Second Hand Oven Advice Needed

I've found an Emilia free standing oven on Gumtree that had only been used once but has no warranty.
It's significantly cheaper than even the most basic oven/stove brand new, but I'm not sure of the risks.
Is anyone on here an oven repairer that can offer me some advice?

I'm not sure of the year/model, but it is gas. Let me know if you need any other questions answered.


  • First thing you should know is that Emilia is/was a Bunnings(?) "home brand", ie cheapest of the cheap.
    Second thing you should be asking the sellers is "why are you replacing your oven?"
    Bearing in mind that the oven is cheap and nasty, determine if their answer is genuine, or if they're hiding the fact they're just getting rid of it cause it's awful.
    Having said that, it's a gas oven, so not too much can go wrong in terms of maintenance. The Thermostat and lighting mechanism are really the only devices that might "break".

    • The Emilia ovens I googled started at $1400 & aren't being sold by burnings anymore but yeah no guarantees that it wasn't from that period.
      Thanks for your help!

      • Check Graysonline.
        We scored a display model top of the line oven for less than half price from them about 6 months ago.
        They seem to have Smeg Ovens quite regularly.