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Annual ALDI Snow Gear Sale - Saturday 16 May, from $3.99


The Aldi Ski gear sale is here again! Based on previous years, you can expect this sale to be very popular, so get there early with your list and trolley at the ready.

Sizing Chart
Top Tips from Aldi, to prepare for the sale and save time on sale day

EDIT: thanks JMERC - Good tips from last year's sale


Ski, Snowboard and Soft Shell Jackets Adult's $59.99, Kid's $39.99
Ski, Snowboard and Soft Shell Pant Adult's $39.99, Kid's $24.99
Ski Goggles $14.99
Ski Helmets Adult's $29.99, Kid's $24.99
Ski and Snowboard Gloves Adult's $12.99, Kid's $6.99
Thermoboots Adult's $29.99, Kid's $19.99

Premium INOC Gear

Premium 2 in 1 Ski Shell Jackets $99.99
Premium Ski Shell Pant $69.99
Premium Leather Ski Glove $29.99
Silk Skullcap or Balaclava $9.99
Neoprene Face or Bandanna Mask $9.99
Touchscreen Gloves $9.99

Layering & Accessories

Roll Neck Tops Adult's $12.99, Kid's $7.99
Midlayer Fleece Tops Adult's $16.99, Kid's $11.99
Adult's Ski Compression Underwear $16.99
Thermal Underwear 2PC Adult's $24.99, Kid's $14.99
1/2 Knit Jumper with Softshell Inserts Adult's $39.99, Kid's $24.99
Adult's Merino Thermal Underwear - Tops or Leggings $29.99
Adult's Long Sleeved Merino Top $39.99
Adult's Merino Wool Ski Socks $7.99
Ski socks Adult's $7.99, Kid's $5.99
Fleece Gloves, Beanies, Scarves, Neck/ear warmers $3.99
Knitted Gloves, Beanies, Scarves $5.99


Ski Goggle Action Camera $149
Ski Watch (with GPS & HR monitor) $89.99
Snow Sled $12.99
Car Snow Chains $34.99 Size chart in link, 2nd tab
4WD Snow Chains $59.99 Size chart in link, 2nd tab
100L Split Level Roller Bag $99.99

I personally have previously bought the kids snow pants, jackets, roll neck tops, helmets and gloves, plus the adults ski pants, compression tights and INOC jacket and touchscreen gloves. Very happy with them all, we have gotten 2 years out of them so far and have only moved on the kids gear this year as they've outgrown them. Also have had the car chains for 2 years but haven't had to use them yet (cheaper than hiring!). I found the kids gear to be a smaller size, eg. I bought size 8 for my 6 year old and got 2 seasons out of them.

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  • +8

    If you aren't after snow gear on that day, stay well away imo, its chaos.

    Although it can be good for a laugh as a spectator if you have to be there.

    • Any Queenslanders experienced the sale? After chains and pants for a snow road trip.

      • It's pretty nuts. It's civil enough but everyone's there for one reason. If you avoid that area of the store you should be okay, but prepare to queue to pay..

        • Nuts even in Queensland?

        • @PainToad:
          Yes even in Queensland.
          When I bought my ger I remember arriving about 10 minutes before the store opened and there being a line of about 10 people in front of me. When the store opened everyone rushed to the ski gear and I pretty much grabbed the last jacket and pair of pants in my size. Used the jacket in Japan for maybe the 3rd or 4th season in a row this last February and it's still going strong, though starting to smell a little funky. Might pick up a new set this year.

  • Good Value for money gear.

  • I've not been to the snow for 20 years but the kids (4 and 6) desperately want to go.

    I'm going to take them (and the Mrs) to Mount Donna Buang to make snowmen and go tobogganing.

    Can anyone suggest what would be needed for a (1) day at the snow? Jackets, pants, gloves and shoes would do? They may or may not ever be used again…

    Thanks for advice in advance.

    • +10

      If you think they may never be used again, see if you can borrow or rent snowgear.
      But i think that having your own gear is always better (hygiene).
      Waterproof jacket + pants + gloves + boots as you mentioned are a must for kids if they're going tobogganing because if they fall, it can be really nasty.
      For the adults, such as yourselves, a warm fleece jacket + layers would be sufficient if you don't plan on falling over and getting yourself wet. Gloves will help when they ask you to tow them along.

