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La Crosse Technology BC-700 Battery Charger, US $35.20 + US $7.38 Del to Syd (AU $57.90) @Amazon US


For all of you newbie Eneloop hoarders, like myself, I present you La crosse BC-700. Your Eneloop quest as part of being a true ozbargainer warrior won't complete until you own one of this charger. The price been hoovering around US$40 for more than a year, I was holding out from buying it, hoping it could go as low as the previous post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/134584 US$28.99 however that was the last day it had been under US$30.
I had so many uncharged Eneloop, I keep buying a new pack whenever dick had sale, simply because I don't want to "destroyed" my precious Eneloop with a dumb charger. I think this is the best price for recent time so I ordered one.
And make sure you guys use the 28 degrees card and pay using USD, you'll normally get better exchange rate from the card.

Edit: Please note the price has gone up to $36.96 USD (2/6/15)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Dare I say it… but would a true ozbargainer, spend nearly $60 on a battery charger?

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      I would say ozbargainers are frugal rather than cheap - if we were a cheap lot, we wouldn't be spending even when there are bargains

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        true. But I've got a couple of free dumb chargers, and a nitecore "smart" one that cost $20.

        $60 is just a bit too crazy for my liking.

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          Just get the aldi charger

          It works pretty good.

        • @tyler.durden: I got the Aldi charger and after testing it out with a bunch of batteries that I had in my throw out pile it revived a few of them. It saved 6 batteries so probably paid for half itself (as long as I get some use out of them and they don't end up dead in a few days)

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      Professional ozbargainers need professional chargers for their beloved Eneloops.

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      The difference is that a managed charger will not only charge your batteries correctly but extend their life. The 'cheap and nasty' battery chargers tend to over charge/not charge enough batteries which will wear them out and reduce their lifespan. Moreso they will reduce the full charge capacity over time which means that they'll have less power but the cheap and nasty will still charge them at the same rate degrading them further.

      I use a SkyRC 2000 which will let me break in batteries, analyse, refresh and cycle them correctly. This does the same. Very well worth it in the long run especially if you have plenty of batteries.

      • +2

        exactly, not having a smart charger will cost you more in the batteries when they die and you have to replace the hundreds you've stocked up on.

  • I lost the adaptor for this…anyone know where I can get replacement?

    • -1

      Lost and found

    • You could probably get something at Dick Smith or any old ebay store. Bonus will be that you'll get an AU plug instead of a US one. Just make sure that whatever adapter you get is the same voltage as the original.

      I assume the connector is fairly generic (Dick Smith sell some adapters that come with about 10 different connection pieces of various shapes and sizes).

      • You also need to check the polarity and make sure it can supply enough current - especially with something like a battery charger that can easily draw several amps. Most of the switchable ones from places like DSE are only rated for about 1A max.

    • edit: did some more research, looks like it needs 3v 4a! http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?368818-re...

    • +2

      the PSU with the charger is Ktec KSAS0150300280HU

      3V DC 2.8A barrel plug +ve centre

    • Yeah I have one. $10 plus postage if you want it. US pins. Red texta on the back says "LaCross Charger". I wrote it there before I put it in the spares draw after the charger died… Plugpack good. Checked with a multi meter.

    • there is a supplier on email who sells this charger and he sells the Australia transformer with AU plug. In case you are wondering its a Switch Power Supply Model KYT0304000BV output 3v DC 4A.

      Positive in centre of pin.

      • +1

        Nitecore chargers use standard Fig8 cable. Supply your own cable and your done.


        • Nitecore D4 from banggood

          Package included:
          1 x NITECORE Digicharger D4 LCD Display Charger
          1 x power cord(not included the battery)
          1 x plug for your country(Please choose the suitable plug according to your country,If you are from Australia we will send you a AU plug)

          Looks like you don't even have to supply your own fig8 cable. Banggood will do it for you if ordered from AU.

      • How do I contact the supplier you refer to ?

  • +12

    $43 AUD shipped from Netherlands from the usual place


    though the pins on the US model are easier to bend to fit aussie sockets (plug adaptor strongly recommended for each however)

    • What's the difference between Technoline vs La Crosse BC-700 chargers?

      • +3

        From my understanding, they are exactly the same, the bc 700 us sold under the brand technoline in the european market.

    • Thanks for that, I've just ordered one for 44.51AUD using paypal.

    • Good to note also the EU plug sticks out a long way with the EU-AU adapter and might not stay in a wall socket without support. Not an issue if you plan to replace with an AU plug tho

  • +1

    I have one of these and also one of the more expensive Maha Powerex MH-C9000.

    I have been using the Maha mostly but some older batteries gives a high ?impedance reading and won't charge yet the La Crosse one would. I am starting to use the La Crosse one more as it seems to revive some of the older batteries' capacities after a couple of cycles.

