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50% off All RRP Adidas Gear + Free Delivery


50% off RRP Adidas gear site wide + free delivery with promo code adi-GF8K

My first post, so if i did anything wrong let me know.

The deal has been Ozbargained Out.

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  • yes, the deal expired, just save me some $$$

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    Code isnt working for me. Its saying "Coupon code "adi-GF8K" can currently not be added to your cart."

    Is anyone getting the same problem? Has the good times stopped now?

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      The PageUp button will reveal all. :)

      • darn it. I was too slow. should of looked at next page of comments. cheers!

  • nooooooooooooooo!!!!

    it doesnt work !!!!!!!!!!

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    These latest comments above just prove some people dont read, just try and post… Its like they are still stuck an hour behind

  • You still get 15% off when you create an account. The code is valid for 14 days.

  • it's a big difference between 15% and 50%.

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      Get something from the 30% sale items then apply the 15% code: http://www.adidas.com.au/men-sale

      On a side note, I'm proud of myself for resisting the urge to impulse buy last night and quite relieved that it's expired already :-). Too bad for those who were keen on buying something, though.

      • Code does not apply to Sale Items

        • plus thats not how percentages work

        • +2


          Where in my post did I say you'll get 45% off by doing it? I'm assuming that's what you assumed I meant by my post.

    • 35%

  • Argh! Missed out :(

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      Nope, it's still working for everyone. In fact they just increased the discount to 75%. Scroll up for more details. :)

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    Thank you so much OB and vekambo. Best deal today….

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    Can't apply this coupon anymore

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      The 75% sale just started, get in quick.

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    I'm getting 90% off now

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      how are you getting 90% off?

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    ok deal but I've seen better prices on Amazon.. and not by a short margin

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      So are you saying you can get a better price from Amazon including shipping to Australia?

      • +1

        Including the exchange rate!?

      • I have a few examples… the following deals were sweetened by free delivery

        http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NVLMBMU/ref=oh_aui_detai... I paid $17.99 USD

        http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007PN9YC/ref=crt_ewc_titl... I paid $6 USD after a delivery mishap and price match (but I've seen the shoe as low as $28)

      • It's not hard to establish free delivery on Amazon, just speak to the CS guy/girl via chat. I've been offered free delivery on several occasions. Be nice and allow the CS representative to make the offer.

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          This is the first time I'm hearing that we can request for FREE international delivery from customer service via chat. If this is true, Amazon is about to get OZBARGAINED!

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        • @maxx: pretty sure free delivery has been discussed in multiple threads

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          "Be nice and allow the CS representative to make the offer".
          What do you usually enquire with to receive this offer?

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          One example..
          Initial Question: Can I add an item to an Open Order please.
          07:09 AM PST Amazon(Amazon): Nice to meet you ! Welcome to Amazon.com. My name is ##.I will be assisting you today with the best I can.
          07:09 AM PST Me: Hi ##
          07:09 AM PST Amazon(Amazon): Since the order is not processed yet, we can definitely add an item.
          07:10 AM PST Me: Order ##
          07:10 AM PST Amazon(Amazon): But first, let me check on the item if this can be added in the order.
          07:10 AM PST Me: The item is listed in the lightning deals section and is currently selling for $42.
          07:11 AM PST Amazon(Amazon): Thank you. Let me go ahead and try to add the item.
          07:13 AM PST Amazon(Amazon): Thank you so much for waiting .
          07:15 AM PST Me: No problem.
          07:17 AM PST Amazon(Amazon): I am really sorry but I am not able to add the item to your order since it is coming from a different fulfillment center but you may go ahead and place another order for it instead.
          07:18 AM PST Me: Oh Ok. I was trying to add it to the Open Order to avoid hefty delivery fees.
          07:19 AM PST Amazon(Amazon): I see. Not a problem on that , I will waive the shipping cost for you for one time exception since I am also seeing here that you have purchased a lot from us.

  • No need for code guys, it's 100% off!

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      You surely talking about shipping.

    • +1

      Do you mean the sale is 100% off as its finished

  • +1

    I'm getting 105% off, they are refunded 5% of what I pay :O

    • Plus cashback!

      • You can use ING Paywave too!

  • Has anyone's order not shipped yet? Got a confirmation email when I placed an order last night at about 3am but it hasn't been shipped. Weird because other people have theirs on the way already

    • +4

      Im already wearing my jacket. They threw in a free sock too and a pack of gum.