      Snow boots are essential btw, just for traction on snow, and for the warmth it provides.

      For kids especially, depending on how cold it is, warm headgear is a must. Body heat loss through the head is very dangerous. Beanies can also be used outside of snow.

      Obviously if the cost is too much, corners may be cut here and there but make sure not to let anyone be frostbitten.

    • all that should do you..
      probably can get away with work boots if they can handle moisture well. or gumboots for the kids.
      you wont need a jacket if its a warm sunny day either. just warm clothing

    • +2

      Don't skimp on waterproof pants :)

      All the rest you could get away with good layering of fleecy clothes, depending on the weather. If heading out in a blizzard, get the waterproof jacket!!

  • +4

    Worth looking at last year's thread - some good tips in there: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/143470

    Going to pick up a lot of stuff for myself and the missus. Just debating on whether I should invest in a better jacket (something 2nd hand off Gumtree). Thoughts?

    • +2

      I'm mountain staff, and I will be using my ALDI jacket for freeriding, for the 3rd year in a row, no issues :) its so good, that I expect to get at least another two seasons out of it.

      In contrast, I have a pair of rip curl ski pants for the same amount of time that have faded and torn to shreds, and don't keep me warm or dry. I will not be taking these on another ski trip, and will invest in a pair of ALDI pants instead (of which I hear great things)

      Go the ALDI jacket, for sure.
      If the jacket is anything to go by, get the pants too :)

    • Depends what you are doing and how dry and warm you want to be. I ski a fair bit, member of a lodge and annual ski holiday overseas. If the weather was going to be dry and i had a decent mid-layer I would wear one of these. if it was going to rain (and it rains more often at Australian Ski Resorts than it does in most resports overseas) I would want something better.

      I think these are rated at around 5K or 7K for waterproofing, this is pretty low-end as far as waterproof ratings go. GoreTex is rated at around 30K as an example. If you are going to be out in the back end of the resort skiing through the worst that mother nature has to offer extracting every last cent out of your lift ticket, get Gore Tex. if you are going to take a couple of beginner lessons, ski around near the cafe, jump inside if it gets too wet/cold and maybe wear it to and from the pub of an evening, Aldi stuff would be perfect.

      I did some Backcountry skiing in Colorado in Feb, not sure i would have wanted to be out through the gates in a storm in an Aldi Jacket but respect and good luck to any who would!

  • Anything on there that is not worth getting? What about things that are better and worth the extra premium?

  • +7

    Think i'll invest in some of those snow chains… Gold Coast roads are murder in these harsh Queensland winters we keep getting…

    • You'll pay around 40 bucks to hire them for a week if you drive south to the fields, so they can be worth the money even in Sunny Qld.

    • +2

      These cost less than the parks fine if caught without them. Dale Kerrigan's radar detector logic works here.

  • +3

    Pro tip: go out of your way to an Aldi store in an area where people are, on average, much less likely to be skiiers - eg, Mount Druitt.

    • +1

      and where your more likely to be stabbed

    • +1

      Good idea but not Mt Druitt. It's one of Aldi's top 5 stores in Australia.

      • -2

        For theft? Lol

  • Anyone gotten the helmet before and can give feedback after wearing it all day?

    • +2

      My boy doesn't complain. He had a kids one for 2 years (20 days on snow) and will wear a junior one for the fifth time this coming July. (2.5 years) He grew out of the first one and we handed it on. That kid hasn't worn it near as much, but has no complaints either. He wears it by itself in New Zealand and adds an ALDI balaclava to it for Japan for those few extra degrees. It was fine even in Canada for the minus 20 days.


    • Yep. I'm staff, and have gotten three whole seasons from my helmet (will use it one more season before retiring it)

      Put one of those $4 ear warmers under your helmet and you have the perfect balance between warmth and breathability :)

  • +4

    where's jv to ask:
    Whats the normal price?

  • does aldi have change rooms for you to try them on? If not, does aldi have a refund policy?

  • is the premium INOC wear MUCH better than the standard ski jacket? which is more value for money?

    • its like duck vs chicken. Depends on how its cooked.

  • Just a warning on the Aldi car snow chains: definitely not worth saving the money.

    Last year they weren't the standard snow chains you've seen, but some weird cheapo ones. They were tangly and fiddly and took 45 minutes to put on, while all the other cars were done with their sensible chains in 5 minutes.

