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Xiaomi Yi 1080P Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera US $69.89 Delivered (AU $89.08) @ Gearbest. *White Only


I was browsing around and found a great deal on the Xiaomi Yi 1080p Action camera. $89.08 delivered. Enjoy :D

*White model Only

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  • Come on jv

    • Jv? I'm not sure what/who you're referring to?

      I have purchased items from gearbest before with no issues. I'm in no way affiliated with this company at all either. Just posting up a good deal.

      • +2

        If you are posting on ozbargain you should know know who jv is. And it's a good deal.

        +1 coz u seems to be bit scared. And I love gearbest too

  • is it just me or everyone else, that cant even pronounce the brand….

    • +16

      Xiao Mi
      Two syllables.

      Think of it as:
      Shower Me

      Then contract it into two syllables, dropping the "wer" from Shower
      Say it as:

      Or, SHOW mee (-sh as in ship, -ow as in now, -ee as in street, note first syllable stress)

      That's basically how you pronounce it.

      Of course there's the proper chinese tone as well which you have to get right, but if you type in "small" and "rice" into google translate and hit the play button that's basically what it is. The word Xioami in chinese is basically 'small rice'.

      • +1

        Interesting thanks. I always read it as Zi-Owe-Me… Now that I look at the name I'm not sure how I came to that conclusion lol.

        • Change that to Shi-Owe-Me and you're pretty much right.

          English speakers always seem to convert 'Xi' to a hard 'Zi' sound, it should be a softer 'Shi' sound.

          Next lesson, 'szechuan'. I've no idea how people get 'sesh-wan' from that! lol! (try 'see-chu-arn' or 'see-chu-aan')

      • They should hire you.

    • +1

      X Silent. Try now

      • ohh thanks guys <3
        i can say it now.

        rather than X I AY O ME

    • ill eat u

      • come eat me

        • "Wo shihuan chi ni-de xiao mei-mei"

  • +2

    This price is not exactly a bargain, going by the price history!

    • -2

      It's the best price so far, compare old one the different is the currency rate but the same USD.

      • It has been as low as $66.49 USD in recent weeks (84AUD at the time)

  • +1

    it's about $2 cheaper than I bought it for a few weeks ago.. Still the best price though.
    Awesome little camera. I have installed a custom firmware that gives me 25 mbps video data rate for 1080p30 and 35 mbps for 1080p60.
    Basically it's something between a GP Hero3+ Silver and GP Hero4 Silver…. For ~$90
    byo mounts and cases though.

  • Not really sure about the quality of this action camera. Bought one from Mushtato while it was for $109 and was DOA and they offered me a replacement within one day via express post so great customer service. Also, try to read about this camera died after doing firmware update which seems happening often. Goodluck buying this from overseas .

  • Tempted, because i read that the battery life is higher than with my sj4000. If experience the Out-Of-Focus problem with it, i found this site:

    • Besides, you can convert the price to AUD on Banggood and save a bit more.
      On Gearbest you have to pay in USD and Paypal exchange rate is terrible.

      • You can set PayPal to process original currency and use 28 Degrees

  • +1

    Can anyone comment on the startup time of this camera? I mean from the time to turn it on to start recording. I have heard it can be up to 15 seconds but does the custom firmware change this? Thanks

    • yeah. start up is probably about 10 seconds.

  • -1

    Bloody aus us exchange rate took a div again, the U.S. Does know how to play the markets, given stock or forex… All are cheaters

    Yeah, it may be good for exports and Hollywood coming down to film something with illegally imported dogs in toll… But not for buying stuff overseas, if not, buy anything at all thanks to inflation and devalue of any currency…sky high house prices and stalled wages .

    • What is happening now won't last long esp. Housing prices.

  • Same as GoPro in quality or not up there yet?

    • I've never had a gp. But the quality is awesome. I set up with modded firmware. 1080p60 at 35 mbps gives awesome smooth video quality. See my posts above. Spec wise it's almost as good as gph4Silver

    • Here's some video I took with mine on the bike the other week:

      The data rate seems a bit low out of the box with lots of movement in the frame, so I'll be trying a custom firmware shortly.

      • +1

        yes. default is 12 mbps at 1080p30 iirc.. and about 18 mbps at 1080p60.
        Can easily double the data rate with modded firmware.

        • What SD card do you use to capture at 24-40mbps consistently?

        • Most 32 GB cards should be capable but check.
          To be sure i use the Samsung Pro is advertised to do 80 MB/s write speed.
          It's about $35 for 32GB or $75 for 64 GB.
          The cheaper, slower Samsung Evo should suffice I assume.

  • Any one know how these will mount on a motorcycle helmet? they dont seem to be as flat as the sony ones.

    • +1

      You need to buy your own mounts. It only has the standard camera screw for mounting but you can easily get a gopro adapter.

    • +1

      If you get the proper waterproof housing it should mount to any go-pro accessories:

      I mount mine to my handlebars with a rollbar mount inside the housing. Works quite well.

      • +1

        I wouldn't trust leaving the camera on my bike which is why I wanted to see if it'll work with a motorbike helmet without looking like a rooster.

        • I remove the camera but leave the mount, it's only a single thumb screw to get it off.

          The waterproof housing is compatible with other go pro accessories and I also got an adapter that fits the tripod mount and converts to a gopro adapter for $1 from ebay.

          You're still going to have a little cube on your head no matter which way you strap it on though.

  • Mine arrived yesterday and I can't get over how tiny it is. Its cool, just really small. So far recording quality is pretty good. Even in low light

    • update the firmware to 1.0.12 custom as mentioned above.
      Record in [email protected]
      be amazed.

      • Thanks for the tip, I went out and bought a microSD card today and started doing some test filming and there is a sound issue when I am connected to the wifi. Sounds like a helicopter in the background. I thought it was electrical interference at first but did all these experiments and its still there! Going a tad crazy. I goggled this problem and seems like many are performing surgery on their cameras to try and fix it. Don't really want to do that especially instructions from a seemingly racist Russian guy with patchy English closed captions on youtube. Will upgrade the firmware (I'm using 1.6!) and see if that fixes the issue.

      • +1

        you mean 1.0.6?
        I think the latest is 1.0.12.
        I've never had any issues.
        Check your hardware version (first three letters of SN under the battery).
        Different hardware versions need different firmware.
        Mine's Z221 which I think is the most common.

        • Thanks for all your help. Will work on this to get it resolved this weekend as want to do some filming. my SN # is Z23S

        • Gah! I've tried everything, formatted my sd card, newest firmware, nothing works. It sounds like a helicopter is in the background even though my filming space is quiet. I am about to give up and ask for a refund which will take time and money. Grr… think this camera is good and many people have good experiences obviously. I've just been unlucky

        • +1

          That's a shame. I think I saw some others having noise issues in the Sagan dashcam forums referred to above. Have a look and see if they solved the problem.. If not then I'd either go for a refund or contact Xiaomi. They must be aware of the issue. Make sure you flash the official Xiaomi firmware for your hardware version.

        • @Phoebus: Hiya, worked on this for a few hours yesterday and reinstalled firmware for my model SN# etc etc and sent a sample video to vendor, they will send out a replacement when I sent this one back. What a waste of time and money… urgh. Unsure whether to cut my losses and just get a full refund or give it a 2nd try as I do like the camera aside from the noise issue.