  • +1

    bought this AccuPower IQ328 a few weeks back for 36$ shipped , pretty good so far

    • don't know why someone negged you

      AccuPower is yet another brand that sell the same charger for cheaper

      the IQ-128 is the equiv of the BC-700, and the IQ-328 is a better model with most of the functionality of the BC-1000

  • I plugged the wrong adapter into my BC-700. It fried within seconds. :(
    On the bright side, I now use my G700 mouse to recharge all my AA/AAA eneloops. Sure, I can only do one at a time, but I've got so many (don't we all?!), that it doesn't matter. ;)

  • what's wrong with an Eneloop Smart & Quick charger? Around $28 when they go on special (including 4 eneloops, albeit Chinese)


    • well itll do the job.But its not optimum care for your eveloops.The quick charger charges the eveloops at a higher voltage.Which is good only if you need the batteries charged quickly.I remember quick charging nimh batteries would reduce their lifespan. Also if you used a dumb slow charger thats even worse.Cause it still feeds current into the battery dispite being full.Puts alot of stress into it.

      Had a look at the eveloop quick charger specs seems good that its got individual charging channels.It doesnt hurt to jump at that deal and buy it once.Especially if you dont have that many batteries.
      But if you end up going for that deal more than once (buy multiple eveloops without charger) then its wiser to save your money and just buy the eveloops by themselves and invest in a high end charger like the BC-700.
      Your paying extra for that quick charger.Might as well buy a bc-700 or equivalent.
      If you care for your eveloop batteries a La Crosse Technology BC-700 / clone/maha etc would be a smart investment.

      Quick overview of What its got that the quick charger does
      It has an LCD to display individual battery voltages. So you can view individual battery slots and know how much power it still has before charging it.
      You can set the charging current - slow or quick charging. Which is good because you got the best of both worlds.
      More battery capacity when you slow charge with a cutoff circuit when its full so the battery doesnt get damaged.
      Or the benifits of quick charging as mentioned above.
      Can refresh old/faulty batteries.And even discharge them
      Theres another feature "Test" but i wouldnt have any need for that

      Im also assuming the Eveloop quick charger would make the batteries quite hot whilst charging (Like most of low/mid end chargers tend to do) - someone confirm?
      The Lacross BC-700 and other high end chargers keep the battery cool.That is something you will notice straight away !
      I own a AccuPower IQ328 which is a clone of the BC-700.Got the same features.At first I was using the bundled charger with my batteries.Ended up purchasing the IQ328 and I have shelved all the bundled chargers.Its just sitting there wasting space.
      Im happy i made the decision to pay for a higher end charger

      • +2

        I remember quick charging nimh batteries would reduce their lifespan.

        That was true for the "one hour" chargers which were available a few years ago. Fortunately they seem to not be available any more.
        The Eneloop "quick" charger takes about three hours to charge batteries, which doesn't harm the batteries.
        If a charger takes longer than four hours to charge a battery, then the dv/dt effect becomes too small to measure, and you are in danger of overcharging your batteries. Most of the good smart chargers give a three-hour charge.

      • +2

        Recommended charge rate for AA Eneloops is 0.5C (1000mAH), and minimum 0.33C (660mAH) to minimise risk of the charger missing termination and overcharging the batteries.

      • +1

        Wow half a page on recharging batteries, you must be one of the fun people at parties right :p

      • +1

        the guys at NKON who sell multiple chargers say that if your purpose is solely to charge AA or AAA eneloops, then you're better off with the Eneloop Smart & Quick charger. Charges eneloops exactly as they should be charged and nothing can go wrong in terms of operator error.

  • +1

    Another OzBargainer on commission for 28deg card? :P

    Plenty of other good/better offerings.

    • +1

      Care to expand… I am genuinely interested in other options.

      • +1
        • +1

          I've switched to using this one, so my purchases show up in Pocketbook straight away :)
          Plus free* travel insurance is great. (*higher excess)

        • Thank you for the info… Will look into it.

  • bought one of these and it melted. thought they were meant to be great. found out otherwise.

    • Matches my experience, unfortunately. Their support said, I was lucky - they are not supposed to be used in Australia at all!!

  • Have had mine for around six months and it certainly rates much better than any charger I've bought here. It does a great job of reviving older batteries.

    • +2

      *unless they are completely flat. Jump started a couple by putting a working battery in parallel with the one not being detected and removing it once it starts charging. Or just charge the flat ones in a "dumb" charger for 30 min before putting them back in the LaCrosse.

      • +1

        I've found leaving a "dead" battery in the smart charger overnight seems to wake it up and get it going again (eventually)

    • Yeh great charget pity you also need an el cheapo as a backup for dud batteries.

  • Everyone should know that eneloop's main advantage is low self discharge. Depends on your actual usage, you may need a high capacity one instead of a low self descharge one.