    It was snowing hard when I had to put mine on, and you can't put them on while wearing gloves. Your hands will get very wet poking around under the wheels, too. My hands were pretty badly frozen and in a lot of pain.

    That's only temporary of course, but the way they scratched and badly stained my wheel covers (those plastic hubcap thingies) is permanent.

    Chucked them in the bin afterwards, hiring decent ones would have been much better than buying these for $35.

    (Everything else we bought was great, easily good enough quality for a week at the snow each year).

    • All I'm scared of with renting them is, is not being able to practice putting them on before leaving.

    • If you have to put chains on consider that time as payback for the fact you'll be getting fresh snow when you get to the top. I've bought chains for my last 3 cars and the closest they have come to being used was their annual holiday in the boot for a week whilst i was at the snow. if you can get cheap chains that are suitable to avoid the fines, i would take my chances on them being hard to fit as, chances are I probably wont have to fit them anyway!

    • I've bought them two years in a row (different sizes).

      I haven't had any problem fitting them. Took around 5 minutes. They are standard diamond pattern chains. Much better than the old-style ladder chains.

      Aldi even posted an instructional video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwg33JKYfcY

  • +1

    I've got the snow chains, they are good snow chains for the price and have many uses left.
    Also have the sled, many hours of joy.

  • +4

    Working at Aldi. Mt Druitt is one of the top 5 stores for sales in Australia. Don't go there if possible for ski day.

    • What are the other most lucrative stires? I am guessing they are in poorer areas rather than trendy and wealthy inner city suburbs? Middle class people tend to despise Aldi and shop at 'Colesworth' instead.

      • I despise Aldi not for snobby reasons, but because of their lack of express lanes or self checkout. Having no kids, my shopping is always a few items. Nothing more annoying then being stuck behind a bogan with 5 kids who needs to buy the entire store every week.

        • There have been a few trials in regards to this but none have been implemented yet nation wide.

        • +5

          My whinge about Aldi's checkouts, especially for big shops, is that they have a long long conveyor for putting groceries down, and then this teeny weeny little immobile space that like 30 centimetres by 30 centimetres for items that have been scanned. So of course it's a bottleneck.

          They should do what they do at the airports after security scans - have a conveyor before and after the scanners - that way they could move on to the next customer quicker, I could keep packing without stress, and the checkout experience would be less of a mad frantic dash shoving groceries into bags or the trolley.

        • @nickj: The idea of this is so that you put it all back in your trolley, then move over to the packing benches, this is to speed everything up. Problem is that you and others dont understand this and try to pack at the register, which slows everything down.

          Just need to adjust your thinking.

          Just like Aldi prints big bar codes on each item, so its faster to scan, rather than at Coles/Woolies where the checkout operators sometimes have to scan 3 or more times to get barcode to be recognised. This equals much faster processing

          3 People in line at Aldi with similar product mixes would move much faster than at a regular supermarket. I find I have to adjust my thinking when I see a line at Aldi. Based on old experiences at Coles/Woolies I dreaded 3 or more in line as it took forever to process, while Aldi its no big deal due to the speed they scan the items.

          @ PainToad.
          As for self checkout, unless it's limited to a few items, its never faster. Even with my technological background, I cant do it faster than a manned checkout. The only time it's faster if the queue is longer at the checkout.

        • @RockyRaccoon:

          The only time it's faster if the queue is longer at the checkout.

          That's the point. The queue is almost always long at my local Aldi. Many people seem to always buy a ton of stuff, so they take quite a while at the checkout.

          People with lots of stuff would probably find it easier to go to a manned checkout, which would free up the self checkouts for people with 3 items. You can also fit more self checkouts into a smaller space.

          Maybe the lack of self-checkouts has something to do with theft or popping tags.

        • +1

          @RockyRaccoon: I don't agree that it's up to us to adjust our thinking. They should've known this going into the Australian market and catered for it. Why would someone want to double/triple handle their goods? Pack trolley, unpack trolley at checkout, fill trolley with scanned goods again, unpack them elsewhere into bags. Seems extremely inefficient for the consumer.

        • @Rupture:

          The more we do the less they have to do, and that saves money. I just put things directly into the car and have a small trolley at home that I take it out and into house.

          I wasnt meaning to criticise, just help you see it another way.

