deal is finished?

  • Disappointed I only got onto this last night.

    Tonight used it just for dessert - Nutella pizza with icecream, Baci, TiraMisu and something else I can't remember - $9

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      Nutella pizza with icecream, Baci, TiraMisu

      Got all the food groups covered right there.

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    curry, biryani + cheese & garlic naan tonight :D

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    I felt i am getting expensive meals.

    Remezzo Bentleigh delivery

    1x linguini di mare seafood pasta - $18
    1x 1.25L soft drink - $4




    = $8.00

    I feel $8.00 is a pasta price should be…

    • I remember when they first started deliveries there was no charge…

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