    • Agreed, but the ratings you're referring to are peak ratings. From many tests I've seen online, the Eneloops/LSD-NiMH batteries are quite close in real world energy capacity of standard "2800mAh" or higher NiMH. ie: Stantard ones have over-optimistic ratings, and need to be used soon after charging.

      2550mAh Eneloops (trusted rating) exist, but cost and availability concerns for 27% more capacity.

      • My eneloop BK-3MCCE, Ni-MH, AA size, has a capacity as 'min.1900 mAh'. I got them from Master few weeks ago (not that $5 one, spend about 17$ for the 8 pack, aka 4AA+4AAA).

        I go a wireless mouse logitech M950t, the brand new eneloop last about 3 days on same usage. The battery came with the mice is a GP Recyko+ NiMH AA 2050mAh one, and I also have a tecxus 2300mAh battery.

        I am trying it out see which one last longer.

        I was using eneloop for a robot project to drive the motor. I performs quite well even under heavy discharge and heavy recharge.

        Maybe after 1 or 2 years, the lower rated eneloop ends up a higher remaining capacity.

        • +1

          M950t with eneloop lasts only 3 days? Is that anything wrong here?

        • +1

          @siuol: M950t is less than one week old, purchased from dicksmith

        • +2

          Some devices can't handle the lower voltage of rechargeable batteries, and shut down when the batteries aren't flat.1.2V on an alkaline battery would be "nearly flat" whereas 1.2V on a NiMH battery is more like "80% capacity left".

          Perhaps this mouse was designed for alkaline batteries only? I have a camera like that (Pentax k-m), it reports "low battery" and shuts down when there is still lots of energy left in the NiMH batteries.

      • 4 * 2550mAh AA were $12 from Dick Smith eBay store just a few days ago.

  • +4

    I've had 2 La Crosse chargers stop working and it was not the plug pack.

    I've since changed to NITECORE chargers. More reliable about the same feautes.

    And it's cheaper. A$38.98 Shipped


    • Can this charge individual batteries?

      • Sure can. Even chargers Lithium batteries. 18650,26650 etc.

    • +1

      Had the NITECORE D4 nearly a year and works great.
      Previous post with more info:


      Bang Good discount (one per-person):
      $3 OFF on order over $40. Coupon: 20cd04

    • Is this one much different to the Nitecore i2? Apart from the LCD screen?

    • +2

      The D4 is also available locally on eBay for under $3 more, at $41.79.

      It's available from Gearbest for $37.91, however comes with an EU adapter.

      • After reading about all of the issues people are having with the La Crosse I decided to go with the Nitecore D4 from this seller

        • Yeah after doing some googling I'm trapped between these 3.

          The D4, the Luc V4 and the Opus BT-C3100

          The one in the OP only does AA and AAA so it's no good to me.

  • +1

    16-bay smart charger…for the true ozbargainer/eneloop hoarder in you:


  • Ive owned this charger for 2-3 years now and its been charging my eneloop and turnigy cells just fine.

    I picked it up for like $35AU back then.

    • WHICH one? (Several are mentioned above.)

      • +1

        The original post(Lacrosse BC700)

        If your mainly charging AA cells then the C9000 might be a better option. It can do 1000mA for rapid charges.

        I normally just charge my AA's at 500-700mA though….less heat for better lifespan.

    • good for the price but not very smart - it undercharges batteries

  • if you're a casual user like me i would recommend something cheaper and simpler, having all the flashy features is useless, maybe even annoying!

  • I've had one of these great chargers for two years and it always has batteries charging because we use so many of them and the charger hasn't ever been switched off.
    Is that bad or okay for it?

    • As long as you keep it in a fairly cool and ventilated area.

      The power supply will likely die before the unit itself.

  • Had ours for a couple of years, and it's in pretty constant use.
    Works well.

  • -1

    Had one, it started playing up after only few weeks, got a replacement after a long fight and 3 months later, it died.

    Bottom line, La Crosse products are meant to break, if you don't use them in the states.

    Their words btw: "They are not built do be used in Australia"…

    Guess that's why no retailer in Australia sells them. It might even burn down your house…

  • I'm having trouble with mine, I find it overcharges my enerloops a bit, and can stuff 3500mah into them, waaaaay more than they're meant to hold. It does that for a lot of my batteries.

    Apparently the default charge rate is too low for the charger to properly detect when the batteries are full? I've read that at a fair bit. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I now manually change the charging rate to 700ma and it seems to be charging better now…


    Doze above wrote "Recommended charge rate for AA Eneloops is 0.5C (1000mAH), and minimum 0.33C (660mAH) to minimise risk of the charger missing termination and overcharging the batteries."

    That will definitely explain why my charger seems to be ruining batteries. Is there a way to change the default rate from 200 to 700, or do I need to do it every time I put the batteries in to charge?

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