          Guess its a choice you need to make, as I doubt if complaints here are going to be seen by Aldi management

      • Port Macquarie is also in top 5

  • Wonder if we'll get the ski gear over in WA once ALDI gets here…

    • Specials are nation wide. When Aldi comes out in WA and SA the specials will be the same as nsw, Vic and qld

  • +3

    Don't forget to compare prices with discounted Arctic Star snow gear at Rebel.


  • +3

    Before I head to this, are there any deals on tasers?

    • +2

      What a shocking comment.

      • +1

        I am stunned you think that

        • +1

          No need to spark up about it.

        • +1

          @PainToad: Who put you in charge?

        • +1

          @Spena: People would get floored for that deal

        • +1

          Would have its positives and negatives I guess.

        • +1

          @PainToad: For this deal, are you willing to be charge with battery?

    • +1

      ReVolting comment.

  • For the record….I bought thermals last year and they're great quality for price….

  • Pretty big jump from their Size 14 boys to men's Small measurements. Feel sorry for all those in-between.

  • Hi

    Can someone please tell me why the Premium Gloves, which cost $30, are waterproof to 10,000 mm while the ordinary gloves, which cost $13, are waterproof to 12,0000 mm.

    Which is better for a beginner like myself? Surely the better waterproof will keep my hands drier?

    Thanks for any help.

    • It's because the premium gloves are leather, and the ordinary gloves are synthetic. Leather absorbs moisture, plastic doesn't.
      Think what would happen if your umbrella was made out of leather rather than a synthetic, waterproof material. But also think what feels better against your skin. It's a trade-off.

  • Any thoughts on the thermals? I'm in the market for some for myself and three kids (not for skiing, for Alice Springs in winter at night).

    I'm seeing three types - compression underwear, thermal underwear (I can't see what fabric it is but I guess it's not polypro otherwise they would have stated it), and merino.

    Has anyone else bought Aldi thermals in the past and what do you suggest?

    • I brought the Merino and will try and buy a couple more pairs so I do not have to wash them as often. I had no issues with them.

      • How should the Merinos fit? Are they meant to be tight up against the skin?

  • +5

    Last year my family and I brought most of the Aldi range of snow gear but I can only really comment on the stuff I brought so here it goes. We skied/boarded Hakuba Japan end of 2014 and I would call myself a beginner intermediate skier.

    Ski Jacket . This were great, lots of pockets inside and out some water proof others not, electronic ski pass pocket on the left arm (so so very handy) as well as headphone cord hole, removable skirt (I think that is what it is called). Would recommend.

    Ski Pants, great, no problems but I did find that the suspenders didn't work for me (they kept falling off my shoulders) but lucky the whole thing can be removed with a zipper so I just ended up wearing a belt to hold them up. Would recommend

    Neoprene face mask, I had trouble with this one, didn't work with my googles so I didn't end up using it. I personally wouldn't recommend it but you may find it suits you.

    Fleece beanie, it is a beanie, not much to say really, if you need one get it as it is cheap.

    Merino thermal underwear, no problems with this, did find some days I would get really hot wearing it so I would say it worked. If you need thermals then grab them, I will be trying to get some more so I don't have to wash mine as often.

    Snowboard padded shorts, my god do I wish I had of brought these, tried a half day of snow boarding before leaving Japan and a very uncomfortable trip home with a very bruised arse. I don't think they have them this year though.

    Thermoboots, I found these very comfortable (did get a small blister on my left small toe but I will put that down to them not being broken in) and warm, grip can still be an issue with them in the snow/ice. I recommend them.

    Merino ski socks, no issues. Would recommend.

    Ski goggles, my siblings had no issues with theirs and the removable lenses can be handy. I will be trying to grab a pair.

    Ski Helmets, I found it comfortable and it has a goggle strap at the back which the 2013 version did not have. The ear pads are removable on mine. Would recommend.

    Ski Gloves, I am a bit torn about these, they worked well but the stitching did start to come away on one finger so moisture can get in and you can get a cold hand. Also one day it was very very cold and having just had lunch my hands froze while on the ski lift, after a few minutes of skiing they warmed back up and I had no issues for the rest of the day. Recommend because they are cheap and do work but you may only get a season out of them.