      • Did they try to sell you the other sock for full price?

        • +1

          Nah, I didnt enquire. I just glued on some googly eyes and I plan on living the rest of my life through the sockpuppet. His name is greg and he hates coupon codes. Strange lad.

    • +1

      Orders around same time no shipping confirmation yet either but i think it's all good

      • just got an email. items have been shipped!

        • Nothing still……

    • Just called adidas and the lady said my order was dispatched like 15 minutes ago and that I should receive an email shortly!

    • I hope the orders aren't going to be cancelled! I dropped $500 and I want my goodies.

  • -3

    not working for me either…

  • +1

    I hope orders don't get cancelled, would hate to miss out on my $350 worth of gear…

    • +4

      I'm sure Adidas have made more money from us in 9hrs than the whole financial year so far lol

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    The deal has been Ozbargained Out.

    • +2


      I often feel for these poor unsuspecting people who rock up for work unaware of the oncoming tsunami of orders that are about to hit them…

      …and then I click "submit order"

  • Darn…missed it.

  • No, I missed it

  • -2

    would seem as if the show is over. Coupon code "adi-GF8K" can currently not be added to your cart.

  • Code is not working for me as well.
    Don't neg me! I'm stuck in a time conundrum and I'm from the past, 4 hours ago.

    • Negged :)

  • +4

    Still works for me.


  • Adidas Samba & Adidas Dragon both for 105$ lol love it.

    • I've had my Sambas for a few months. Great indoor soccer shoe!

    • Yep, great shoes the Samba's.

  • damm it saw last night i was going to buy sometime later today :(

  • +5

    I don't think it is necessary to mock at members who missed out on deals.
    I hope we all have better manners.

    • +1

      welcome to the internet.

    • +10

      I think people are mocking the fact that members post questions asking why the code isn't working when there have been many posts talking about it already.

      • +1

        ^ this. The deal was expired for hours and there were people still asking with multiple references earlier.

    • -1

      I don't think people that missed out should be all that concerned. It's a good deal for lazy one-stop shoppers I guess.

  • +2

    Ahh regret not buying more stuff! :( Thanks again op!

  • +7

    Moral of the Story - wake up earlier ladies and gentlemen! (Or just don't go to sleep)

  • Anyone gotten shipping confirmation?
    Ordered at around 1AM :(

    • I ordered around that time too, no confirmation yet.

    • i ordered around 2am and i just got my shipping confirmation

  • Has anyone received a shipping notification yet? I ordered at around 8am and only have order confirmations.

  • +3

    Just got my shipping confirmation, ordered about 1am last night

  • +3

    Just got shipping confirmation. Boom! :)

  • +1

    shipped! ordered at around 4am

    • Thanks for the update guys. I ordered at 8am. Haven't got my shipping confirmation yet. But it's promising to see that they are still shipping.

  • +1

    Even though I missed it, good on adidas for honouring this deal - bloody brilliant deal!

    • +1

      I seriously doubt it was an intentional secret sale and someone must of got a hell of a surprise this morning when they rocked up to work to find a months worth of orders . Not only did they honour the deal but mine as well as many others orders have already shipped . Very impressive .

  • Just got my shipping confirmation- thanks again op :-)

  • +1

    Still haven't got my shipping one I ordered at 12:51 AM and it was only two pairs of shoes. I am still hopeful :)

    • +3

      Yeah don't worry. I ordered my 3 items around 1:30am and still yet to receive a shipping confirmation.

      Let's just allow the Adidas staff some extra time to work their magic. They're probably still in shock as to how many people ozbargained their site :P

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    Don't worry guys, I placed around 5 orders for 5 different sets of things as I was scared that the deal would have finished anytime soon and I noticed that they are not shipped according to chronological order

  • On the truck for delivery today. Heck of a first post op. Thanks muchly. Didn't think it would make it by mothers day. Kudos to Adidas!

  • +1

    Received my order already, thanks OP.
    (OP, if you're reading this, activate your private messaging, just wanted to give back something to you for this great deal)

    • What state are you in? I ordered around 1am and my tracking number isn't working yet.

      Edit: Scratch that, spoke too soon. Just got a text from Toll saying it's loaded for delivery.

      • NSW. I placed my order really early, so I'm guessing they are just sequentially processing the thousands of orders.

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