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Tikbro MFI Lightning Cable for iPhone, iPad, iPod for $9.99 + $0 Shipping; Micro USB 1m $2.25 @ Tikbro


Thanks to all Ozbargain fans who like Tikbro and a special thanks to those who had purchased and referred to friends.
(If you have any doubt why these cables are better, you can see the above ads.)

It took us 2 years to find the right manufacturer for high quality and certified Apple lightning cable (MFI cable).

We compared the market and found $13.99 + Free shipping is the cheapest price any retailer in Australia can offer for a MFI cable. (dispatched from Australia). However, we will make this deal even better to reward our ozbargain fans.
For today only. You can buy the Tikbro lightning cable (Apple certified) for only $9.99 delivered to your door.

For non-apple user, you may buy our micro-usb cable from $2.25

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    only 1 metre… :(

    • +3

      Sorry, only 1 meter is available at the moment. We need to pay for a certification fees in every size to Apple.inc and the certification is not cheap at all. Having said that, we will make 2m and 3m mfi cables if we see there is a fair demand for them.

      • +6

        we will make 2m and 3m mfi cables if we see there is a fair demand for it.

        Demand will depend on price….

        Even 1.5 metres would be good… My current ones are 1.2m.

  • Do you guys have a micro USB to lightning converter?

    P.S. Your site is acting up; Cart keeps resetting when I try to check out.

    • +1

      Sorry we don't have a micro USB to lightning converter.
      We apologize for any inconvenience. This is a new website that we just launched. We will report the problem to the technical term and get this problem solved asap.

      • Thanks, I managed to check out in the end. I wonder why the lightning converters aren't more popular. It cost much less to replace a microUSB cable than a lightning cable.

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    I've bought the microusb cables before and the usb connectors seen to become loose after a month or so. You've always been nice and replaced them but I was wondering if you had managed to make them more durable. Cheers.

    • Thanks for your positive respond. We are working hard with our manufacturer to redesign new connectors of the micro usb cable. We will surely make a better version in the future. For now, we can only offer replacement for any deflect items. We apologize for any inconvenience.

      Thanks again for your understanding.

    • +2

      I've had the exact same problem with the Tikbro microUSB cable.

      • We apologise for any inconvenience. Please contact us providing your order details, we will arrange to send out a replacement to you at soon as possible.

        • Could we get a better design like the MFI braided cable? Looks nice.

      • Ditto, I'm not saying these will be the same but it might be something to be wary of…

    • +2

      Yeah i bought two 2m ones, after just 1 and 2 months of usage they took turns to go wobbly, 1 went completely dead after about 6 months the other only half works if you hold it at a certain angle, needless to say this one ended up in the bin too when I bought a cheap $10 ZTE phone just for the micro USB cable with a charger as a bonus + a spare battery, my cable from the el cheapo phone of yesteryear still works after 18 months. But to Tikbro's credit while they worked they did work very well to charge my tablets at minimal amount of time

      • +1

        Yep. Those kind of ends are notorious for breaking due to wobbliness.

        It doesn't matter that they charge fast when inevitably they will fail to charge at all.

        Source better micro usb cables tikbro and stop selling these. Don't let them ruin your rep.

        • Very true, but i need a good one for my tablet as an in-car GPS, a slow charge cable can't keep up to the battery drain

        • What kind of ends? They seem to look just like any other micro usb cable.

        • @nfr:

          yeah and they suck.

          the square rubber/plastic bit. the actual connector becomes wobbly. it's a common design you see in all cheap usb cables (and trust me i've had to bin all the ones i've gotten). the only good thing about this cable is the wire gauge providing more current to flow through. other than that, it will die without a doubt.

        • -1


          mmm neg'd for truth (Y)

  • Has anyone purchased one of these lightning cable before?

    In the market for a durable cable, as I tend to throw it into my bag, where it gets damage.

  • :( i bought a 1m Tikbro micro usb cable off ebay for $3.45 yesterday

    • Almost in the same boat, 3 for $9

  • I was actually just looking at MFI braided lightning cables on eBay a few hours ago. So glad I waited, the cheapest I could find was $12 from China.
    I've bought some cases and what not from your other deals posted here and everything has been smooth so I'm willing to give these cables a go. Just ordered three!

  • +3

    All my previous Tikbro micro USB had good charge rates but loose connections after minimal use. All ended up in the bin and won't be buying again

  • +2

    I can say the same for Tikbro cable. They charge well i.e. current, but the connectors don't last long. I bought few from Ebay seller Jesse_power

  • Lighting cable guarantee to work for every ios versions even the future?

    • +1

      Yes that's right.
      Lighting cable guarantee to work for every ios versions even the future

      • ok bought one. let see. already has 3x tikro stuffs at home! just not bother to gambling with $3 lighting cable from ebay.

        question to others:
        any of cheapo from ebay are MFI and guaranteed to work forever with any ios?

  • +1

    yep, please make cables 1.5m and up. I will buy if the price is fair

  • +3

    It's really unfortunate that the tikbro cable connectors last like few months before the connector becomes wobbly :(
    I actually liked mine, was planning on buying few more until it did that. Now my search for reliable sturdy USB cable continues.