    Also always fashion, we were in Hakuba Japan and we saw a few people wearing the Aldi gear both the 2014 stuff as well as the 2013 so do not be surprised if what ever ski field you go to you see a few people in Aldi ski gear.

  • Good prices, comparing with most of the other brands (Bolle, Helly Hansen, etc)

  • No specific boarding pants from INOC. Anyone know if the INOC ski pants will fit and be comfortable while boarding?

  • Just walked past Aldi South Melbourne, about 50 people at the door. Here I am wondering what's going on and on the front page of OZB

  • Just at west footscray and there's around 30 people waiting in line mostly families with kids

  • +3

    Not the day to visit Aldi if you are not a skier.

    It will be more packed than 30 day old snow

    • One guy walking past said "all these people going on ski holidays? Dam I'm in the wrong job".

  • Arrived 15 minutes before opening at Sunnybank Hills QLD today and counted about 30 people waiting outside. That number doubled right before opening!
    Fortunately there seems to be more stock than there was last time and I didn't have any trouble getting what I wanted.

    • Underwood was the same.

  • went 20mins after opening an i reckon there was at least 100 people in there and 4 regs going full tilt (melbourne east subs). tobogs sold out and some of the pants and jackets were well down.

  • Arrived 1hr late (slept in nooooo) and there were 3 ski pants left at Macquarie. M, M, XXL

    These M better fit me

  • Ski season! I've never seen snow in my life and thinking of heading down from Sydney. Any recommendation on how to get to snow fields, dont want to drive, accommodation, what I should pack and the cost of hiring stuff there. Thinking of spending 3-4 days there.

    • If you're not fussed about comfort, buy:
      - a tent
      - an electric blanket

      and stay at the adventist village at jindy for $10/night. Super cheap, offsets the ridiculous lift passes you'll pay at any resort in Australia.

  • Aldi Vermont South had about 60 people by the time the doors opened. Inside it was cramped but everyone was civil. Most of the activity was around the kiddies clothes. Got the two pieces I wanted and escaped before another wave of people arrived. Sizing, at least in the pants that I was searching, was only 1 or 2 pieces for each size. Passed on the sleds - they looked very flimsy and likely to crack under pressure. Also passed on the gloves. I saw yesterday at Costco they had better gloves for $21.

  • +1

    the queue in our tingalpa QLD aldi had at maybe 100-150 people before the door opened, and more kept coming,…our aldi is on the 2nd floor and the queue snaked from the entrance and took 2 U turns down the long ramps to the basement parking lot….and more kept coming…

  • I have a mismatch in colours. Does anyone want to trade (Medium) Men's INOC grey/orange zip pants for my (Medium) INOC black/yellow zip pants?

    • I know that feeling.. Luckily my friend was at another ALDI and managed to grab a matching colour pants for me.

    • +1

      Just try again next year. Eventually you'll get some matches

    • Never mind… Got it exchanged.

    • My Style over here. Personally I'll be happy if my pants keep my butt dry and I manage to stand up after 3 days.

  • Got to ALDI Maribyrnong/Highpoint 30minutes before opening and we were 7th in line. Before opening, the line was at least 50+ people.

    Was a bit slow to the jackets/pants - and then my missus lost her trolley with her wallet in it! So bit of stress/panic while trying to find the trolley and also worry about getting my size. In the end, found the trolley and got everything we wanted in our size/colour.

    Good fun and great bargain.

  • I lost an arm!

  • +1

    God damn it!!! Got everything except the premium jacket.

  • Thanks OP. The queue was not too bad in Bundoora.

  • Cheap winter clothes for a dead sperm whale! I'll take that deal!

  • They sold giant blue shopping bags last year for $2. These were great for putting all the stuff in.

    Anyone see any this year?

  • I went in the morning opening time, was packed.. I then went again in the arvo like 2pm and there were so many jackets still lying around with s,m,l sizes as well as the variety too! feel such a waste of time rushing in the morning…

  • Thanks OP - setup the whole family this year!

  • The softshell jackets are great for everyday use in winter!

  • Hi. My wheel/tyre dimensions are between sizes and the SC100 snow chains I bought are slightly too large. Does anyone have the SC90 in Melb that I can try before I sell/swap/buy new ones? PM me please :).

  • Anyone got items they bought that weren't quite the right size? Want to swap? I've got the inoc grey pants in an XL and I would like to swap them out in exchange for L