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Kogan - 3x 3M Apple Lightning USB Cables $25 Shipped


These stupid cables. Grumble grumble. $25 for 3 3M cables shipped is not bad. I guess.

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  • Charge and sync and play audio/video, or just charge?

    Hmm:, OK, maybe: "All cables guaranteed to function for charging, syncing and data transfer."

    • But…. does it double the charging time?

      So far, I've only had poor results with extended cables…. Seriously considering giving these a try tough…

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    If not I bought some 1M for $1 each.

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    Australia Post have MFi Certified cables for $10. 1 metre in length.

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      The 2m one is $11.95
      Thanks for the heads up, I may get one. I'm done with buying the dollar junk from these deals.

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    I got 1 m cable as their free gift. Worked for few days and then stopped on next iOS update. Difficult to trust again.

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    US $4.29 for 3 delivered at Aliexpress](http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-3M-Micro-USB-2-...)

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    its cheaper to buy power bank (it's portable) and charge with it than this 3m cable. at least the power bank can be used with different devices.

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    this is their usual price though.

    I bought the same package of 3 cables like 2 months ago

    Can vouch for them though. Top quality, near unbreakable. However cables are very thick/stiff, also very long, not great for travelling.

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      I had the complete opposite experience with these. They didn't last and would bring up the error about not being supported by my device. I wasn't able to charge my iPad with them either.

      • I was lucky.
        Bought 3x3m cables - they were quite thick compared to the usual ones.
        They've been badly abused but none have failed. They've been kicked, trodden on, squashed under an iPad when charging. 2 months against 2 kids? These ones were good. Got them of an Australian eBay seller. Slightly cheaper for 3. Don't have url with me.

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    these will break again within a month

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      yeah. I gave up on buying shitty generic cables because they just break, or stop working, or never work in the first place.

      One of the usb-c -> lightning adapter is a better deal imho. I have one at home, one at work and when the microusb cable breaks I just replace it with one of the other eighty lying around.

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    Just on this complex topic, are there any brands / types / sellers that actually have a known reputation for working for more than say a couple of months, or the next ios update. (apart from Genuine)… I have probably bought 10-20 cables for between $1-5 each and 1-2-3 years later I find i'm back to scrounging around looking for the genuine cables at home and work as these are the only ones that work.

    • are there any brands / types / sellers that actually have a known reputation for working for more than say a couple of months, or the next ios update

      Yes, there are several. Just look for MFi certified cables. However, you won't find any under AU$11.95 for 1m or 1.2m cables.

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    I'd be wary of no name brand Lightning cables. They are more than likely either not going to work or will be broken by the next iOS update.

    Therefore NO DEAL from me!

    • I thought these Kogan ones were apple certified. I got fed up with cheapies from Ebay that either charged very slowly or didn't work at all.

      After stumbling over a thread on whirlpool that recommended these, I've had them for a few months now and have been very happy with them.

      $25 is their normal price though, so technically not a deal, but a bargain in my book compared to alternatives.

      EDIT: I have the 3x1m ones for $21, not sure about the 3m ones.

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    Still waiting for my free cable from 5 months ago…

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    These cables are horrible. Bought them for our company and it stopped working after few weeks.