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USN Diet Whey (Protein) - under 1/2 Price Clearance @ Chemist Warehouse (in Store)


Chemist Warehouse seem to be clearing out their range of USN Whey products. Both powders and bars.

I picked up some of the 450g containers for $10, save $13. They had chocolate, vanilla and strawberry in store (Dee Why, Sydney).

Some examples from their website, however only available in store as they are clearance items:
USN 450g vanilla $10 (under half price) - http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/product.asp?id=66856&pnam...
USN 900g vanilla $20 (half price) - http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/product.asp?id=66806&pnam...
USN Peanut butter bar $1 (instead of $3) - http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/product.asp?id=75467&pnam...

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  • not bad pricing. what's the expiry on them?

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      January 2017 for the 2 tubs of powder that I bought, I didn't check out the bars.


    Bars are all gone on Oxford St, just checked


    January 2017 for the 2 tubs of powder that I bought, I didn't check out the bars.

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      Available in store only, so the free shipping deal is not applicable.

  • http://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/product.asp?id=66806&pnam...

    Stats aren't exactly world shattering. I'd still go for Venom or Bulk nutrients but I get that this is good if you want small amounts / no ship time.

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    Got a big bucket of these last time. Tastes bad and mixes poorly. Said you had to mix 3 scoops which was too much and made it into a thick sludge. Ended up throwing the whole bucket in the bin and got some Optimum Nutrition protein.

    • Yep, have a bucket now. You need 3 scoops to get some decent protein content and is so thick and volume is too much.

      Better sales to be had like the derrimut one just gone

  • I'm going to agree with Orpheus and Medlee. Bought myself a tub like a few weeks ago because I was low on protein.
    Needed some cheap protein ASAP and saw that they had that on sale.

    The powder was not very powdery. Felt a bit moist. It was also extremely hard to mix (a lot of clumps) and worst of all, this ain't some diet protein. Bloody has carbs through the roof (17g or something - can't remember). Would totally recommend anyone wanting to get some good protein to avoid this one unless you're really desperate.

  • The bars are actually pretty good… nutrition wise.

    Taste is a bit meh. And the bar sticks to your teeth like crazy.

    It's not the best but hey, it's a good price for a protein bar.

  • Bought the 450g strawberry to try something different from chocolate, what a mistake. I was hoping for a Nesquik strawberry flavour but it's a nasty lolly strawberry.