  • +2

    I haven't had any of my Tikbro cables suffer from wobbly head syndrome, but I do find the head unreasonably large and doesn't allow it to plug into my OnePlus One due to the case. They do seem to perform quite well though.

    • +1

      head unreasonably large and doesn't allow it to plug into my OnePlus One

      This explains it, you probably only used it once ;-)

      • Hahaha I was thinking that when I posted, but figured I'd give someone else the set up :) It did fit my Nexus 4, so I think i used the 1m one about 20-30 times and the 3m one maybe 5 or 6 times on the couch

  • Dang just purchased a pair on eBay from you guys to replace an old one that doesn't charge properly anymore. Good cables though lasted a while.

    • -1


      Are you chewing on a piece of straw? :)

      • I prefer biltong, have a fair bit to go through :)

  • Damn, just bought 3 x micro usb for $9 from ebay from you on Wednesday. Will get some more now I guess.

  • +2

    I have, LG g2 so been trying out cables that will provide the best charge. These definitely have high charge rate as seller and many buyers can confirm however build quality is lacking. I have actually bought a few cables from aliexpress and can confirm that these are HIGH quality and can charge over 2A (I use it for my teclast x98 air 3g).

    I msged the seller and managed to get 10 cables for $20 USD you guys might have better luck getting higher discounts

    • Thanks for the link. Might have to get some good bulk cables. I hate having to buy ones that fail and end up in landfill :-(

    • Does the Aliexpress one look the same as your G2 cable?

      • Yep, they look very similar

  • Dear OP,
    Is there a warranty associated with this product? I can't seem to find any with a quick glance on the mobile page.
    A few of the reviews above state good charge rates but lacking durability. To me a cheaper cable (even though it should be braided and durable) which lasts only a couple months is not worth a more expensive cable with a longer lifespan and warranty.
    That was the reason why I threw $50 into a 3m lightning cable from the Apple Store by native Union.


    • +1

      The previous comments are regarding the micro usb cables. These guys seem to back their product well with replacements and honestly, is it better to spend $3 on a 3-6 month cable you might lose, or $20-$25 on one that lasts longer. My thought has always been that as long as the charge rate is good, cheaper, shorter lasting cable is better than the longer lasting expensive one.

      But that's just me obviously, everyone has different priorities.

      • The connector almost broke inside the phone (it came off while I was unplugging it). That being said, it's more of "if it had better connector, I'd buy more and recommend it to my friends" sort of thing for me.

        I am trying out the cables by Anker (costed me like $4~5 AUD per cable) from Amazon. I liked tikbro more, since it was longer, but I'd rather not risk it.

        • Fair enough

        • I tried to try out Anker cables, ordered around the 6th of May. They got lost somewhere between Amazon and UPS, was refunded yesterday.

        • Do you use a shipping forwarding service to get the Anker cables off Amazon?

        • @unco: Nah, there was one that was shipped by Amazon.

      • what happened to your deals brent? you used to supply microusb cables too didn't you?

  • Still baffles me how much people expect from a $3 cable.

    • +3


      These ones for $3.50 way better quality and charges to 2A.

      • Are those actually genuine though? If anyone could confirm it would be appreciated.

        • It looks exactly the same as the usb cable which came with my mums galaxy s3 phone. Charges fast, similar speeds to the stock cable and the tikbro cables. The Tikbro cables are ok just that it doesn't last long. Stops working after a few months if you use it daily.

      • I grabbed some. My impression is that they are used ones returned with phones that are then refurbished and sent back out with brand new accessories, based on them looking slightly used.

        Out of 4, 1 was really bad - the metal plug is a very loose and it takes alot of jiggling to get it to charge. Will be requesting a new one/refund from the seller.

        Also using my USB doctor ammeter thing I haven't been able to get more than about 800mA out of any of them so far, although was getting weird results out of most of my cables last night so will try again at some point.

  • Most clone Lightning cables are limited to a charge current of 0.5A. Genuine Apple Lightning cables will change an iPhone at 1.0 Amps, so much quicker.

    Can anyone confirm whether these are high current cables?

  • Thanks, ordered 2 lightning cables.

  • Thanks OP

  • +2

    I had the tikbro micro USB cable and it didn't last long (plug became lose due to weak spring)

    However I think these should be good, because there is no internal spring in the Apple plugs unlike the spring in the micro USB one.

    I'm going to order one for my wife.

    But I wonder why you don't just make the 1.5m one by default, rather than 1m.

  • What length is the AUX cable?

  • +2

    Yeah, I bought 3 micro usb cables from these guys and had the same problem. They were great while they lasted.. but connection came loose making them unusable..

  • thanks ordered 2 lightning cables

  • -1

    No https for entering order details?

    I would expect the entire order process and not just card details to be secure nowadays.

  • What is MFI?

    And do these come in retail packaging?

  • +2

    Got my cables this morning.
    Seems pretty well built but I'll have to give it some time to see how they hold up.


  • +1

    Ordered 2, good quality cable and nice rubberised connectors. Wish I had ordered more than 2 at $9.99.

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